Modern interior with yellow armchair in front of a accent wall 3D Rendering, 3D Illustration

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Accent Walls

Have you been thinking about accent walls? Are they pinned all over your Pinterest? You went into your girlfriend’s home and saw hers, and now you need to create one next? Have no fear, American Wallpaper Co is here to help with the best ways to do a feature wall the right way. This is the cutest way and cost-efficient way to add immediate change to the home. There are methods to make it super detailed and over the top, but it can be kept simple. You might be able to inject just the right pop to your walls that you need without doing too much.


The Dos:


Find A Balance 


Take the time to study the other objects used in your room before starting on your accent wall. You don’t have to make everything about the room’s color choices; you can later incorporate and combine textures and colors. Walls are not limited to being dressed up only by color; you can also choose to dress them up with textures. 


Find Complementary Colors 


Thinking about the color scheme? Scared everything won’t match? When choosing a color, make sure that the color you choose complements the entire room. If you are trying to use a bolder and brighter color, its important to make sure you aren’t clashing the colors with furniture and pre-existing decor in the room. Either make sure all your decor and furniture match or go out and buy more to go with your new bold colors. 


Don’t Be Stingy With Paint 

Don’t forget about the simplicity of adding a new paint job. Paint is an easy and cheaper way to enhance your space without making such a significant change. As long as you use your painter’s tape, there is no limit to creative patterns you can create while using paint. Stop into American Wallpaper to find our selection of paint to use to make your accent wall stand out. Painting allows you constant flexibility.


The Don’ts 


It’s Okay To Take Risks 

Go big or go home! If you aren’t ready to try big, bold accents on your walls, accent walls are not right for you. Find that metallic color, jump on the trend that is all over your Pinterest board, and use that color that makes you uneasy.  You can still stick to a classic trend by slightly bending the rules and becoming untraditional. This look might only last for this season of change in your life, but it’s okay to bend the rules and do something unusual. Make this accent wall worth the investment.


Wallpaper Is Your Friend 


This is not the time to be particular with your thoughts on wallpaper. Wallpaper is the best for accent walls. Options, designs, and colors are endless when you choose wallpaper. There are ways to make the process easier; at American Wallpaper, we are here to help with all those design questions!  


Try Not To Over Do It 


Simple is always safe. This is not the time to test out every color and design out there. The bold wall will allow you to focus on and highlight other parts of your room. Brainstorm with a mood board; it will enable you to find the balance you are looking for. Create a vision and stick to it. Just remember to combine everything carefully, and you’ll be just fine. 


Looking for something a bit more unusual, our library of special order wallcovering books can help you take your accent wall to the next level. Contact us today to get started!