Interior Design Tip: Redesigning A Room

living roomRedesigning a room can be a very fun and exciting process. New furniture, new paint, new wallpaper, new feeling, it is all great but can get overwhelming. There are many little things that you may not think of that could throw off the entire look of a room. Luckily, we have great tips if you plan on changing your living room, as well as having a great team of interior designers ready to transform your room.


When redecorating, you need to keep in mind of how the room is going to look when finished and what furniture is going to be in there. Make sure you get the furniture you want before in the room will match the color of the walls of the newly redecorated room. If you are not going to purchase new furniture and just use the furniture that is already there, then make sure the color will pair well with the biggest piece of furniture. Not only do new colors bring a new look to a room, they can also help make a smaller room look larger. Black is a great color to expand a smaller room with windows, but we know black is such a hit or miss color. If this is the case for you, try using a navy blue or maroon color for your small room. Make sure that you have color schemes that will accent the room and the main color, to add some added depth to your room.


In the case of making a smaller room feel bigger and vice versa, the type of furniture in the room can help. If you have small furniture in a small room then it might have a backfire effect and may look like a living room is a children’s room. So do not be afraid to pair smaller rooms with large furniture, it make seem like the space is being taken up, but the statement that is made will be huge (no pun intended). Having a king size bed and large dressers will cause a statement and make people notice even though the room may be small.


When redecorating a room, the main goal is to make it different than what it was prior. One way to do this is by adding small accents to a room to make it pop, that gives the room its own feel to it. Adding a natural feel to a room, try adding plants. Large plants such as bamboo plants and areca palms are great for larger rooms. These plants are large in height and will add a nice tough to a big room such as a living room. Smaller plants such as begonia bushes, bonsai trees, and ficus plants are great for small rooms. These plants can go on tables and add value to a room, as well as being low maintenance.

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