Window Treatment Success

Designing a bedroom or kitchen are great ways to express creativity. To maximize the full potential of a room, make sure that the window treatment of your choosing compliments the room. American Wallpaper has great services in window treatment both in hard or soft treatments, but for those who take on the task for themselves, here are some tips to make sure you come out successful.

  • Light it up: When picking different shades and curtains for the desired room, light is always a factor. Industry shows that bringing in natural light can help liven the room. Make sure to pick shades that tend to both your privacy needs as well as softens the natural light for a more welcoming feel.
  • Color: Curtain wise, you want to make sure that they do not stand out when walking into a room. You want a room to have a feeling of being connected and as one, the individual pieces in a room can have their own features, but when coming together they fit perfectly. Pick colors that compliment the other furniture in the room. In addition, when picking a color for your treatment think about the size of your room. Big rooms go well with darker colors as light colors and small rooms compliment each other.
  • Curtains: When adding curtains for your treatment make sure that you keep in mind of characteristics. To get proper fullness of a curtain make sure that the curtain is twice the size of the windows. When hanging the curtains you want to be as close to the ceiling as possible, in accordance to leaving a inch for access. For length, there is no rule of thumb to to go off of personal preference.
  • Style: The style of the treatment is all on personal preference when talking about color, designs and patterns. To add to the style of a room, think about the aesthetics of a room before making a purchase. Contrast is just as important as continuity. Kitchens normally tend to have straight edges with tables and cabinets. To give a room extra flare, think about add curves for your window treatment. Same goes with rooms with curves, think about going straight. This gives just enough contrast for the individual piece while still piecing the room together as one.

Window treatments are a great way to add texture to a room, compliment a household, and make the welcoming into a room more comfortable. Use these helpful hints on your next purchase to make sure you feel successful with a window treatment.

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