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Useful Tips For Redecorating The House During The Social Distanced Lock-down Summer

Maybe you have been thinking about it for a long time, it’s one of the projects that you were hoping to get done for years but somehow you never found a way to fit it into your busy schedule. That ugly wall has been staring at you for months, but during the weekends you needed to chill and unwind after a long week at work. Your holidays are sacred, and you rightly wanted to go out somewhere instead of renovating the house. Therefore easy for such projects to remain just one of those “unticked” items in your “to-do list”.There is no better opportunity than the current time to tackle a new task! As we are forced to stay at home, a nice little project to change our house could really be the ideal solution to keep our minds and hands busy, maybe even involving our children and family.


Since we face a period of possible economic uncertainty, it’s useful to remember that wallpaper is one of the cheapest ways to freshen up your home. Maybe it’s the living room that needs a splash of color, or the bedroom of your fast-growing children who might need a space that reflects their current taste. The right wallpaper can help you create an entirely different atmosphere without having to completely renovate and refurbish.


You can shop without coming into the store: Call us or email us for what you are looking for. We can send you images of the wallcovering which fits your description. Select what you want, give us the quantity and paint, paste, or tools you need. Pay with a credit card and we will put up the order and meet you at our parking lot door with your order.


Why not look around your home and assess which space may need a new look? Remember that there are wallpapers specifically designed for each room, even for “damp” environments such as kitchens and bathrooms.At American Wallpaper Co, we can help you make this possible. Here are some ways in which we can help you accomplish this with our in-stock wallpaper and paint.


Why Hunter Douglas?

The right lighting sets a mood, creates ambiance, and shifts how you view your space at home. Our premier window treatments enhance your home—turning the everyday living into a luxury, sensory experience. It’s your home and your light to control. Want to ensure you wake up on time, have glare-free light throughout your rooms, and make sure you can savor every beautiful sunset once your workdays are done? Hunter Douglas window treatments with smart shades move to schedules you set and work with many smart home systems.

Call us at American Wallpaper, for design direction and product knowledge. This is experience is not something to miss out on. Who doesn’t want light exactly when you want it? PowerView® Automation gives you precise and convenient control of your Hunter Douglas window treatments. Imagine shades that operate independently? The shades are easy to schedule to your liking.

Programming your window treatments is simple. Operate them from home with the Pebble® Remote Control or through voice activation when PowerView is integrated with smart-home systems such as Amazon Alexa, Siri® on your Apple device, or the Google Assistant. For the ultimate in convenience, the PowerView® App is a perfect way to manage your shades when you’re home or away from home.


We are open safely to offer you with the help you with your Hunter Douglas shades. Questions comments or concerns? We’re here and happy to help!



Modern loft bedroom 3d rendering image The room has a high ceiling. There is a polished concrete wall. White floors and large windows overlook the garden, furnished with black leather furniture.

How To Decorating A Room With High Ceilings

If you crave extra space but what you have is vertical, it can pose some unique decorating challenges. Having high ceilings means having a fair amount of unused space over the 8-foot-high mark. It can make a room feel grand and luxurious, but it can also make a room feel cold and empty. Tall walls and high ceilings can be daunting especially with all of that blank space, it’s easy to wonder how you’re ever going to fill the wall space. At American Wallpaper CO  has a few optical illusions to help you. There are plenty of easy design techniques to make your vast space feel more cozy and intimate.



Using wallpaper in sections along your wall can also help to fill up the space. Wallpaper can easily be used on tall walls. Use elaborate designs to add details waves up and down the wall to celebrate its grandeur. Any dramatic change created by stunning designs that really brings the room together and makes those tall walls much less barren. It’s a great example of how you can make a bold statement while only wallpapering certain sections of your wall. You could also cover more space for an equally sophisticated finish. Sophisticated wall designs look fantastic in kitchen spaces, but can also be used as an inlay to create a quirky twist in larger spaces. Leaving space above the wallpaper creates a beam of white that will help to illuminate the room.



Paint can also be used to create gorgeous looks. The color looks fantastic sandwiched between two white spaces, with its deep hues. Adding depth to a room and filling up part of your wall, subtle notes in the accompanying room accessories, and wall art will really breathe new life into your paint designs.

Add Scale

A small photo frame here and there just won’t cut it if your walls are huge. You’re going to have to create a gallery of wall art that brings your walls back down the size. Add larger framed wall art offers a colorful burst of vibrancy that will certainly look well placed on taller walls. Mix up the levels you’ve been working on and find complementing accessories – a few matching pillows.We’ve shown you that just because your walls are so tall, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a welcoming, cozy ambiance. Questions or concerns we’d love to help with your high-ceiling rooms!At American Wallpaper, we can help you make this possible.Email us at with questions of what you are looking for and we will help you find it and order it for you.


Handling Household Clutter

Clutter. We all have it. That doesn’t mean we have to truly focus on it. Everyone knows that if our spaces are neat and organized, you can be twice as productive and energized. Unfortunately, life happens, and sometimes the clutter bug takes over before we can get it under control. We’ve got you covered. Here’s a few foolproof ways to contain your clutter.


Eliminate The Clutter

If you feel like you have too much stuff, you probably do. You would be amazed how much easier it is to organize your spaces if you first eliminate what you don’t need. Keep these items if you can answer two out of three questions.

Questions To Consider

  • Is it sentimental?
  • Does it bring you some kind of emotional value?
  • Do you need it? (Be honest)
  • Does it bring you joy?

 Contain It

Once you’ve eliminated what you can, it’s time to contain what’s left. Baskets, crates, or boxes are your friend. You can get creative with where you store it. Baskets make better decor. Keep the most recent issues of your favorite magazines and newspapers neatly stored in a side table with pull-out trays.


Teach The Kids

Don’t forget to teach your kids while you’re cleaning. Clutter starts at home and can become a learned behavior. It’s going to take them a few years to get it.! No matter how much you get rid of or how diligent we are about clearing their clutter, somehow the stuff just keeps coming back, almost like magic.Teach your children how to clean out clutter and how to organize. It can be hard to suppress the urge to just purge all their toys and stuff for them, but it’s a greater learning experience if you can get your kids to do it themselves. When kids learn to keep their items organized and pare down what they don’t need, they build skills to carry them through life. Teach your child how to let go of items.


A few little things can create major messes. Adjusting just a few things you may not have thought to before could be the key to a settled, visually stunning, and organized home.So to help you conquer the nuance and nitty-gritty of organized home design, Leah from American Wallpaper CO is here to assist you. Initial consultations can be done in two ways: virtually on FaceTime or in the home. This will depend on the scope of the project and the location.To find out more about this service, fill out our contact form and Leah will respond to you with 48 hours.



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How To Clean Wallpaper

When you’ve taken the time and effort to perfectly hang your new American Wallpaper Company’s wallpaper, you’ll want to make sure it stays looking as fresh and beautiful as the day you brought it home. Cleaning wallpaper is much easier than you might think. Depending on the placement and type of wallpaper, there are several things you can do by using simple household products.

Dust The Wallpaper

A build-up of dust is easy to go unnoticed, but it’s the main culprit of damaged or older-looking wallpaper. Dusting once or twice a month can keep the build-up to a minimum, which in turn will ensure the wallpaper looks bright and fresh. Just remember to be gentle!


Use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner for the best and easiest method for cleaning the wallpaper. The bristles on the brush won’t do any damage to the paper, while the suction directly picks the dust-up.

If you prefer manually dusting a dry duster either attached to the end of a sweeping brush or simply used by hand can do the job just as well. For this method, it’s important to start from the top of the wall and work your way downwards, as dust will fall to lower parts of the paper. Sweep up the floor afterward.

How To Wash The Wallpaper

Sometimes, dusting isn’t enough. Some wallpaper stains can’t be cleaned, such as ink, but others can wash away. The easiest and cheapest method of cleaning wallpaper using a soft sponge, dishwasher soap, and water.

  1. Before you start washing check to see if your wallpaper can withstand soap and water; Mix your solution and apply it to a small, hidden part of the wallpaper maybe behind a piece of furniture. If the water is soaked up by the paper, or the color runs, you’re going to do more damage than good. If it’s okay, then move ahead.
  2. Mix a small amount of dishwasher soap with warm water in a small bowl and combine. Lightly moisten a soft sponge or cloth in the solution and dampen the paper, without scrubbing hard. This should then be rinsed using a fresh cloth wetted with just warm water, and then dried with a clean towel.

Other Methods

If your wallpaper can’t handle soap and water, dry alternatives are available. The best of these is wallpaper dough, which can be used to lift stains away from the wall.

  1. Simply pull a small part away from the pot and roll it into a ball. Then, using your hand, roll it over the dirty areas of the wallpaper, and you should see the dirt lift away.
  2. When the surface of the dough becomes dirty, re-roll the dough so that the dirt is absorbed into the center of the ball, and then reuse. When the full dough becomes dirty, dispose of it and start fresh with a new piece.

Cleaning your wallpaper is a simple task with a big payoff. For an afternoon of work at least once a  month, your wallpaper will stay looking fresh and new day after day, making it a job worth doing! In need of some more help choosing wallpaper, please contact us for more help!


White bookcase with plush toys and decorations in a cute, cozy, white and peach pink scandinavian nursery interior

How to Transform Your Nursery into a Whimsical Wonderland with Wallpaper

What child doesn’t dream to live in a whimsical wonderland? This dream comes to life with the right mix of bold colors, friendly designs, soft textured accessories, and decorations. It all begins with nursery wallpaper. Chic wallpaper marks the highlight of modern nursery décor. As a parent, you’re tasked with creating a stimulating and happy environment your child will grow up to love. Feeling the pressure to choose a wallpaper for a baby? Relax. The right print can grow with your little one.


Foliage Is Always Safe

Discover the eternal magic of lush floral nursery wallpaper. It’s whimsical but not too baby specific, which means you can effortlessly transform a nursery into an office or guest room without changing the art on the walls. Traditional white and green does the trick. For an extra whimsical feel, consider a mix of mint, coral, and gray.


Bring Out The Blue

Few colors capture the essence of gender-neutral quite like blue. The print and color together strike the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Accessorize with baby animal print to bring out the best of blue blooms. Try a fun floral design on a classic blue.

Delight with black and white

Glamorous, chic, and naturally rustic. Let majestic black and white woodland scenes transform your nursery into a charming and stylish space.

We’ve Have The Best Wallpaper For All Your Needs

Our selection of in-stock wallpaper and borders is one of the largest offerings in New England. With wallcovering priced from $3.99 a single roll, you can choose your design and take it home with you. Of course, we will make sure you have the correct tools, preps, and adhesives to make your project go as smoothly as possible. Are you looking for something a bit more unusual, our library of special order wallcovering books is very extensive. We carry Thibaut, Kenneth James, Jaima Brown, and most of the top designers in the industry. Many of these papers are available with matching fabrics that can make your room into a beautiful space with accessories to match. From grasscloth to traditional, to cottage, to contemporary patterns and colors for an accent wall, we will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

In need of some more help choosing wallpaper, please contact us for more help!

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Show Your Home Some Love During Quarantine

Our country has been in what feels like a long five-week lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, making most of us self-quarantine themselves at home. While you are at home, why not make your home clutter-free and snazzy?

Give Up The Clutter

During your time staying at home, try to ensure that your house is not cluttered. Given that this quarantine is going to prevail for a while, now is the best time to make your home clutter-free and spacious, so that you don’t get crippled by an overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia. Free up some spaces where the family can gather to play games and have fun together.


Check Out Your Attic

With a lot of free time, you can thoroughly check the attic or head down to the basement. You might find something interesting that you were searching for, for years. You can easily turn the trash into treasure and can give a vintage look to your home, incorporating memories into your present.


Add Some Color

Colors can have a huge impact on creativity, so get creative when choosing colors. Use shades of blue or yellow are great for boosting productivity. If you have questions about paints and stains, please give us a call at 508-672-3751.

Change The Wallpaper

Looking for something a bit more unusual, our library of special order wallcovering books is very extensive. We carry Thibaut, Kenneth James, Jaima Brown and most of the top designers in the industry. Many of these papers are available with matching fabrics that can make your room into a beautiful space with accessories to match. From grasscloth to traditional, to cottage, to contemporary patterns and colors for an accent wall, we will help you find exactly what you are looking for.In need of some more help choosing wallpaper, please contact us for more help!


Contact Us

Email us at with questions of what you are looking for and we will help you find it and order it for you.  We’re offering contactless pickup. Call us  508-672-3751!


Quick Ways to Refresh Your House During Quarantine

If everyone has to look at the walls in your home for the next month, you might as well make some simple changes that will make your space feel satisfying to the eye and mind. Change is so helpful when you’re looking at the same thing over and over again.



Making your home feel new can be as simple as re-arranging. Move some furniture around! Leah at Americal Wallpaper CO,  can help space planning, selection of furniture, flooring, countertops, kitchen cabinets, lighting, wall colors and of course, window treatments, wall coverings, and accessories.

Paint A New Color

So many of you have had to be contemplating a new paint job. All painting projects, to be successful, require proper surface preparation and the choice of correct materials. Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer is a premium-quality, acrylic-urethane primer-sealer with unparalleled adhesion to the most challenging surfaces, including glossy tile, PVC, vinyl, plastic, glass, glazed block, glossy paint, pre-coated siding, fiberglass, and galvanized metals. It is available in both quarts and gallons here at American Wallpaper & Design Center. If you have questions about paints and stains, please give us a call at 508-672-3751.




Add Some Fresh Cut Branches From Your Backyard To a Vase 

How many walks have you been on? Your next walk or time in the yard take some of your treasures inside. This kind of decor is free, therapeutic, and springy!

Contact Us Today!

At American Wallpaper, we can help you make this possible.Email us at with questions of what you are looking for and we will help you find it and order it for you. You can pick it up at our door without coming in. Just call us at: 508-672-3751 when you are at the door and ready to pick up.

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Interior Design Trends of 2020

What better way to start the new decade but to update your home. After ten years of the same designs now is best the time to refresh your home. And if you want to make a serious statement this year, then try incorporating one of the hottest interior design trends of 2020.

Whether you love following the newest trends or have no care for them at American Wallpaper, we have a few ideas that everyone will adore. 

Navy Blues 

Navy blue provides the perfect amount of contrast for interiors and exteriors in both traditional and modern homes. The shade offers a formal look without having to go completely black. Embrace looks that are dark and moody, yet cozy and calming. Navy blue is softer than the color black but still adds a timeless sophistication—and is easy to combine to make accents pop.

Floral Wallpaper 

Bring back the flower-power, and buy floral wallpaper and change your tune. Bring back the pretty pattern and focus on the modern update. Nervous about committing to floral, find stick options to make it easy if you don’t like it. Floral is the perfect print to welcome a touch of nature into our livings rooms, bedrooms, and more. As we enter the new decade, it is becoming more and more important to bring the outside in. 

Single Print Drama 

Why not add some drama and style, than a room covered in the same print from floor to ceiling? Add some overtly glamorous but timelessly chic— wallpaper. Combining unique designs will give your home a taste of styles blended together. The single print drama reflects the balance between classical and modern sensibilities.

Landscape Tapestries 

Tapestries are perfect as a focal point for a room. Tapestries with idyllic landscapes bring the beautiful colors of outdoors to the home. Tapestries have been used as decor in palaces and castles, as well as homes for centuries. Why not have your house feel like a palace with a beautiful scene at the same time? 

Fun Bathroom Design 

Bathrooms are a great place to experiment and have fun with different colors, materials, and wallpapers. Adding an amusing statement wallpaper can make any bathroom feel more airy, open, and charming. Statement themed wallpaper brings any powder room to life. 

Any of our design trends will impress your family and future guests. At American Wallpaper Co, we are here to transform your home into a 2020 dream house. Step into the new decade with new decor to make your home stand apart from the rest on the block. 

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3 Benefits of Window Treatments

If we want to enhance the beauty and functionality of our windows there are a variety of options to choose from. Soft window treatments like roman shades and curtains or hard window treatments like shutters and blinds offer more than just beauty and aesthetic appeal. Below is a list of how window design goes beyond appearance to function and purpose in numerous ways.

Benefits of Having Window Treatments

Hard window treatments and soft window treatments offer refuge away from the outside world that create a private setting for our most important and special life moments. Whether we want to sip coffee quietly in the morning or watch a late-night movie without curious eyes looking in, roman shades and curtains are some options that can prevent prying eyes from watching every move we make. They can provide us with a more secluded environment with which to live our lives, privately.
Sun and UV Protection
The elements of nature, including sunlight, ultraviolet rays, rain, and snow can all be blocked out with proper window design and using window treatments. If we want to protect the furnishings, art, and flooring of our interior from sun damage, we can use hard window treatments or soft window treatments to achieve this. Shutters and blinds from a variety of materials can work to protect the interior of a home from UV light and damage.
Energy Efficiency
Correct window design as well as using window treatments can create a more efficient means of climate control. If we are running the air conditioning during the hot summer months, we can keep heat out and cold inside. During the winter months, they offer the same protection of keeping the cold elements out and the warmth inside. This energy efficiency can create a consistently comfortable interior while saving money on heating and air conditioning costs. Generally, soft window treatments will be better than no window treatments, and hard window treatments will be the best option for this purpose.
In Conclusion
While the need for window treatments may appear to be primarily that of beauty and decorative purposes, we can see that they have functionality that goes way beyond their appearance. No room with proper interior design elements would be complete without proper window design and window treatments. From providing privacy and protection against curious individuals or mother nature to climate control and cost efficiency, hard window treatments and soft window treatments clearly have some very important functions. If you are looking to upgrade your window design, whether hard or soft treatments, be sure to give American Wallpaper & Design a call today!