Interior Design, Window Design & Wallpaper Services Attleboro, MA

American Wallpaper & Design has been providing quality home and interior services to residents and businesses of Attleboro, MA for over 90 years. We have years of experience assisting families to turn their homes into their dream homes. Our dedicated team of interior designers is ready to not only make your home aesthetically pleasing but to help you have the best functioning home ever. We partner with the best brands such as Hunter Douglas to allow us to offer the latest models in modern home technology for all our customers. Our location in Fall River makes it the perfect option for Attleboro residents for easy access and communication with our team. We aim to have all our customers be 100% satisfied with any service they need from us.


Interior Design Services in Attleboro, MA

Looking to change things up in your home or have a certain theme you want to incorporate? At American Wallpaper, we have a great team of designers ready to offer quality interior design services to residents in Attleboro, MA. Our team has years of experience designing and transforming all kinds of rooms in a home from bathrooms to kitchens bedrooms and more! Whether you are looking to add more character to a room or modernize a room, we have the products and brands at our disposal to do just that. We have an abundance of different themed decor, layouts, and ideas ready for those looking for interior design in Attleboro, MA.

Wallpaper Services in Attleboro, MA

A great way to add new patterns, new feel, or design a room for a theme, like the holidays, is to add wallpaper. American Wallpaper & Design has an abundance of different patterns and designs of wallpaper options at your disposal. Whether you are looking for floral patterns, holiday-themed wallpaper, or geometric designs, we have the wallpaper rolls you are looking for in Attleboro, MA. What we take pride with our wallpaper services is that our team is ready to help you choose the perfect wallpaper design that will help tie in your room together, regardless of your end goal for a room. We carry the best brands on the market ranging from Booster wallpaper to Kenneth James and more! Have the best brands possible is what makes us different from other wallpaper suppliers.

Window Design & Treatments in Attleboro, MA

In addition to offering wallpaper and interior design services, American Wallpaper & Design is proud to offer quality window design services to businesses and residents in Attleboro, MA. What makes our window treatment services special is that we are an official seller of Hunter Douglas products. Our customers will have peace of mind knowing they are getting the best products on the market for their windows no matter what they are looking or. American Wallpaper & Design takes pride in our window design services which is why we offer both hard window treatments and soft window treatments in and around Attleboro, MA.

Hard Window Treatment Services in Attleboro, MA

When it comes to designing a room’s window, there are many areas and factors you need to think about. You can either add big or small changes or accents to your window to tie in your whole room together. Knowing this, we make sure to break down our overall window design services to both soft and hard window treatments. Attleboro residents and businesses can find anything from shades and shutters to sheers and window panels to add to their windows. What makes these accents so great is that we have the latest models of Hunter Douglas products to ensure your hard window treatment is everything you want aesthetically and functionality wise.

Soft Window Treatment Services in Attleboro, MA

What we enjoy about window design is that you do not have to go all out to have a great design that has your window tying your room together. With soft window treatments, you can add small accents or features to your window to give the overall design a boost. Just like with our hard window treatment options, our customers looking for soft treatments have quality Hunter Douglas products available to them. Whether you are looking for shades, drapes, valances or more we have them available, just give us a call!


If you are looking to upgrade your home with wallpaper, window design or interior design in Attleboro, MA then be sure to contact American Wallpaper & Design for more information and a free quote!