Cozy rustic design of spacious warm loft interior with wooden log wallpaper and natural tree stump

How To Incorporate Wallpaper In Your Home

When you think of wallpaper, you might think, “Oh boy, another long project.” Adding a print of pattern to your walls is bold, which will look so much better than paint. Wallpaper gives you a great chance to change your walls if you are in a rental. Wallpapers allow uniqueness in small awkward places.


Small Areas Or Small Rooms 

Small spaces like dens, playrooms, walk-ways, and half baths are perfect for trying out statement patterns because they require so little wall space. In smaller areas since you’re limited with space, this helps bring together the whole room. It can highlight other designs or statement furniture in the room, even in small areas. 


Add An Accent Wall

Accent walls give you the perfect opportunity to follow the less is more mantra. For example:


If you love a particular pattern, too much of it will make the room too busy to try an accent wall. Accent walls are also a great way to tie various statement pieces into one singular theme or even create the perfect selfie wall, “say cheese.” Accent walls can also give those fantastic works of art or family photos the ideal home on your wall. With so many different patterns, textures, and wallpaper themes to choose from, the possibilities for jazzing up a space are endless.


Only Cover Half the Wall


Choosing to cover only the top or bottom half of a wall with wallpaper is a unique way to get a sophisticated look without doing too much to make the room have an overwhelming feeling. In between the no paper sections, find a statement piece of furniture to hold that space together to make it pop. Traditional styles are back in, styling wallpaper like this will keep you on-trend. It’s crucial to stay on trend, but sticking to classic looks will keep your updates from going out of style.


Mix and Match Papers

Try a bold look! This helps if you are having a tough time choosing between two designs. Why not mix and match by installing two papers on one wall. This a great way to test out different styles and challenge yourself with finding the perfect statement pieces of furniture to match your designs. This is a challenging design tactic, but when done right, it looks beautiful. Try using strong, contrasting patterns with stripes, tone on tone patterns, and intense colors. Since this is a bold look, be careful with what other colors and patterns you put in the room. It’s important to make sure all patterns complement each other. 
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