Everything You Need To Know About Blind Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning the house one of the most overlooked parts of the home that often doesn’t get touched are the window blinds. These are overlooked as they are small items that most people tend not to put an emphasis on or think that it could get dirty. However, if blinds are left untreated then dust, pet fur, and other skin cells can pile up on them and make a room feel musty. The good thing is that blinds are not that difficult to clean at all, the thing is that you just need to know how to properly clean them depending on what they are made of.

Tools For Cleaning Blinds

For blind cleaning, there is no “best” way to clean them as long as you have the proper tools it will depend on how much dust has accumulated or how soiled the blinds are. For proper tools, you will want to have the following:

  • A vacuum cleaner with an attachment.
  • Microfiber cloths or a microfiber blind duster.

Using a Microfiber Mini Blind Duster

If you have a blind duster then you will want to do the following in order to successfully clean your blinds.

  1. Leave blinds in the open position and run the duster along with them from top to bottom. It is a good idea to start from the top so that way any dust that falls off will be removed as you make your way down to the bottom.
  2. Once you have finished with the duster, look at the floor to make sure there isn’t any dust on the floor underneath the blinds.

Using a Microfiber Cloth

If you rather opt for a microfiber cloth then you should do the following:

  1.  You first want to close the blinds so that the concave side is facing you and wipe away the dust from top to bottom. As mentioned before you will want to start at the top of the blind and work your way down.
  2. Turn the rod until the blinds are closed with the convex side towards you. Dust this with the cloth from top to bottom like with the concave side.
  3. Vacuum any dust that has fallen to the floor after dusting.

How To Clean Blinds That Are Heavily Soiled

Sometimes with blinds, it is not just dust that you have to worry about. Some blinds become heavily soiled and depending on the material they are made from you will need to follow certain steps to ensure proper cleaning.

Cleaning Plastic Blinds

  1. First dust off your blinds.
  2. Fill your bathtub with warm water and take your blinds down from your window.
  3. Soak the blinds for at least one hour.
  4. Remove the blinds from the tub and wipe any remaining dust.
  5. Wipe dry or hang your blinds outside to air dry before putting them back on your window.

Cleaning Wood Blinds

  1. Dust off your blinds to start off first with a cloth then a vacuum if needed.
  2. Using a cleaner or microfiber cloth, start cleaning the wooden blinds. Wipe down one side with the cloth and cleaner then turn the blinds to clean the other side.

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