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How to Choose Indoor Window Treatments

Window treatments often go overlooked when designing the interior of your living space. In reality, they are one of the most essential items in any living room, dining room, or bedroom. Window treatments not only give the room an aesthetic appeal, but they provide a functional element that you cannot go without. They offer protection from the sun, privacy from the outside world, and they look beautiful! There is much to consider when choosing the type of indoor window treatment you want in your home. 

Choosing a Material 

The material you select for indoor window treatments should be determined by the function you desire. If the primary purpose of them is to provide shielding from the outdoors, you should focus on the fabric’s thickness or material. It is best to choose a fabric that is thinner and slightly see-through in a living room, so you still get natural light coming through during the day. This material will still give your room privacy from people outside the home. For bedrooms, you may want a thick material that acts as blackout curtains for when you are sleeping. 

When choosing a material, you also need to incorporate style and design into your decision. Window treatments come in every color and pattern you could think of. Patterned curtains can be used as a bold statement in a more neutral room. Use solid colored treatments to bring out an accent color in the room. 

Style of Window Treatment 

Window treatments come in two main styles, shades and drapery. Shades are often used because of the functional element that they provide. They can be lowered fully to create complete darkness and privacy, or halfway, allowing you to control the amount of light entering the room. Some of the types of shades include: 

  • Roman Shades
  • Roller Shades
  • Pleated Shades 
  • Solar Shades 

Drapery window treatments are fabric pieces that hang on either side of the window, usually connected to a curtain rod at the top. This treatment option combines elegance with practical use. Your ceilings’ height will determine the length of your drapery and if you want it to reach the floor. Types of drapery include:

  • Pocket Drapery 
  • Sheer Drapery 
  • Pleated Drapery 
  • Ripple Fold Drapery 

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