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Useful Tips For Redecorating The House During The Social Distanced Lock-down Summer

Quarantine has led all of us to spend much more time in our homes than we usually do. While the extra time to catch-up on your favorite shows has been nice, all of that time in the same space can cause you to go a little stir crazy before you know it! Redecorating your home is a great way to improve the visual appeal of your space and break away from the same mundane routine. Redecorating sounds nice, but where do you even start?!

Don’t Be Afraid to Rearrange

Rearranging the furniture that you already have is a cost-free way to completely change your space. Moving furniture around can cause a space to feel smaller or larger and change the flow of how you walk through the space. Move things around until you find a design that you love. After all, you’ve got plenty of time on your hands!

Buy New Rugs

Changing the rugs in your home can totally transform the feeling of the space. Rather you opt for a simple rug or one with bold and bright patterns, it’s sure to change the way the room looks. You can purchase new rugs online and have them shipped right to your door, or even try swapping the rugs that you already have from one room to another!

Move Wall Art Pieces

People tend to hang up their wall décor where they want it and then leave it there until it’s time for new décor. Instead of breaking the bank for new décor, try changing up the location of the pieces you already have. Creating interesting collages with multiple pieces or using a larger item as a stand-alone statement piece will give you something new and exciting to look at. Even if the items are things you already have, changing their location will add tons of visual appeal!

Keep a Clear Coffee Table

Quarantine makes it easier than ever to get buried under your own clutter. Clutter creates a stressful environment and makes it difficult to relax in your own home. One of the most common places to accumulate clutter is on your coffee table. It’s a little too easy to just set things down on the coffee table instead of putting them away. Use your time in quarantine to make sure every item has a home and that they’re actually put in that home after every use. Putting a small plant and a cute basket on your coffee table to hold essential items, like TV remotes, will clear up your space and make it more relaxing.

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