Warm Your Home Up With These Fabrics

Winter is here and it is coming in strong with cold weather. Residing in New England, many can agree that our winters can get brutal and last for months. It is why we break out the layers and blankets to keep us warm. However, are we using the best fabrics to keep us warm throughout the winter solstice and are we implementing the proper use for optimal warmth? Below are four different interior design additions you can make to warm up your living space this winter.

Start With The Windows

Aside from the doors of your home, the windows are one of the leading sources of letting in cold air into your home. During the day you should keep your blinds and curtains open to allow the sunlight to warm your space. At night, be sure to close them tight to prevent any cold air leakage from getting into your room. During the winter time, you should invest in thermal-insulated curtains and drapes to help trap heat.

Find Warmth in Your Rug

Rugs are great pieces to add style and texture to a room, but most do not know that they also help retain heat. When you think of winter you think thick layers and heavy material and that is exactly what most rugs are made up. Wool is the warmest and most common material for rugs, it will bring a strong cozy warm feeling to your home.


Nothing is worse than getting disturbed from a wonderful dream by cold air in the middle of the night. Piling on blankets and making a cocoon is a choice to go by but you should consider your sheets for warmth and not covers. While cotton and silk sheets are great breathable fabrics, they are too light to be used for the winter and you should opt for heavier fabrics. Some sheet fabrics to consider for the winter include:

  • Linen – A medium weight sheet fabric that adjusts to your body temperature making it great for all seasons of the year!
  • Jersey – Soft and breathable, this fabric is great for transitional climates and gets more comfortable over time.
  • Flannel – Heaviest sheet fabric that is ideal for winter. Its texture traps in extra warmth keeping you cozy throughout the night.


Think about adding layers to your home the same way that you layer your clothes in colder weather. Adding warm fabrics not only creates a snug and cozy environment, but it can increase the luxe factor in your space. Layer sheepskin, or faux fur, hides on chairs to help absorb cold or place furry pillows on your sofa. Any of these combinations will keep you warm while showcasing your luxe style.