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living room with black ceiling wallpaper

5 Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas

Ceiling wallpaper can add more depth and style to a room. Not many people think of using their ceilings as a way to decorate their homes, but ceiling wallpaper is a great way to do so.

Common Types of Ceiling Wallpaper

There are certain types of ceiling wallpapers to choose from depending on your needs.

Pre-Pasted Wallpaper

Pre-pasted wallpaper has adhesive already on it, so it makes for easy application. You just need to use a sponge to moisten the glue so it sticks.

Paste-The-Wall Wallpaper

For this wallpaper, you place the glue on the wall first before sticking it on. This can make it easier to slide the wallpaper exactly where you want it. This method could be used when you have an intricate pattern on your paper.

Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper (Reusable)

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is great if you want something super temporary, or want to be able to move it around. If you want to test out whether or not you like the look of wallpaper on your ceiling, this could be the best way to figure it out.


5 Ceiling Wallpaper Styles

Picking a wallpaper style that fits your space makes the room come together. You want to make sure that you choose one that enhances the room and the room’s interior design, and not making it seem closed in and small.

Floral Design Ceiling Wallpaper

Floral design wallpaper on your ceiling can be very eye-catching. This would be a great style if your space is full of neutral colors, and you’re looking for a way to add some flare. Floral designs are very versatile and can come in many colors, making it easy to find one that will fit your desires.

Fake Rustic Wood

Wooden ceilings can add a rustic look to your home. When you already have a regular ceiling, it
can be hard to transition, and that’s why wallpaper can be your best option. Wooden beams can create a sense of depth and really make a room appear to be taller than it actually is. This is great for smaller rooms in your home that you want to enhance.

Moroccan Print

Intricate Moroccan print can add some culture to your home. Placing it in an entryway ceiling or kitchen can put some color in places you wouldn’t expect. This is a good wallpaper for an area of your home that should be the center of attention. Moroccan art print can range from blue and gold, to green and red.

Combining Wallpapers

If you are looking to add a dramatic look to your home, think about adding two types of ceiling wallpaper to one room. This can drastically change the look of your space and make it eye-catching for everyone who walks in. Using two different wallpapers can make a room stand out and incorporate the colors of your room into the ceiling.

Wallpaper Decals

If you don’t want to commit to having a full sheet of wallpaper on your ceiling, you could use decals. This can let you add a little bit to your ceiling instead of covering the entire thing. Polka dots, stripes, and other small designs are great for kids’ rooms and living rooms. Decals are also good for temporary use. If you need something seasonal, wallpaper decals are the way to go.

If you are looking for new wallpaper ideas for your ceiling or any wall in your home, be sure to contact American Wallpaper as we carry the highest quality brands of any wallpaper design.

nursery wallpaper of cute deer, foxes and bears

Popular Wallpaper Designs For Nurseries & Kids Rooms

Expecting a newborn is always an exciting and wonderful moment in a couple’s lives. You are bringing in a new life to this world that you will share memories and adventures with for years to come. An exciting aspect of having a child is setting up their nursery and room for when they are toddlers. When it comes to these types of rooms, bright, neutral, or soft colors come to mind to provide a welcoming atmosphere for the child. In addition to these colors, having wallpaper with unique patterns and designs helps bring that delightful atmosphere to fruition. Below are a few examples of wallpaper that are perfect for a nursery.

Wildlife Wallpaper

When it comes to decorating a child’s room you can never go wrong with animals and wildlife. Look for designs of cute furry animals and birds such as foxes, doves, sparrows flying in patterns, deer, bunnies, etc. Lulu and Georgia is a great example of a company that specializes in wallpaper designs perfect for nurseries or playrooms. What makes these types of patterns so welcoming is that you can find small animals that represent the youth and fragileness of your young one. Then as your children grow older the wallpaper will still suit them as they are young and could shape their interests.

Floral & Tropical Wallpaper

Another go-to wallpaper type for kids rooms and nurseries is that of floral patterns or tropical wallpapers. Like with animal design, floral and tropical patterns present a soft, warm and inviting aroma to the room that is great for making a room feel like “home” to the child. You can find bunches of different plant types to be the focus of your pattern such as roses, tulips, willow trees, almost any flower! If you would rather bring a “scene” to your child’s room then you can have tropical wallpaper. This way you have a variety of flowers, trees, maybe have animals, that when together they make a whole scene on the wall. Not only will it be different from the rest of the home’s interior design, but it will show character in your home and present a “hot spot” for guests to check out. ‘

If you are interested in wallpaper for a nursery or children’s room then contact American Wallpaper today!

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What is the Difference Between Home Staging & Interior Design?

Often times when the discussion of home design comes up, there tends to be a misconception between home staging and interior design. While home staging is a type of home design, there is a difference between that and performing interior design. Home staging means to prepare a home for sale while interior design refers to the act of personalizing the design of a space.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging has a lot to do with the real estate industry as stagers try to assist sellers and agents on selling a home. The goal of a home stager is to emphasize the positive features of a house in order to make it a quick and profitable home selling experience. One way they will do this will be by bringing in more natural light to brighten up a room or arranging the furniture in a more inviting way. A lot of the times, home stagers will go with a neutral color palette for a home they are trying to sell so buyers can visualize their own ideas in their head when looking.

How a Home Stager Works with Wallpaper?

As mentioned before, to help potential buyers visualize their ideas, home stagers will probably go for a neutral color palette. What this means is that having bright or uniquely patterned wallpaper is probably something they won’t want to work with. They may opt to put a fresh coat of paint of the neutral color they have in mind.

What is Interior Design?

While a home stager makes a home presentable, an interior designer is responsible for making sure the owner’s personal style and aesthetic are applied within the functionality of everyday life. What this means is to basically add an owner’s personal touch and style to the decor of a room. They can customize furniture, tile, window treatments, and flooring to reflect the homeowner’s personal style.

How Does an Interior Designer Work With Wallpaper?

While a home stager will opt for paint over wallpaper, an interior designer will do the opposite. Designers encourage unique patterns and bold colors, so they will suggest a personalization with fun patterned wallpaper which incorporates well into an overall scheme.

spring themed interior design

5 Spring Interior Design Ideas

It’s that time of year again when flowers bloom, spring cleaning happens, and some folks can’t resist doing some redecorating. With a change in the weather, it’s only appropriate to change the scenery to go with the spring season. There are plenty of spring decorating ideas around that can freshen up the appearance of a space. Here are five spring interior design ideas that can add vibrancy and beauty to your home.


  1. Bring a Touch of Nature In

Interior design isn’t complete with nature-inspired elements from prints to live plants. Much beauty is found in the natural world, and a touch of nature into your home design can create a natural, calm and relaxing atmosphere. Add leafy green houseplants that are easy to maintain to your space. Use bold, green leaf-patterned wallpaper to design an accent wall or introduce an indoor fountain made out of natural materials that can engage the senses and add a touch of peace and tranquility to your space.


  1. Fabulous Florals

It doesn’t quite feel like spring without the sights of flowers. Florally patterned accessories can jazz up a neutral room and give a space a fresh feel. Create the feel of spring with garden rugs that feature a garden trellis design, use hanging planters, geometric shape wall baskets to add a clever element to your spring home design and make flowers the main attraction in a space. Floral accessories can be eclectic, funky or elegant in design or arrangement.


  1. Pastel Lavender

If you want home interior design that can make a statement and create excitement and energy this spring, go for pastel lavender. While too much lavender can be loud and overpowering, this sophisticated neutral that can be exquisitely paired with other pastels and bright accent colors, like gold.


  1. White on White Pairing

To express the brightness and freshness of spring, using white, a versatile neutral as a decor element is a great option. An interior designer would tell you that white on white is a simple way of maximizing the natural light in a space. Reflecting light, white give a room a brighter, lighter and airy feel. Think of playing with patterns when doing white on white, and how best to use rustic white, chippy white and vintage white.


  1. Try Mint Green

Spring mint has made a comeback and is still the “it” color. Adding mint green in unexpected spaces like bathroom sinks and cabinets is a great way to transition from the cold season to one of growth and renewal. Mint green is crisp and soothing and is great for modern designs when used with decorative accessories, and when paired with marble accents and white.


These amazing springtime ideas can have your home looking like paradise. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your design choices and try new ideas. Contact American Wallpaper for more information on spring home design!

Top Wallpaper Trends for Spring 2019

There is the perfect wallpaper for every season. It’s time to add some life to your wall and what better time to do so than the springtime. There is no shortage of wallpaper designs on the market, but now that spring is here, you want something that is fresh and complements the season your in. Trends come and go, and 2019 has some new spring wallpaper trends that you may want to have for your home. Here are some of the top 2019 spring wallpaper trends.


  1. Softer Pantone Purples

Deep purple can make a bold statement when it comes to interior design that has a dramatic flare. The spring season, however, demand softer purple options, like pastel purples and lilacs more ideal for the season. You don’t have to do away with deep purples altogether for spring but could tone them down by blending with softer, lighter purple shades. Lilac Damask and Lilac Vintage Blossoms are two light purple wallpapers that don’t overwhelm the senses or is overly dramatic. Instead, their tones help to create a space that is inviting and engaging.


  1. Nontraditional Geometric Patterns

Wallpaper designers are putting a new spin on geometric patterns while maintaining their contemporary appeal. Unconventional wallpaper patterns often feature a mix of different wallpaper styles, like mixing traditional geometric pattern with abstract aesthetics. Geometric patterns that create optical illusions or designs that use 3D effect can add depth to a wall, as well as creative and artistic flair.


  1. Bohemian Wallpaper Designs

The Bohemian wallpaper style category is not only stylish but appears to be gaining more popularity since trending hot in 2017. This wallpaper is an interior designer’s dream because of the complex nature of the designs and the intricate details that are visually appealing. Bohemian wallpapers can create a one of a kind look with uncommon colors with their own purpose. Common features can include geometric-like effect, straight border, minimalist color scheme and sometimes a touch of white for a balanced visual appeal.


  1. Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper Murals

It’s hard to look away from designs that feature crisp, clear, high-quality imagery that can create a feature wall in your home. Wallpaper murals are a trendy option, known for their large-scale design and color scheme that blends with watercolor aesthetics for a visually vibrant design. They have the ability to create a focal point in a space that pulls people in.


  1. Flat Floral Designs

Floral Wallpaper is ideal for reflecting the renewal that spring brings. This type of wallpaper is timeless, embodies tradition and is elegant in design, but contemporary floral patterns create new, unique and creative looks. The flat floral designs present imagery that evokes nature, but in a flatter, “2D” visual, enhanced with vibrant colors that create visual contrast and artistic quality.


You can explore to your delight with this spring season wallpaper trends. If you’re looking for traditional meet contemporary, elegant, or wallpaper with an artistic flair, you can be sure that this spring season you’ll find it at American Wallpaper.

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3 Wallpaper Designs You Will See To Close Out 2018

With the 2018 year coming to its last quarter, its time to start switching out your summer clothes and belonings for your fall and winter items. A common trend amongst trendy households is to change up wallpaper or interior design with the seasons. With a new season approaching, we have laid out three wallpaper designs that have been popular so far this season that you should consider taking into the fall and winter!

Big Floral Patterns

What makes these types of wallpaper patterns timeless is how they create a special atmosphere in any room they are used. By using floral patterns you are opening the world to your interests while also giving personality and character to any living space using these types of designs. What makes floral patterns popular is their versatility. As you can have anything from large scale prints to vintage inspired botanicals and three-dimensional fabric. What also attracts homeowners and designers to floral patterns is the fact that they provide rich and bright colors to make rooms pop.

Symmetrical Shapes

Regardless of the season, or a home owner’s interior design taste, one wallpaper pattern that seems to always make its rounds in homes and offices is that of symmetrial shapes. This type of wallpaper pattern has clean lines and symetric shapes that will not only be bold enough to draw guest’s eyes but to also ease the mind with its rigidness. Symmetrical designs are also popular because the room they will be placed in will dictate the wallpaper. Symmetrical shape wallpaper can have neutral colors or bold hues depending on how the room is structured. The shapes you decide to go with on your wallpaper will add that extra flair you were looking to add to any room.


Looking to upgrade your dining room or foyer? Metallic wallpaper is the choice for you as these types of wallpaper offer sleek, elegant and stately aromas. What makes this type of wallpaper popular is the fact that you can apply the less is more mentality metallic wallpaper has a bold nature. Using a small amount of this wallpaper can make a small room feel bigger and more open. This type of wallpaper also lets you open your creativity to add in colors of your favorite jewelry to your living space.

For more information on the wallpaper we have in stock, contact us today!



6 Interior Design Hacks Experts Swear By

Within the interior design world, trends, styles, and additions change all the time. In order to keep up with the everchanging trends, there are some secrets interior design experts hold to themselves that touch on different aspects of design. We have asked our own interior designer about six different “hacks” that help make the inside of homes look beautiful regardless of trend changes.

Focus On A Focal Wall

When it comes to creating a space that ties itself together and looks beautiful, a good thing to do is to focus on one or two areas of your space. Within these spaces, you can show your personality and creativity. If you are into bright bold color, paint one wall that desired color to make the room pop. If you are more into texture, trying looking into different textured wallpapers to apply to the walls of your space.

Use New Coffee Table Accessories

When trying to show character in a room, or make some updates to your space you do not always have to think on a large scale. Making smaller changes, such as coffee table accessories, can make a big difference and offer a new tone to the room. Use items of different heights and textures to add layers to your space. Examples of accessories to apply are books, a tray to hold smaller items, and decorative pieces.

Slipcovers and Pillows

With trends changing all the time, it would be a real hassle taking out complete furniture sets and heavy couches just to keep up with the fads. A solution to this is to consider purchasing slipcovers that are in the color you are looking to go with your room. Add a bit more to the room and show your creativity by adding colorful and decorative pillows to apply to the furniture. Not only does it help blend the room together, it shows that your design is complex and incorporates different areas of interest.

Create a Professional-Looking Gallery Wall

One of the easiest and most common ways to add personality to a room is by incorporating family photos to your design. Hanging family photos, art pieces of your interest, and hanging plates of art are inexpensive ways to fill up a wall and make a room feel more like home.

Buy A New Rug

A common mistake most people come across is buying a rug for a room that is too small. This will make a room feel and look small and choppy. You should opt for a larger rug where the rug goes at least under the front edges of your room’s furniture.

Shop Your Home

Before you go out and spend your hard-earned money on new decorative pieces, rugs, or furniture for your interior design, look around at what you already have first. You may have forgotten about old belongings that are stored away or in a different room that can work with your next design project. Rearranging old pieces from one room to a new room will make the piece and room feel different and updated, while at the same time saving you money.

If you are interested in more interior design tips or would like to reach out about our interior design services near Providence, Rhode Island, Taunton, and Fall River, Massachusetts call today!



4 Summer Design Trends

With summer in full effect, trends ranging from fashion to interior design will be changing to cater to the warm weather and feelings that summer brings out. Positive and relaxing vibes do not only have to be at the beach or your favorite getaway as you can transform your home’s design to give off the same aura. Below are four popular summer trends that you will start to see as the summer rolls on.

Woven Hanging Chairs

Incorporating a hanging chair into your home is a great way to get the feeling of relaxing in a hammock without the need for trees to hold up the hammock. Placing this chair near a window is a great area to relax, read a book, enjoy the beauty of nature, or swing away while listening to soothing music. To complete the look of your hanging chair and relaxation area, add a macrame pillow to tie everything together.

Leafy Patterns

As mentioned in a few earlier blogs, adding plant life to your home is becoming a strong interior design trend in 2018. While it is great to add green to your home to switch things up, some people may be too busy to maintain the life of household plants. As an alternative, look for home decor that is of a leafy pattern. For example, you can add tropical or floral print wallpaper to your walls or palm-leaf pillows on your couch to give the illusion of relaxing on a tropical island.


For those of you that do not know, chintz is a decor print mainly featuring flowers and other patterns. It is an old-school pattern which you probably have seen at your grandparent’s house. While it may be an older design, it is coming back in a big way as the theme of nostalgia evolves more and more with each passing year. Adding a chintz-upholstered headboard or living room chair will add a good pop of color to any space you add it to!

Statement Rugs

Rugs are great foundations for any room in a home, apartment, or even a business conference room. While they serve as a foundation, they do not necessarily have to blend in with the rest of the room’s color and style. Just like with the bright and pop aura that summer brings, liven up your living area with a head-turning rug! These can add a splash of color and texture that will instantly brighten the mood of those living in the home and those that are visiting!

If you are looking for interior design, window treatments, or wallpaper ideas or help in the Taunton area of Massachusetts or in Rhode Island, contact American Wallpaper today!

5 Ways To Update Your Renting Space Without Losing Your Deposit

When it comes to renting apartments, it is always hard to start decorating and adding your own flavor without running the risk of losing your security deposit. Many renters can tell you how often a little addition to make their apartment pop has lost them their deposit due to damage to the apartment. Here are different ways you can spruce up your space while not losing out on your security deposit.

Removable Wallpaper

When you are renting apartments there is no escaping the inevitable; your walls will more likely than not be plain white. However, hiding the bland white walls can be as easy as ever with self-adhesive wallpaper. Instead of painting over your walls, which will lead to a talk with your landlord and losing your deposit add wallpaper to your walls that will make a statement. Picking out wallpaper with great designs and patterns are great alternatives to hanging artwork, that will leave hole marks, or painting over the stark white walls.

Switch Up The Light Fixtures

The one thing that tells visitors that you live in a rented apartment are the boring light fixtures that have seen an abundance of different renters. If your space has old light fixtures, don’t be afraid to switch them out for something more homey. Make sure to pick the location with the most impact when debating which lights to change out. No one will care about a new light fixture if they can’t see it. Hanging fixtures such as chandelier and chic pendants are great way to add character to your apartment without losing money in the end.

Add Draperies

Blinds are great and all but they just yell boring, plain and give the room a lack of serenity. Swap out the old white blinds with beautiful draperies,curtains, or window treatments that reflect your style. In addition, these curtains will elevate the look of your home to a more sophisticated and stylish look.

Add Rugs

When it comes to apartments, and experienced renters can tell you, you will find either old wall to wall carpets or damaged hardwood floors when you move into your apartment. To add character and just overall make the room nicer, add large area rugs to cover up the damaged sections. Textured or intricate area rugs can really tie the room together while giving it a homey feeling.

Colors & Layers

When it comes to apartment living, some renters may sacrifice their love of artwork and design because of fear of losing their deposit. Instead of making holes in your wall you can opt for wallpaper or you could layer art on a tv stand or fireplace if your place comes with one. What makes layering on consoles, tables or even the floors so great is that it not only protects the wall but it is totally the trend in style now! Adding colors is also a great way to accent your creativity and you can do this with decorative pillows and accent pieces.

Different Types of Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a magnificent interior design piece you can add to make any room pop. What is great about wallpaper is that there are tons of different styles, patterns and textures. Wallpaper is one of the most popular interior design tools to add character to any room in a home. Below are nine different types of wallpaper and the benefits they bring to your interior design plan.

  1. Lining Paper – Lining paper is more so used as preparation for the final wallpaper to be applied. They come in handy when covering minor imperfections on a surface before applying paint or desired wallpaper.
  2. Traditional Wallpaper – Whether it is single or double layered, traditional wallpaper is the most popular and widely used types of wallpaper in the market. Mostly used for bedrooms and dining rooms, this type of wallpaper is ecological as it lets walls breathe, affordable, accessible and can be found in most design stores.
  3. Vinyl Wallpaper – This type of wallpaper is popular among interior designers because of the many benefits that come with this wallpaper. The wallpaper comes with a backing layer, the actual paper or fiber and then a plastic upper coating. With these layers, vinyl wallpaper are washable, light-resistant, cheap and durable. This makes them the perfect choice for frequently used rooms such as kitchens, bathroom and dining rooms.
  4. Embossed Wallpaper – These types of wallpaper add texture and contrast to walls. The range of textures go from soft imprints to dramatic geometric shapes and patterns. In addition the wide range of textures and colors these types of wallpaper can have, they serve a functional purpose as well. Embossed wallpaper can hide wall defects such as scratches, cracks and rough patches. With these types of wallpaper however, if you decide to get rid of them it is easier to just paint over them as removing them could cause damage to your plaster.
  5. Liquid Wallpaper – This wall paper is great to use in rooms with uneven walls, defects or cracks as it is an ecological type of wallpaper. The wallpaper must be in liquid form to apply it using a special pallet which is why you can use it for uneven walls. This wallpaper is very adaptable.What makes this an exciting option is that after apply to a wall, you can draw patterns or images on the wall. If you ever want to remove this wallpaper, you just need to rinse off with water.
  6. Non-Woven Wallpaper – This type of wallpaper has been the latest trend in the interior design and wallpaper world as of recent. Made from different natural and synthetic fibers, they are easily washable and breathable. They are among the most user friendly wallpapers on the market as installation is easy and they are tear-resistant. With so many good qualities, expect to pay a good amount of money for non-woven wallpaper.
  7. Fiberglass Wallpaper – Fiberglass wallpaper are great functional wallpaper types because they are extremely strong and provide great reinforcement to walls and ceilings. These are also fire resistant and prevent flames from spreading which is perfect for fire safety in your home. In addition, fiberglass wallpaper is lightweight, strong and prevents mold.
  8. Bamboo Wallpaper – This type of wallpaper is a environmentally friendly home product that does not change color for a long period of time. These wallpapers are best used in living rooms as they cannot be cleaning easily so avoid kitchens or rooms where food may come into contact. This wallpaper is great for preventing moss and killing germs in the room because of its antiseptic characteristics.
  9. Textile Wallpaper – Out of all the types of wallpaper, textile wallpaper comes as an elite product. They are breathable, flame resistant, stain resistant, and provide amazing insulation. The only down side is that installation may be hard to do and they do not come cheap

If you have more questions on wallpaper, types we have in-stock and other interior design questions, contact us today!