Modern loft bedroom 3d rendering image The room has a high ceiling. There is a polished concrete wall. White floors and large windows overlook the garden, furnished with black leather furniture.

How To Decorating A Room With High Ceilings

If you crave extra space but what you have is vertical, it can pose some unique decorating challenges. Having high ceilings means having a fair amount of unused space over the 8-foot-high mark. It can make a room feel grand and luxurious, but it can also make a room feel cold and empty. Tall walls and high ceilings can be daunting especially with all of that blank space, it’s easy to wonder how you’re ever going to fill the wall space. At American Wallpaper CO  has a few optical illusions to help you. There are plenty of easy design techniques to make your vast space feel more cozy and intimate.



Using wallpaper in sections along your wall can also help to fill up the space. Wallpaper can easily be used on tall walls. Use elaborate designs to add details waves up and down the wall to celebrate its grandeur. Any dramatic change created by stunning designs that really brings the room together and makes those tall walls much less barren. It’s a great example of how you can make a bold statement while only wallpapering certain sections of your wall. You could also cover more space for an equally sophisticated finish. Sophisticated wall designs look fantastic in kitchen spaces, but can also be used as an inlay to create a quirky twist in larger spaces. Leaving space above the wallpaper creates a beam of white that will help to illuminate the room.



Paint can also be used to create gorgeous looks. The color looks fantastic sandwiched between two white spaces, with its deep hues. Adding depth to a room and filling up part of your wall, subtle notes in the accompanying room accessories, and wall art will really breathe new life into your paint designs.

Add Scale

A small photo frame here and there just won’t cut it if your walls are huge. You’re going to have to create a gallery of wall art that brings your walls back down the size. Add larger framed wall art offers a colorful burst of vibrancy that will certainly look well placed on taller walls. Mix up the levels you’ve been working on and find complementing accessories – a few matching pillows.We’ve shown you that just because your walls are so tall, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a welcoming, cozy ambiance. Questions or concerns we’d love to help with your high-ceiling rooms!At American Wallpaper, we can help you make this possible.Email us at with questions of what you are looking for and we will help you find it and order it for you.