Handling Household Clutter

Clutter. We all have it. That doesn’t mean we have to truly focus on it. Everyone knows that if our spaces are neat and organized, you can be twice as productive and energized. Unfortunately, life happens, and sometimes the clutter bug takes over before we can get it under control. We’ve got you covered. Here’s a few foolproof ways to contain your clutter.


Eliminate The Clutter

If you feel like you have too much stuff, you probably do. You would be amazed how much easier it is to organize your spaces if you first eliminate what you don’t need. Keep these items if you can answer two out of three questions.

Questions To Consider

  • Is it sentimental?
  • Does it bring you some kind of emotional value?
  • Do you need it? (Be honest)
  • Does it bring you joy?

 Contain It

Once you’ve eliminated what you can, it’s time to contain what’s left. Baskets, crates, or boxes are your friend. You can get creative with where you store it. Baskets make better decor. Keep the most recent issues of your favorite magazines and newspapers neatly stored in a side table with pull-out trays.


Teach The Kids

Don’t forget to teach your kids while you’re cleaning. Clutter starts at home and can become a learned behavior. It’s going to take them a few years to get it.! No matter how much you get rid of or how diligent we are about clearing their clutter, somehow the stuff just keeps coming back, almost like magic.Teach your children how to clean out clutter and how to organize. It can be hard to suppress the urge to just purge all their toys and stuff for them, but it’s a greater learning experience if you can get your kids to do it themselves. When kids learn to keep their items organized and pare down what they don’t need, they build skills to carry them through life. Teach your child how to let go of items.


A few little things can create major messes. Adjusting just a few things you may not have thought to before could be the key to a settled, visually stunning, and organized home.So to help you conquer the nuance and nitty-gritty of organized home design, Leah from American Wallpaper CO is here to assist you. Initial consultations can be done in two ways: virtually on FaceTime or in the home. This will depend on the scope of the project and the location.To find out more about this service, fill out our contact form and Leah will respond to you with 48 hours.