How To Guide For Statement Ceilings

When designing your home interior there is no element that creates a more dramatic statement than your ceiling. Ceilings are overlooked during the creation process of the home. This can leave the homeowner unimpressed with their home interior design. By creating a ceiling that makes a statement, you can evoke a number of emotions within yourself, and those who dwell in the home. You can create a statement ceiling in your home that evokes awe, is practical to construct, and aesthetically pleasing. There are several options for creating beautiful statement ceilings in your home. Continue reading for a how-to guide for statement ceilings.

Paint a Statement Ceiling

Painting your ceiling is the most affordable and easiest option for creating a statement ceiling. Using contrasting colors, in conjunction with your wall choice of colors, can create a dramatic statement in the room. You can even add texture to the ceiling to spruce up the design. Creating your own artwork on your ceiling is another way to use paint to make a statement ceiling. 

You can also opt to use a gloss, rather than traditional paint, to create a shiny, stunning finish. Although simple, painting your ceiling remains an affordable, practical, and effective method of developing a statement ceiling.


Wallpaper is another option that can transform a room and make a statement. There is a vast array of wallpaper to choose from depending on your design goals. You can opt for a simple pattern, geometric shapes, or a bold design that makes a statement. Wallpaper is also durable, easy to clean, and a wise financial investment. 

Use Moldings to Create a Statement Ceiling

Moldings come in a variety of design options to choose from and are an ideal choice for a home that is lacking detailed architectural constructs. Molding can create an impressive, gorgeous transition between the wall and ceiling.

Add Beams for a Statement Ceiling

The addition of beams to your ceiling can create the ultimate impression. Beams can transform a room into a rustic, warm, pleasurable environment that you will enjoy for years to come. There are a variety of beams to choose from, including the choice of wood type, color, and even hollow beams that are lighter in weight than traditional beams. As an added bonus the implementation of beams for your ceiling also provides additional support architecturally.

Additional Ideas for a Statement Ceiling

Don’t forget additional measures to complete your statement ceiling design. Medallions, artwork, ceiling fans, and light fixtures can all be incredible additions to your statement ceiling. 

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