Soft Window Treatment Services in Fall River, MA & Rhode Island

Soft window treatments are often used purely for aesthetic purposes. Lining a window, doorway, or bed canopy with beautiful bunched fabric brings the style and design of the room alive. This is a great place to be bold with colors and patterns that tie into the room to liven up your environment.

Soft window treatments not only add an aesthetically pleasing element to any room, but they also have functional elements. Soft treatments allow you to gain privacy from the outdoors and can help adjust the light coming into the room. If you are looking for complete light blockage in your bedroom, choose a heavier fabric for a blackout shade feeling that will let almost no light through. Choose a lighter, sheer fabric for your windows if you want to create a dimmed lighting experience while still being able to see outdoors.

We have an impressive collection of fabrics from all over the world which we use to make your dreams come true with Roman shades, drapes, panels, valances, bedding, and even more. Our designer will work with you to help you select the fabrics and hardware to create a custom-designed window treatment. Below you can view a number of past projects we have designed where the curtains bring out the true character of the room.

Before & After Soft Window Treatment

Our Soft Window Treatment Work