modern designed living room with plant wallpaper

Little Details & New Statement Interior Design Pieces to Start 2018 Off Right

2018 is finally here and with a new year we hear the adage of “New Year, New Me!” This mantra┬ácan be applied to interior design as well as with a new year you can add a fresh feel to your home’s design plan. The best way to give a breath of fresh air to your room is to start from scratch and work your way up. Below are little details and statement┬ápieces you can add to your room to stand out and start the new year off in a great way!

Color – If you have a neutral colored wall and furniture to match it, we suggest adding some colorful pillow to add to your couch. Different colored pillows will add texture to your couch and really stand out to visitors to entice them to sit on your couch.

Plants – Plants are a great and quick way to breathe life into your space. If you opt for real plants then you will literally have fresh air being circulated in your room which will give off a great ambiance. If you decide to go with a faux plant then you can have the same aura lifting side affects real plants give without having to worry about watering the plants.

Accessories – When it comes to a living room it is always good to have a coffee table included. To add more character to your space, think about adding coffee table accessories that show off who you are. Maybe some trinkets that you like or place a couple of your favorite books on the table.

Wall Art – Now that you have improved your furniture it is time to work on your neutral wall. Hang artwork that makes a statement of your interests and who you are as a person. Mixing paintings and photographs help add texture to your wall and give off something for visitors to enjoy as they in your space.