How To Select Drapery Hardware

Oh, the rods, the hardware, the rings and the finials! The choices are huge and each decision can make or break the final results. There are inexpensive rods that can be purchased in home center, box stores and if you want your window to look “just ok” than that might work for you. But, if you want something special, the selection of the color, the material, the diameter, the shape of the rod and the rings should all be part of the equation. If you are ordering on-line from a so-called custom-made curtain site, I can tell you that what is offered in anything but custom. They show you a few styles in a few colors, but they are not usually very visually interesting or unusual. They in fact do not necessarily compliment the fabric or the style of your room. The nicer selections of hardware tend to be purchased a’la carte. Even for me, a seasoned drapery designer, it is sometimes challenging to put it all together. The finials are sold separately and individually as are the brackets and rings. For starters, consider the weight of the fabric and the size of the room when selecting the rod. The shape of the rings can add so much to the window treatment. There is a huge range of rods that vary greatly in quality and price. It does not have to be the most expensive to achieve your goal. But if you are already spending money on nice fabric treatments, a little extra on the hardware goes a long way. Many other designers rely on me to assist them in finding the rods and hardware. So, ask your expert and get something that is really nice, functional and will withstand the task of time!

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