2020 trends written on wooden blocks

Interior Design Trends of 2020

What better way to start the new decade but to update your home. After ten years of the same designs now is best the time to refresh your home. And if you want to make a serious statement this year, then try incorporating one of the hottest interior design trends of 2020.

Whether you love following the newest trends or have no care for them at American Wallpaper, we have a few ideas that everyone will adore. 

Navy Blues 

Navy blue provides the perfect amount of contrast for interiors and exteriors in both traditional and modern homes. The shade offers a formal look without having to go completely black. Embrace looks that are dark and moody, yet cozy and calming. Navy blue is softer than the color black but still adds a timeless sophistication—and is easy to combine to make accents pop.

Floral Wallpaper 

Bring back the flower-power, and buy floral wallpaper and change your tune. Bring back the pretty pattern and focus on the modern update. Nervous about committing to floral, find stick options to make it easy if you don’t like it. Floral is the perfect print to welcome a touch of nature into our livings rooms, bedrooms, and more. As we enter the new decade, it is becoming more and more important to bring the outside in. 

Single Print Drama 

Why not add some drama and style, than a room covered in the same print from floor to ceiling? Add some overtly glamorous but timelessly chic— wallpaper. Combining unique designs will give your home a taste of styles blended together. The single print drama reflects the balance between classical and modern sensibilities.

Landscape Tapestries 

Tapestries are perfect as a focal point for a room. Tapestries with idyllic landscapes bring the beautiful colors of outdoors to the home. Tapestries have been used as decor in palaces and castles, as well as homes for centuries. Why not have your house feel like a palace with a beautiful scene at the same time? 

Fun Bathroom Design 

Bathrooms are a great place to experiment and have fun with different colors, materials, and wallpapers. Adding an amusing statement wallpaper can make any bathroom feel more airy, open, and charming. Statement themed wallpaper brings any powder room to life. 

Any of our design trends will impress your family and future guests. At American Wallpaper Co, we are here to transform your home into a 2020 dream house. Step into the new decade with new decor to make your home stand apart from the rest on the block.