Tropical Wallpaper: Where Should It Go?

Wallpaper has been used for decades to bring style and personality into an otherwise plain space. One of the bolder wallpaper choices available are those with a tropical print. Looking at a tropical print and imagining it in your home can be challenging, but you’d be surprised just how versatile it is! Let’s take a look at some of the places tropical wallpaper could go in your home.

Make an Accent Wall

Creating an accent wall in your living room adds lots of style without overwhelming the space. Tropical accent walls have long been related to Hollywood glamor, so why not add a little glamor to your home? Put tropical wallpaper on the wall behind your sofa or another large furniture piece. To take the glamor one step further, add a large mirror with gold accents in the center of the accent wall.

Adding Excitement to a Small Space

Thinking about a tropical pattern covering a small space is intimidating, but in reality, it’s a great design choice! Utilizing a large leaf print all over a small bathroom will make the space feel larger and add visual appeal. Instead of a tiny bathroom, you’ll be stepping into what looks like a never-ending jungle!

Accenting Natural Wood

If you have a space that has lots of natural wood, especially darker wood, tropical prints provide a wonderful accent piece to the space. The wood gives the space a natural vibe, so it only makes sense to add more nature in your wallpaper! Pair your new wallpaper with wicker baskets and neutral décor to maintain the natural and relaxing vibe.

Life-Size Tropical Wallpaper

Most tropical wallpaper is scaled down significantly compared to the size of the same scene out in the real world. Usually, that’s the best choice, but in some cases opting for a blown-up version of the tropical print is the right way to go. While this larger pattern might not be actually life-sized, it will look like it in comparison to other tropical prints! If you want to utilize larger-scale tropical wallpaper, look for some with muted colors as opposed to bright green hues.

Learning how to purchase and apply wallpaper is challenging at first. If you’re concerned about your application skills, give us a call! Enlisting the help of a professional is much easier than having to redo the entire job because it didn’t turn out as planned.