Top Fall Decor Trends According To Pinterest

When it comes to coming up with unique and creative ideas, the ideal place to look is Pinterest. This is because they have seasonal and industry trends in just about any category, from cooking to furniture the list is endless. With fall in full spring, its time to showcase the top trends when it comes to decor for the fall time. Here are the top five trends from Pinterest for fall interior designing.

Holiday Inspiration

When it comes to decoration, everyone things of the holidays with all the different styles and trends. What is great about holiday inspiration is that you will have a fresh new design for each holiday that always keeps the room fresh. Themed wallpaper to seasonal accessories and holiday-themed colors, there are endless opportunities to add the holiday aroma to your area.

70’s Patterns & Textures

As of lately, interior design trends have been throwing it back to the 70s with colors, patterns, and textures from the decade. Fiery orange sofas and rust-colored decor paired with the occasional pop of plaid are ingredients for a 70’s feel. Funky embroidery is also big as you can make embroidered wall hangings and purchasing pillows etched with fun phrases and designs.

Mud Cloth

Mud cloth is a natural and eco-friendly fabric, that has been a popular trend in the Pinterest world year over year. For fall, mud cloth fabrics dyed in deeper pigments like red, brown, and black are great ways to get the brisk exterior fall aura right in your own home.

Hanging Decor

It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small home, hanging decor has been majorly popularity this fall, especially in terms of greenery. Not only do hanging plants elevate your botanical arrangements, but they’re a great way to bring nature into your home as the outdoor temperatures start to drop. In addition to plants, hanging chandeliers and paintings are great ways to use vertical space in your home.

Velvet Seating

When you think of Fall, pumpkin spiced foods and flavors come to mind. For designers, when they think of cold weather they think of velvet. Depending on the color of the velvet, this fabric can feel timeless or very modern and chic. People are especially smitten with jewel-toned or blush-colored sofas and chairs in curvy, contemporary shapes.