Why Choose Custom Window Treatments

“Can’t I just measure the window, go on-line and find a template to figure out what size panels I should purchase?” Yes, you can if you are satisfied with a cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach. Just as in clothing shopping, you generally look for clothing in a size that might fit you but often times alterations will go a long way!

Custom and templates just don’t go together. I have tried to use the templates on some sites. What I get for results is not what I would necessarily want hanging in my windows. Some fabrics and liners will be bulky and take up more of the window than you want covered when the curtains are opened to the sides. These templates don’t advise you how far on the sides you should install the panels or rods. The size of the window, the size of the room, the ceiling height and the placement of the furniture should all enter into the equation before deciding on the size of any window treatment.

Also, you should be mindful if you are planning to use any blinds, shades or shutters with the fabric treatments. You will want to know this before selecting rods and brackets to make sure that the projection of the fabric will not impede the functioning of the under-treatments.

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