Wallpaper Trends of 2016

Although 2016 is already half way done, time flies, there is still time to hop on to the trends for wallpaper that have taken the year by storm. More people are customizing their interior design of their homes to make it something of their own. Customized walls show character and personality while giving a room life. Take a look at some of the trends that are popular in 2016.

  • Floral – At the end of 2015, floral pattern wallpaper was making a jump. As expected, this carried over into 2016 as a popular option for homeowners. Floral patterns are a good way to show elegance and beauty to a room and fit almost any type of room from classic to contemporary. Popular styles of floral wallpaper has ranged from large scale prints, still-lifes and old school vintage inspired botanical.

floral wallpaper

  • Mimic – A trend that has been slowly been gaining popularity over recent years, and more so in 2016. This wallpaper creates theĀ illusion of natural materials, adding character without having to spend the money on the real material. Some natural materials that are commonly mimicked are planked walls, concrete blocks, wood paneling, bamboo, etc.

fake wood wallpaper

  • Scenery – With the advances of technology and the ability to put photographs on canvases, there is now the ability to do the same with wallpaper. Creating amazing wallpaper with city scenery, vacation destinations and more. This trend has become increasingly popular as more people want to really put their personality into a room.

city wallpaper

  • Natural/Cozy – Natural living is the major trend of 2016 as people are looking for their homes to be a place of relaxation. With this in mind, patterns that show natural remedies such as plants and trees as well as patterns that are relaxing to the eye have been a main theme in 2016.

vine wall paper

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