Interior Design, Window Design & Wallpaper Services Middletown, RI

For over 90 years, American Wallpaper has been providing quality home and interior services to residents and businesses of Middletown, RI. We have a team full of dedicated interior designers ready to help you make your home turn into the home of your dreams. Not only through patterns and the way your home or room works but also the functionality. Our partnership with Hunter Douglas allows us to have all the latest models in modern home technology at our disposal. While we are located in Fall River, MA we make every effort to offer our quality services to anyone looking for wallpaper or interior design needs in Middletown, RI. We aim to make sure that all of our customers are 100% satisfied with our services which is why we are with you every step of the way and won’t stop until you have the design of your dreams!


Interior Design Services in Middletown, RI

Looking to enhance your kitchen, bathroom, or living room? The interior designers at American Wallpaper have years of experience with designing different styles for all kinds of rooms in a home. With the products and brands at our disposal our team of designers can give any room you have in mind a more modern feel that adds character. Whether you are looking to add your own character into a room or looking to add a theme to your home based on the seasons or holidays, we have you covered. We have an abundance of different themed decor, layouts, and ideas ready to be used by anyone looking for interior design near Middletown, RI.

Wallpaper Services Middletown, RI

When it comes to finding the pattern or design of wallpaper that best fits your home or room’s needs, American Wallpaper & Design has the wallpaper you are looking for! We have proudly served both residents and businesses of Middletown with any wallpaper that is needed. Our store has variations of wallpaper rolls ranging from floral patterns to geometric patterns that have become a recent trend in the interior design world these past couple of years. What we pride ourselves in our Middletown, RI wallpaper services is that each pattern will help tie your room together overall no matter what type of decor you have in your home. We carry the best brands on the market from Booster to Kenneth James.

Window Treatments & Design in Middletown, RI

What makes us different than most interior design firms is that we offer stunning window treatments and window design services near Middletown, RI. American Wallpaper & Design is an official seller of Hunter Douglas products so residents and business owners of Middletown will have peace of mind knowing that any window treatment they get from us will be top-of-the-line and the most modern and high tech piece of window design they ever had. From automatic and timed shades to shades and blinds you can control from your phone, we have it all! What makes us different from our competition is that we go all-in on window design and offer both soft treatments and hard window treatments.

Hard Window Treatment Services in Middletown, RI

When it comes to window design, you can either add big changes or small accents depending on the goal you are looking to reach. This is why we break down our services to both soft and hard window treatments that we offer near Middletown, RI. Our hard window treatment can find customers adding shades, shutters, sheers, or window panels to their design to enhance it. With our Hunter Douglas partnership, we have access to the latest hard window treatment products out on the market. All with the purpose of making your windows look amazing while functioning with purpose.

Soft Window Treatment Services in Middletown, RI

The great thing about window design is that you don’t have to make major changes if you do not wish so. This is where soft window treatments come in handy to give your window a slight bump in design. Customers in Middletown will find that American Wallpaper has a range of Hunter Douglas products that will instantly give their windows that small boost they were looking for. Whether you are looking for shades, drapes, valances or more, we have them all! These slight accents are perfect to tie in your room together while saving money as you are only getting one small piece.


If you are looking to upgrade the rooms of your home or the overall interior design of your home in Middletown, RI then be sure to contact American Wallpaper & Design today!