Tropical Wallpaper: Where Should It Go?

As the entire world seems to be navigating through the new normal due to the COVID-19 virus. The cabin fever is starting to set in and everyone is longing for greenery and freshness. The sun is only here for so long. Who doesn’t miss the beach and fun parties with friends? That’s what the tropical vibe is all about. Regardless of the lockdown, many of us aren’t lucky enough to be whisked away to the Bahamas or Fiji any way, so we bring paradise home. A tropical wallpaper can bring that environment to your bedroom, bathroom, man-cave, or she-shed. Where is tropical wallpaper best used?

Tropical Powder Rooms & Bathrooms

Powder rooms and bathrooms seem to be the go-to space for tropical wallpaper! The small spaces are the best places to do big and bold things. Unlike kitchens and living rooms that may have a line of sight from other areas in the home, powder rooms are entirely separated by walls and a door. Putting tropical wallpaper in your powder room and the bathroom becomes a welcome surprise. Much like your vacation is a breakaway from the norm, tropical wallpaper in your powder room or bathroom will accomplish the same goal in your home.

Tropical Bedrooms

A tropical bedroom may feel like a welcome from the drudgery of everyday life. Nothing feels better after a long day at work than a place that feels like an island paradise when you get home. Bringing the tropical wallpaper vibe will turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat.

Tropical Closets, Nooks & Crannies

Another way to use tropical wallpaper isn’t to necessarily transform an environment, but rather to add a bit of spice to your space. Imagine a little slice of a wall that just visually pops and says “Aloha” every time you pass the wall. Imagine opening your closet every day and feeling like getting dressed is a bit of a party. That’s exactly what the examples below demonstrate. You only need a little to do a lot. As we can see, tropical wallpapers are available in colors that go beyond the typical greenery you might expect. Teals, pinks, and yellows can also offer a tropical vibe with a colorful twist. We didn’t even mention all the more kid-friendly and cartoon-style tropical wallpapers that are available as well. Tropical wallpapers are most popular in bedrooms, bathrooms, and sneaky spots like closets.

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