What Comes First? Fabric or Style?

Is it best to select the fabric or the window style for the curtains or drapes first?

The answer is that they go hand in hand. But even before that, first, it is best to select a fabric and a style before you decide on a paint color for the walls. The paint can always be tinted to the fabric.

Sometimes you might find a fabric that you love and want a particular style for the soft treatment. Only an expert, or someone who understands fabrics, will know if the two parts will work well together. I have seen all too often that people might like a fabric which is somewhat heavy and stiff (either upholstery weight or linen-like) and they show me a photo of a drapery, soft treatment. That is not a good mixture and will not achieve the look that you are going for.

You might have to either change the fabric or alter the style of the treatment. It is best to figure this all out before you purchase the fabric and have it all fabricated. Take your time and ask the expert.

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