Modern loft bedroom 3d rendering image The room has a high ceiling. There is a polished concrete wall. White floors and large windows overlook the garden, furnished with black leather furniture.

How To Decorating A Room With High Ceilings

High ceilings have the ability to create a gorgeous space, but they can also quickly have the opposite effect. If you don’t design your space and decorate properly, those high ceilings will make the room feel cold and empty. The space from floor to ceiling should be utilized carefully to set the tone for the rest of the room, especially when you’ve got more space than average!

Draw the Eye Upwards

Failing to draw the eye upwards means wasting all of that wonderful space your high ceilings provide. Utilizing your wall décor creatively is the best way to draw attention upwards. You can opt for one large piece placed higher on the wall, multiple smaller pieces, or a dramatic piece that fills up the entire length of the wall. Whatever you choose, just don’t stop decorating at the same height you would on traditional walls. After all, your high ceilings aren’t traditional!

Create Depth with Architectural Details

High ceilings can sometimes feel disconnected from the rest of the space. Adding architectural details is a great way to bring the space together from floor to ceiling. Exposed beams and beadboard are the most common choices to add detail to your high ceilings. These additions come with a high price tag, but the style it brings to your home is well worth it!

Choose Dramatic Lighting

Large and dramatic lighting fixtures are overwhelming in a space with traditional height ceilings, but high ceilings provide the perfect opportunity to utilize these statement pieces. Find a light fixture that acts as another piece of décor in your home. Not only does the lighting provide a functional use, but it also adds more flare to the ceilings and aides even further in your attempt to draw the eye upwards.

Use Appropriate Length Drapery

Finding drapery when you live in a home with high ceilings is no easy task. Traditional drapery is designed for traditional height windows, but using that drapery in a space with high ceilings will create a division in the room and make it feel choppy to look at. Instead, purchase drapery that runs the entire length of the wall. Not only is this a better way to utilize your high ceilings, but it adds lots of drama too! Stick to solid colors and avoid patterns that can quickly become overwhelming on such a large scale.

For more inspiration on styling your high ceilings to make the most of your space, contact us today!