Interior Design Services & Wallpaper in New Bedford, MA

American Wallpaper has been supplying wallpaper and interior design services to residents of New Bedford, MA since 1923. Known as the sixth largest city in Massachusetts and nicknamed “The Whaling City,” New Bedford is a great diverse city in Massachusetts. Being only twenty minutes from our headquarters in Fall River, we are able to provide quick and efficient service to our customers while maintaining a steady open line of communication. We have this line of communication so that you get what you want in addition to usĀ taking pride ensuring allĀ customers are happy with our products and services.

New Bedford, MA is a great area for families of all size and backgrounds as the city hosts four primary parks for recreational purposes such as Brooklawn Park, Buttonwood Park, Fort Rodman/Taber Park and Hazelwood Park. With the New Bedford area being the largest Portuguese-American community in the country, there are many festivals happening within the parks. Families can also enjoy New Bedford’s school district that hosts a high school, several catholic schools, junior-high schools and neighbors Fisher College and University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Other points of interest include museums and nine historic districts residents can choose from.

With all of the culture surrounding the area, we have came up with amazing custom wallpaper and interior design projects in New Bedford, MA. American Wallpaper has great in-stock wallpaper residents can choose from but we can also work with you if you have any special ideas in mind. Our in house interior designer is one of the best in the industry and wants to help you transform your home into the masterpiece you envision.

If you would like more information on interior design services in New Bedford, MA or would like a free quote, contact us today!