Wallpaper Tips & Tricks For Beginners Part 2

Continuing our tips series, below are five more wallpaper tips. These tips are perfect for beginners putting up wallpaper, as well as acting as a refresher for experience interior designers.

Keep Things Straight

House walls are not usually perfect right angles, which can be a nightmare for hanging up wallpaper. To make sure that you are hanging your newly bought wallpaper straight, have a level on hand, where you can measure your alignment. There is a device out on the market that is good for measuring this called a plum bomb. Even when using this device, it is always good to have a carpenters level on hand to double check. This will prevent you from making any type of mistake from a miscalculation.

Match Patterns

When you are trying to match patterns it is always good to cut extra wallpaper so you can match the patterns. You want to cut the first wallpaper strip at least four inches longer than the height of the wall. Any strip after that should be two inches longer on top and bottom to make sure they match with the first strip.

Floor Preparation

When you are cutting strips of wallpaper, make sure you lay the cut strips on the floor next to each other. This is a much easier alternative then trying to match your strips on the the wall. After the first cut is made and you are sure it is the correct size, with the extra inches, lay it on the floor. From then you can measure and cut the rest of the pieces, making sure there is extra inches left so you can match the patterns.

Avoid Folding In Fourths

When you are letting the wallpaper “relax” ¬†after the adhesive is activated by water, referred to as booking, avoid folding the paper into fourths. It is easier to hang wallpaper if there is a smaller portion at the top. Then you can unfold the smaller part and place the wallpaper before unfolding the larger portion.

Avoid Drying

To make sure that the wallpaper you are booking doesn’t dry out, place it in a plastic bag. Keeping them in a bag will ensure that they do not dry out and works especially well when you are booking several strips at the same time.