9 Ways To Make Traditional Decor Feel Fresh

When it comes to interior design and deciding what styles and trends look good for your space, it is hard to pass on traditionalism. This style is timeless, sophisticated and perpetual that will make any home look extravagant. The only issue with this style is finding ways to make it feel fresh to new guests coming into your home. We have come up with nine ways to make the traditional interior design style feel fresh!

Contemporary Elements

Contemporary materials are a great way to make any styled room feel fresh and modern. This is especially so with traditional and neo-traditional decor. The transparent contemporary pieces, like a lucite coffee table, lightens up the dark woods and heavy fabrics brought on by traditional interior design.

Stick With Solid Colors

While patterns are great ways to spice up the flow of a room, when it comes to traditional silhouettes, it is best to go with solid colors. Patterns on furniture, like a Chesterfield sofa with floral designs, and other room pieces could make the room feel stuffy and give off an old-school vibe. Add a colorful velvet or soft leather piece to give a modernized and complimentary look to your decor. You can even go with a solid color wallpaper if you are against painting walls.

Switch Up The Hardware

A traditionally styled kitchen already is fresh and clean in it of itself, but if you are looking to make it pop, then you will need some modern elements added to the mix. Swap out old cabinet and drawer knobs for sleek handles, add a ceramic tile backsplash, and add some hardwood floors for a start. Then if you really feel adventurous you can make your way with new countertops and pendant lighting.

Use Worldly Items

Traditional style is all about showcasing pieces from different cultures, with common decor having elements of American, European and Chinese design. Go a step further to incorporate even more worldly items from other cultures across the globe. Frame photos from your travels, use a kilim instead of an Oriental rug and also maybe add a handcrafted table from South Africa into your design. Not only will these pieces be appreciated by guests, it will also showcase your character as well as your world travels.

Modern Lighting

If you are looking to shine a modern light into your traditional design that won’t be too overwhelming then look toward your light fixtures. Modern fixtures, such as a clean-lined floor lamp, are great ways to add a minimalist feel to a traditional theme that showcases maximalism.

Bright Colors

As mentioned before, solid colors are a great way to complement a traditional interior designed home. With these solid colors, be sure not to shy away from vibrant and bright colors to help bring freshness to your space. Just be sure to have a cohesive color palette and only accent the room with these colors, don’t overdo it.


While you could opt for a bright color palette, pulling a 180 and going with black and white colors are also a great way to accent your traditional decor. Simple black and white colors create a high contrast that brings a fresh feel to traditional patterns such as chinoiserie.

Contemporary Art

It is all about accenting your traditional themes and patterns not overtaking it. This is why we suggest adding pieces of modern and contemporary pieces and this includes artwork. Adding in contemporary art pieces and paintings will ensure the pop your traditional style has been asking for.

Loosen The Layout

Interior design is all about creativity and personal touches. If you encourage conversation, get your furniture away from the walls and window treatments and pull your pieces into the center of your space. You can also have different pieces float around the room to offer a fresh feel to a themed area you have come accustomed to.



Valentines Day Decor You Want To Keep

Valentines Day is a great holiday to show the people you love how much you appreciate them for being apart of your life. With this holiday, and like many others, you will be getting holiday-themed decor to brighten up your living or work space. Instead of wasting money on items you will throw away later, choose some decor that will be used at other points of the year. You may even find items that can boost the interior design of your space now. Below are a few items you should consider that will have staying power after the holidays.

Blush Place Settings

When we think of Valentines Day we think of red and pink on everything. To liven up your romantic dinner, think about grabbing blush place settings and glassware. By having a complete set of blush color place settings and tableware, you not only will be ready for this romantic holiday but also have table settings for the spring and other events that will call for this color.

Potted Plants

A bouquet of flowers is the staple of any successful Valentines Day gift. Whether you get a bouquet or a potted plant, your loved one will enjoy the gift, but these items can last past the holiday. Small plants such as succulents, tiny cacti or air plants are great table decor to bring fresh air to your space.

Honeycomb Balls

The great thing about honeycomb balls is their affordability and versatility in how you can use this decor. From hanging them from the ceiling or making a garland to act as a photo wall, the uses are endless. With their different sizes and colors, they can be used outside of holiday decor to bring character to your interior design and as well as great for parties. When you are done using them, you can fold them down for easy and unnoticeable storage.

Floor Pillows

One of the biggest fears when it comes to having a party or just living space, in general, is that not everyone who comes over will be comfortable. If all seats are taken and fold out chairs won’t make the cut, consider purchasing floor pillows. They will create a cozy and relaxed vibe to your area that can be used for holidays and other times of the year. When not in use, simply stack them away until further use. The different colors that you can get with floor pillows can help give your home a themed and organized feeling.


4 Ways To Design Your Room For A Better Night’s Sleep

A commonality between a lot of people is that they have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night. While there may be some suggestions as to why this may be with your habits, another factor that plays into this is the design of your bedroom. From the lighting to the mattress, you can make interior design changes to help improve your sleep. Here are five ways to design your room to improve your sleep throughout the night.

  • Quality Mattress – The most important piece of furniture in your bedroom is the bed itself. For a better night’s sleep, you will want to invest in a comfortable quality mattress. With mattress deliver companies now available on the web, it is easier than ever to find your dream mattress.
  • Splurge On Bedding – Just as important as your mattress is, your bedding is another factor that will help with sleep. Comfort is king, so be sure to choose cozy and breathable bedding. Cotton, linen, flannel, or wool are all great options for optimal comfort while you drift off into your dreams.
  • Design A Reading Nook – Before resting your eyes for the night, a great way to unwind is reading a good book. Set up a little space in your bedroom as your reading quarters to ease your mind for the rest of the night. Reading can help with your sleep as it helps with creating dreams as you sleep.
  • Dim The Lights – You are in brightly light rooms all day at work and any where you go after that, be sure to come home to a warm and cozy setting. Install warm light bulbs with no more than 15 watts. The soft, mellow lighting will easy your eyes and create a calming space that will aid you in your journey to dreamland.

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modern designed living room with plant wallpaper

Little Details & New Statement Interior Design Pieces to Start 2018 Off Right

2018 is finally here and with a new year we hear the adage of “New Year, New Me!” This mantra can be applied to interior design as well as with a new year you can add a fresh feel to your home’s design plan. The best way to give a breath of fresh air to your room is to start from scratch and work your way up. Below are little details and statement pieces you can add to your room to stand out and start the new year off in a great way!

Color – If you have a neutral colored wall and furniture to match it, we suggest adding some colorful pillow to add to your couch. Different colored pillows will add texture to your couch and really stand out to visitors to entice them to sit on your couch.

Plants – Plants are a great and quick way to breathe life into your space. If you opt for real plants then you will literally have fresh air being circulated in your room which will give off a great ambiance. If you decide to go with a faux plant then you can have the same aura lifting side affects real plants give without having to worry about watering the plants.

Accessories – When it comes to a living room it is always good to have a coffee table included. To add more character to your space, think about adding coffee table accessories that show off who you are. Maybe some trinkets that you like or place a couple of your favorite books on the table.

Wall Art – Now that you have improved your furniture it is time to work on your neutral wall. Hang artwork that makes a statement of your interests and who you are as a person. Mixing paintings and photographs help add texture to your wall and give off something for visitors to enjoy as they in your space.

Warm Your Home Up With These Fabrics

Winter is here and it is coming in strong with cold weather. Residing in New England, many can agree that our winters can get brutal and last for months. It is why we break out the layers and blankets to keep us warm. However, are we using the best fabrics to keep us warm throughout the winter solstice and are we implementing the proper use for optimal warmth? Below are four different interior design additions you can make to warm up your living space this winter.

Start With The Windows

Aside from the doors of your home, the windows are one of the leading sources of letting in cold air into your home. During the day you should keep your blinds and curtains open to allow the sunlight to warm your space. At night, be sure to close them tight to prevent any cold air leakage from getting into your room. During the winter time, you should invest in thermal-insulated curtains and drapes to help trap heat.

Find Warmth in Your Rug

Rugs are great pieces to add style and texture to a room, but most do not know that they also help retain heat. When you think of winter you think thick layers and heavy material and that is exactly what most rugs are made up. Wool is the warmest and most common material for rugs, it will bring a strong cozy warm feeling to your home.


Nothing is worse than getting disturbed from a wonderful dream by cold air in the middle of the night. Piling on blankets and making a cocoon is a choice to go by but you should consider your sheets for warmth and not covers. While cotton and silk sheets are great breathable fabrics, they are too light to be used for the winter and you should opt for heavier fabrics. Some sheet fabrics to consider for the winter include:

  • Linen – A medium weight sheet fabric that adjusts to your body temperature making it great for all seasons of the year!
  • Jersey – Soft and breathable, this fabric is great for transitional climates and gets more comfortable over time.
  • Flannel – Heaviest sheet fabric that is ideal for winter. Its texture traps in extra warmth keeping you cozy throughout the night.


Think about adding layers to your home the same way that you layer your clothes in colder weather. Adding warm fabrics not only creates a snug and cozy environment, but it can increase the luxe factor in your space. Layer sheepskin, or faux fur, hides on chairs to help absorb cold or place furry pillows on your sofa. Any of these combinations will keep you warm while showcasing your luxe style.


7 Statement Pieces That Are Worth The Investment

When it comes to making purchases, there are always items that are must-haves but tend to have us breaking the bank. It is hard to say no to these items because of the money, but if they are to be used and appreciated for years to come then spending the money may be worth it. Better than buying a new bag, a piece of furniture is something you’ll use daily and keep in your home a lot longer than a bag that will end up in your closet.  Below are 11 statement-making pieces that may be on the pricier side, but they’re worth the money in the long run, especially if it upgrades your interior design.

Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs are a staple to have to show elegance and chic to your home. Usually, people often spend upwards to $10k+ for these rugs, so if you find one for a few thousand or less then you found a steal. No matter what your taste in design is, a Turkish rug will grow with your home’s style and can be used for essentially any room in the house!

Velvet Sofa

Velvet has been a material of fashion and interior design for years to come and it won’t be leaving anytime soon. A velvet sofa, or anything velvet, heightens a room’s glam factor, is a great focal point, and will be in style for years to come making it a great piece to invest in.

Bold Lighting

Lighting is a key factor to showcase your interior design, to make your room pop. In order to show boldness, go with bold lighting fixtures. A modern pendant chandelier can make a dramatic difference in a space while even a simple table lamp can illuminate a room with style.


Dressers are great investment pieces because only do they provide clothing storage, but they are also a great standout piece for the bedroom. Perfect for displaying objects on top of them, a dresser with some flair will be appreciated for years to come.

Decorative Artwork

This seems like a given, but it is a piece that should be invested in. We can all agree that art is a great way to pull a room together, add some pop, and shows the homeowners personality. Art gains value over time so incorporating artwork into your home not only will add character but give your home some value.

Fashion-Forward BedFrame

Think of a bedroom with a mattress on the floor or on a single frame and picture a bedroom with a bed frame. Which bedroom will you remember and actually want to go in? A fashion-forward bedframe is a great way to add style and sophistication to your area. Not only does it have a visual effect, a bed frame can also aid you in getting a better night’s rest, what are you waiting for!

Miscellaneous Glimmers of Style

When it comes to adding style or character, not all additions have to be permanent. There are millions of different designs and patterns of wallpaper out there waiting for a home. Find one that best represents you, add it to your space, and watch your home come alive with character and style. You can even complement your wallpaper or just for your pleasure, a vintage bar cart. Your home will have a modern and chic look to it in addition to being party ready at any time!

Top Fall Decor Trends According To Pinterest

When it comes to coming up with unique and creative ideas, the ideal place to look is Pinterest. This is because they have seasonal and industry trends in just about any category, from cooking to furniture the list is endless. With fall in full spring, its time to showcase the top trends when it comes to decor for the fall time. Here are the top five trends from Pinterest for fall interior designing.

Holiday Inspiration

When it comes to decoration, everyone things of the holidays with all the different styles and trends. What is great about holiday inspiration is that you will have a fresh new design for each holiday that always keeps the room fresh. Themed wallpaper to seasonal accessories and holiday-themed colors, there are endless opportunities to add the holiday aroma to your area.

70’s Patterns & Textures

As of lately, interior design trends have been throwing it back to the 70s with colors, patterns, and textures from the decade. Fiery orange sofas and rust-colored decor paired with the occasional pop of plaid are ingredients for a 70’s feel. Funky embroidery is also big as you can make embroidered wall hangings and purchasing pillows etched with fun phrases and designs.

Mud Cloth

Mud cloth is a natural and eco-friendly fabric, that has been a popular trend in the Pinterest world year over year. For fall, mud cloth fabrics dyed in deeper pigments like red, brown, and black are great ways to get the brisk exterior fall aura right in your own home.

Hanging Decor

It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small home, hanging decor has been majorly popularity this fall, especially in terms of greenery. Not only do hanging plants elevate your botanical arrangements, but they’re a great way to bring nature into your home as the outdoor temperatures start to drop. In addition to plants, hanging chandeliers and paintings are great ways to use vertical space in your home.

Velvet Seating

When you think of Fall, pumpkin spiced foods and flavors come to mind. For designers, when they think of cold weather they think of velvet. Depending on the color of the velvet, this fabric can feel timeless or very modern and chic. People are especially smitten with jewel-toned or blush-colored sofas and chairs in curvy, contemporary shapes.


4 New Neutral Colors

When it comes to room color, neutral colors are a necessary part of any home’s color palette. Not only do they keep our spaces feeling grounded and cozy, but they add a level of elegance that bright, colors do not. The only downside is that current neutral colors, such as beige and grey, can feel a bit stuffy. Below are four colors being considered the new neutrals, from heated rust to earthy olive tones, these tones have the capacity to color your space with a fresh new style.


The key to making this subdued shade of green work as a neutral is keeping it muted. Darker tones of olive with hints of grey work great for wall colors, while natural base olive tones are ideal for furniture pieces. This deep hue can give your room a  luxe feel when paired with gold accents or get a rustic vibe by pairing it with wood textures and shades of ivory. Olive green can provide a solid base for bolder accents like aqua, salmon, and honeysuckle to help make your room pop. This color is primarily used in small spaces like bathroom and kitchens for is depth-enhancing abilities.


Blush is one of the most popular searched terms for interior designers as well as on Pinterest and is the color of the year in 2016 makes it a hot ticket color. With its award popularity, it has been used more and more in the interior design world. Using blush as a neutral color is great as the light and delicate tones are great when used well with other colors. If blush colored walls or cabinets are too much of a commitment for you, incorporate the mega-popular shade through smaller pieces like pillows, planters, velvet chairs and soft, linen bedding.


No, not the breakfast option, we are referring to this new neutral color great for simplicity. Otmeal might look like another beige to an untrained eye, but the newer blend versions of oatmeal will appear sandier. Like grey, oatmeal is a great option for a minimalistic space. The difference between the two is that grey brings a cool tone to the room while oatmeal adds more warmth.


Rust is a great color as it makes it way into spaces through red, brick tones that have a slight brown tone to them, giving the color a unique feel to it. This neutral is ideal for those that want to add some warm vibrant tones to their homes. Depending on how you use the color, it can act as both a neutral and a statement color.

6 Design Hacks To Improve Your Morning Routine

To those that call them selves morning people, congratulations as the 6 AM struggle of getting up in the morning is nothing to joke about. Mornings should be a great start to your day and not something that needs to be painful everyday. One thing that many people tend to look over when improving their morning habits is how their room is set up. Yes, interior design does play a role with your morning routine from hanging the right shades, to creating a functional closet. Here are some design tips to help elevate your morning routine.

Brighten Up The Room

When you hear “brighten up” you may automatically think lights, but we are referring to a different kind of bright. As interior designers, we are referring to bright colors to add to your room. Whether you paint your walls a sunny shade, add colorful wallpaper or add bold accents, the bright color will affect your mental and physical behavior in a positive way.

Prep Your Essentials

Having sleeping aides such as a glass of water, ear plugs, or a sleeping mask are all great things to have at your bedside. How about morning essentials? Eliminate the stress of ripping your room apart while trying to find your keys and wallet. Have everything by your bedside in a tray to eliminate morning stress. You may also want to add a plant or some flowers to help stimulate your senses in the morning or use an eye mask to help activate your eyes in he morning.

Rethink Your Wardrobe

For most people, the flow of the morning gets disrupted when clothing dilemmas come into play and cause a daily disruption. To fix this, consider doing some major remodeling of your closet to help your mornings flow more easily. Start by eliminating clutter then organize all the elements of your wardrobe. Try arranging clothing by color, season, or type of item. Once you do that, start picking out your outfit the night before and laying it out so you are all set in the morning.

Let The Light In

When it comes to wake up cues, there is no stronger wake up call than that of natural light. If you have shades covering the sun in the morning then you may have a hard time getting up in the morning. If you enjoy shades but still want to have productive mornings, try investing in motorized shades. Having this accessory is great as it can be controlled remotely and even be set on a timer to open and close at optimal times for you.

Set Up A Beverage & Breakfast Bar

Nothing is better than waking up to the great smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. The truth, is not many of us get to experience this luxury because of bad routines. Beat the lines and make your coffee or tea at home instead and while waiting for it to brew, make some breakfast. Set up an area where all your morning nutrients can live and is of easy access to you in the morning. Then the night before, set everything up for the next morning so getting everything ready is as easy as a push of a button.

Create a Cozy Nook or Meditation Zone

Sleeping in is wonderful but waking up at the last possible minute will set yourself up for a frantic and stressful day as you scurry to get ready. Instead of dealing with that, plan out ahead for a couple of personal moments. Getting up soon after your alarm goes off is important so set up a place in your home to relax before getting ready. Set up a beanbag or couch to enjoy your morning brew and reflect on the day before it starts.

All of these ideas are great ways to change your perspective on waking up in the morning so you can enjoy this time of the day. Call us for more information no interior design ideas and tips!

8 Color Combos That Work Well Together

When it comes to interior design, one of the most important factors to transform your room into a masterpiece is color. Whether the color is vibrant, neutral, stormy, or muted, color has the power to completely transform a room. Adding color can turn a bland apartment living room into a luxurious living room for guests to lounge in. Including a vibrant colored piece of furniture can accent your own style and make your room pop.

The thing is, in order to get these amazing effects from new colors is to know what colors are best to work with. Not only that, but what colors work together that will make your room flow from one end to the other. Here are eight color combinations that are a sure fire way to add chicness to your home.

  1. Creme & Gray Blue – When it comes to mixing colors, a mix that comes off attractive is when you mix two soft shades together. Combining creme and a trendy gray-blue will give dining areas an upgraded level of elegance and composure.
  2. Pale Lavender & Charcoal – When it comes to these colors, they work well as their contrasts complement each other. Charcoal comes off sharp while pale lavender reminds us of plump and soft lilies making. Thus making this combination a great color combo to have for a nice even balance.
  3. Black & White – When it comes to combining colors, the oldest trick in the book is white and black. This comes to no surprise as this staple combination is the quintessence of chic design that has lasted for decades. Make sure that this combination is used with purpose, minimal accents and dim lighting for an optimal chic display.
  4. Blush & Beige – What makes this a great combination is the complement these two colors give off to each other. In addition, these colors give off a warm and welcoming feel. The blush color rose to fame in the interior design world last year, the complement of adding beige makes this a combination that will last.
  5. Salmon Pink & Forest Green – If you are a bold person and like to show off your rich character then adding this combination is for you. While these colors are on the opposite ends of the color spectrum, they serve up a rich bold statement.
  6. Brown + Sand – When it comes to interior design, less is more is usually the rule of thumb. If you are not into big bold colors then go with natural tones that fit well together. This is true for sand and brown as they blend seamlessly together. These colors are also great as they can be used for Fall themed window treatments as well.
  7. Yellow & Teal – When it comes to adding a “pop” accent to your room, look towards yellow and teal for colors. Both colors will stand out from the rest of your room separately, but together they will balance perfectly. Making your room standout but not take away from the overall design.
  8. Orange & Blue – What makes color combinations great is that you can have contrasting colors come together to make a room look amazing. Orange and blue are contrasting shades but when used together offer both a warm and cool vibe.

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