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5 Spring Interior Design Ideas

It’s that time of year again when flowers bloom, spring cleaning happens, and some folks can’t resist doing some redecorating. With a change in the weather, it’s only appropriate to change the scenery to go with the spring season. There are plenty of spring decorating ideas around that can freshen up the appearance of a space. Here are five spring interior design ideas that can add vibrancy and beauty to your home.


  1. Bring a Touch of Nature In

Interior design isn’t complete with nature-inspired elements from prints to live plants. Much beauty is found in the natural world, and a touch of nature into your home design can create a natural, calm and relaxing atmosphere. Add leafy green houseplants that are easy to maintain to your space. Use bold, green leaf-patterned wallpaper to design an accent wall or introduce an indoor fountain made out of natural materials that can engage the senses and add a touch of peace and tranquility to your space.


  1. Fabulous Florals

It doesn’t quite feel like spring without the sights of flowers. Florally patterned accessories can jazz up a neutral room and give a space a fresh feel. Create the feel of spring with garden rugs that feature a garden trellis design, use hanging planters, geometric shape wall baskets to add a clever element to your spring home design and make flowers the main attraction in a space. Floral accessories can be eclectic, funky or elegant in design or arrangement.


  1. Pastel Lavender

If you want home interior design that can make a statement and create excitement and energy this spring, go for pastel lavender. While too much lavender can be loud and overpowering, this sophisticated neutral that can be exquisitely paired with other pastels and bright accent colors, like gold.


  1. White on White Pairing

To express the brightness and freshness of spring, using white, a versatile neutral as a decor element is a great option. An interior designer would tell you that white on white is a simple way of maximizing the natural light in a space. Reflecting light, white give a room a brighter, lighter and airy feel. Think of playing with patterns when doing white on white, and how best to use rustic white, chippy white and vintage white.


  1. Try Mint Green

Spring mint has made a comeback and is still the “it” color. Adding mint green in unexpected spaces like bathroom sinks and cabinets is a great way to transition from the cold season to one of growth and renewal. Mint green is crisp and soothing and is great for modern designs when used with decorative accessories, and when paired with marble accents and white.


These amazing springtime ideas can have your home looking like paradise. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your design choices and try new ideas. Contact American Wallpaper for more information on spring home design!

Top Wallpaper Trends for Spring 2019

There is the perfect wallpaper for every season. It’s time to add some life to your wall and what better time to do so than the springtime. There is no shortage of wallpaper designs on the market, but now that spring is here, you want something that is fresh and complements the season your in. Trends come and go, and 2019 has some new spring wallpaper trends that you may want to have for your home. Here are some of the top 2019 spring wallpaper trends.


  1. Softer Pantone Purples

Deep purple can make a bold statement when it comes to interior design that has a dramatic flare. The spring season, however, demand softer purple options, like pastel purples and lilacs more ideal for the season. You don’t have to do away with deep purples altogether for spring but could tone them down by blending with softer, lighter purple shades. Lilac Damask and Lilac Vintage Blossoms are two light purple wallpapers that don’t overwhelm the senses or is overly dramatic. Instead, their tones help to create a space that is inviting and engaging.


  1. Nontraditional Geometric Patterns

Wallpaper designers are putting a new spin on geometric patterns while maintaining their contemporary appeal. Unconventional wallpaper patterns often feature a mix of different wallpaper styles, like mixing traditional geometric pattern with abstract aesthetics. Geometric patterns that create optical illusions or designs that use 3D effect can add depth to a wall, as well as creative and artistic flair.


  1. Bohemian Wallpaper Designs

The Bohemian wallpaper style category is not only stylish but appears to be gaining more popularity since trending hot in 2017. This wallpaper is an interior designer’s dream because of the complex nature of the designs and the intricate details that are visually appealing. Bohemian wallpapers can create a one of a kind look with uncommon colors with their own purpose. Common features can include geometric-like effect, straight border, minimalist color scheme and sometimes a touch of white for a balanced visual appeal.


  1. Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper Murals

It’s hard to look away from designs that feature crisp, clear, high-quality imagery that can create a feature wall in your home. Wallpaper murals are a trendy option, known for their large-scale design and color scheme that blends with watercolor aesthetics for a visually vibrant design. They have the ability to create a focal point in a space that pulls people in.


  1. Flat Floral Designs

Floral Wallpaper is ideal for reflecting the renewal that spring brings. This type of wallpaper is timeless, embodies tradition and is elegant in design, but contemporary floral patterns create new, unique and creative looks. The flat floral designs present imagery that evokes nature, but in a flatter, “2D” visual, enhanced with vibrant colors that create visual contrast and artistic quality.


You can explore to your delight with this spring season wallpaper trends. If you’re looking for traditional meet contemporary, elegant, or wallpaper with an artistic flair, you can be sure that this spring season you’ll find it at American Wallpaper.


How Window Treatments Can Brighten Up Your Home

With winter coming to a close and spring just around the corner should you consider changing your window treatment? With window design, many homeowners have seasonal soft widow treatment changes to brighten up their homes. Changing from darker heavy curtains to lighter and thinner material can make a huge difference in how your home feels this spring. Here a few ways you can design your window treatment for year-round success.


Transitioning to Treatmentless Windows

For many homeowners, removing all the curtains is the easiest way to change window treatment for the spring and summer and let the sunlight in. Removing your entire window treatment has some disadvantages though. Although it is relatively simple to just remove your heavy curtains and have open windows, there is a loss of privacy if there is no hard window treatment left. Also having no treatment can cause sun glare and sunlight damage to your furniture.


The Layered Hybrid Method

Owning soft window treatments layered with hard window treatments allows for seasonal versatility in window design. Hard window treatments refer to blinds and shutters whereas soft window treatments refer to stylistic curtains and accents you can hang over your hard window designs. Having a layered window treatment with a mix of shutters or blinds and curtains means that between seasons you can remove the curtains to drastically change how light enters your home season to season. The benefit of this style is that you own one window treatment year-round that can transform to let more light in, but you never sacrifice privacy or risk damaging your furniture with sun-damage.


Multiple Treatments

Though many homeowners prefer the hybrid method, some homeowners choose to own multiple treatments for seasonal changes. A benefit of this decision is that your home can look drastically different season to season. In the hybrid method, most homeowners own simplistic hard window treatments because they have to exist year-round. Simplistic white blinds can be a bit boring but are necessary if you are going to keep them up year round. Choosing to own multiple treatments allows owners to have really stylistic and colorful hard window treatments during the winter because they are changed out in the spring. This option is best for people who like the style of their home to fluctuate during the year.


Whether you want to own multiple window treatments or like a simple layout look, it is always smart to talk to interior design specialists to get the best ideas, home design trends, and proper installations for your home. At American Wallpaper we have a large collection of options that will work for any home in any season.

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5 Window Treatments For Spring

Spring season calls for some redecoration. With the days getting longer and warmer it is the best time to get a new look for your home. A really easy way you can have a big impact on your interior design is with window treatments. Window design can completely change how light enters a room. From changing and updating your curtains to adding new paint, gloss, or latches there are many different window treatment styles. Here are a few window designs we are looking at this spring.


Stencil Plain Shears

Do you have boring plain curtains? A great way to add style is with stencils. Find a simplistic stencil pattern you love and paint the stencil on to your plain curtains. Make sure to lay out your curtains flat, measure the curtains so that the designs are symmetrical, and give them plenty of time to dry. Also, make sure you are set on the design that you choose because once you have painted on to the curtain it cannot be undone.


Grommet-Top Curtains

Another treatment that adds flair to your curtains is adding grommets. Adding grommets is a fairly simple DIY project and can even be done to your original curtains. Make sure to evenly measure across the top of your curtain where the grommet holes should be and don’t forget to iron out wrinkles before inserting the grommets.


DIY Painted Chevron Curtains

Need to block sunlight? The chevron curtain design is trendy and chic as well as easy to make. Start with by washing and ironing out plain canvas drop cloths. Create a template by cutting a square poster board diagonally and then creating a rhombus from the two halves. Use this template and painters tape to draw the zigzag pattern across the drop cloth and repeat this pattern from top to bottom. Paint and dry, and you have homemade chevron curtains.


Ombre Style Drapes

A simple and stylish DIY window treatment is ombre style drapes. Fill two buckets with water and dye and dip the ends of your curtain in the cool water followed by the dye for a few minutes, let the curtains dry outside in the sun and enjoy your newly designed ombre curtains.


Window Frame Changes

Aside from changing curtains and drapes another way to improve your windows this spring is by changing the windows themselves. A new paint job, gloss, or adding new latches or locks can be a great way to improve your windows. Hardware like latches and locks come in a variety of styles and are simple to change out.


If you are looking to change your window design this year why not consult window professionals for tips, ideas, and help with the work? At American Wallpaper Co. we can help you with your hard and soft window treatments this spring.

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5 Interior Design Trends For 2019

Each new year brings changes in many ways. From new diet trends to bold fashion choices, a new year is a fresh start for old trends to be forgotten and new trends to be adapted. Interior design is a world that has changed drastically over the years, and 2019 will be no exception. Check out these 5 interior design trends you should try out this year!
1. Bringing Life into the Home, Literally!

2019 will be the year of incorporating plants into your home. More specifically, large plants that make a statement when you enter a room. From palm trees to large dragon trees, greenery is an important aspect of interior design this year. Your room décor should aim to liven and brighten the space with the natural beauty of the plants. Be sure to keep in mind the lighting and watering needs of the plant before choosing a location for it in your home.
2. Utilizing the Fifth Wall

Ceilings are traditionally white or eggshell in color, but this interior design trend wants to help change that. If you want to add dimension and interesting visual appeal into your space, don’t forget to utilize the fifth wall up above! Rather you choose to use a bold statement color, wallpaper or continue the color that covers your walls, it’s time to say goodbye to boring ceilings.

3. Improving Functionality

Interior design is obviously focused on the visual aspects of a room, but that doesn’t mean functionality can’t play a part in your design choices. 2019 is the year that people are going to return to the old habits of making the most out of their space, rather they’re large or small. Choose your room décor pieces around their functionality, as well as their visual appeal. Find extra storage and useable space wherever you can!
4. Making Bold Choices

Don’t be afraid to incorporate bold color choices into your interior design plans this year. Statement colors such as red, navy, orange, and so many more are making a sudden comeback. The key is to use the colors sparingly in your paint and room décor pieces. They should accent the room, not overwhelm it.
5. Bringing Character Into Space

Small, mission-style details are beginning to find their ways into the otherwise cold and impersonal spaces that many homes have. Warmth, texture, and inviting color schemes should be incorporated in the smaller details of your room décor to bring a unique character into space. Think kitchen backsplash, textured walls, and other mission-style details.

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5 Interior Design Decor Pieces To Have In Your Home For The Holidays

Interior design plays such a large role in the overall beauty and aesthetics of a home.  This fact is compounded even more over the holidays, a time of year when your family will be visiting and your house will be full.  Don’t let your interior decorating skills ruin the festive celebrations.

Here are 5 interior design pieces to have in your home for the holidays:

  1. Fresh Greenery and Flowers

Greenery and flowers are a must have for the holiday season.  Fill your home with garland, branches, and of course mistletoe to add some greenery to space.  Add in some seasonal flowers such as poinsettias, white amaryllis, and white and red roses to give your home a holiday feel.

  1. Holiday Scents

You can use candles with your favorite holiday scents, or try making your own holiday recipe and simmering it on the stove to fill the air with the fragrant aromas of the season.  Try adding cranberries, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, pine sprigs, and nutmeg all together on your stovetop and let simmer.  Or, no one can resist the scent of grandma’s cookies baking in the oven!

  1. A Well-Adorned Mantel

What better way to get in the holiday spirit than to make sure your mantel is decked out.  Simple and elegant wins here, and be sure that your mantle décor flows with the rest of your room, yes even the wallpaper!

  1. A Natural Christmas Tree

If you celebrate Christmas, a natural Christmas tree does wonders to fill your room with the beautiful pine scent and the lights, garland, and tinsel can all add a new layer of sparkle to any home.  Make sure to place in front of the window and leave those window treatments open so that passers-by can enjoy the perfectly decorated tree as well!

  1. A Little Bit of Sparkle

Sparkle, shimmer, and shine are just a few ways to catch people’s eyes and finish off your holiday design.  The lights, the candles, and the festive décor should create a feeling of warmth and love inside your home that will put your family and friends into the holiday spirit!

What are you waiting for?  Use these interior design tips for the holidays or contact us and get yourself into the holiday spirit today.  Don’t forget to put on some Christmas music while you’re decorating and enjoy!

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5 Tips To Show Your A Thanksgiving Host Expert

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, as shocking as that is, which means you will be surrounded by family around a dining table feasting on delicious food. One of the best parts of the holiday season is that you get to decorate your home to the theme of each holiday. With Thanksgiving, you will be using ideas from your fall decor while also incorporating new ideas just for that special holiday. Below are five different interior design tips to you show your hosting skills for Thanksgiving.

Mix & Match

Thanksgiving is a great holiday to show off the expensive china you show case year round. Dine your feast on delicate and beautiful china and dinnerware but have everyone feel relaxed and comfortable in casual attire. Having fancy china doesn’t have to call for uncomfortable suits and ties or other formal attire. With this, you will have a multi-layered Thanksgiving feast that not only will look and taste amazing but have everyone happy and comfortable.

Add Layers of Height

Nothing is more annoying and uninviting than table decor that will prevent conversation, especially for a Thanksgiving dinner as everyone there is usually there to chat and catch up. To help with this, add layers of height using different table decor, flowers, or even cutting or burning candles in half.

White Lines Are Always A Must

When it comes to fine dining, family dinners, or any time you see fancy dining areas there is usually one thing that comes to mind. That is the fresh white linen table clothes that lay gently across the table. White linens are always a must as they bring a sense of elegance and class to a dining setting. White linens also go great with fine china and crystal and a festive table centerpiece.

All About The Scents

Thanksgiving is all about the different smells that fill the dining room. From the turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing, the amounts of smells that will enter the airwaves are endless. To show that you take hosting seriously, have your guest enter your home to an aroma of fall festive smells. Once great idea is to have a bowl full of clove pierced oranges on the table to get the good Thanksgiving vibes started!

Top It Off With A Pinecone

A reoccurring theme with fall decor is practice incorporating the mother nature into the mix. When it comes to the holiday season, pinecones are seen everywhere. The great thing is that they don’t have to be kept outside, you can use them as accent notes to tie a room together. For Thanksgiving, you can have pine cones scattered across the table for the overall theme of the Thanksgiving dinner or you can top off each guest’s place setting with a pine cone.

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5 Elegant Dining Room Window Treatments

Until you start decorating your first home, you may not realize just how important window treatments actually are. Not only do they provide you and your family with privacy, but they can completely transform the look of a space. For many people, the dining room is the hardest room to choose window treatments for. In some cases, this is because this area is the most formal and nothing seems quite right. In other situations, it’s because the room gets a lot of heavy use and the window treatments need to be both elegant and durable.

No matter why you’re struggling with dining room window design in your home, you are in the right place for some help. As you continue reading, you will learn about the five elegant dining room window treatment options, all of which could work for the upcoming holiday season when your dining room will probably see a lot of traffic! These include hard window treatments and soft window treatments, so no matter what your needs are, you will find ideas here.

  1. Draperies – Traditional draperies are the most commonly used dining room window treatment.  Depending on the length and fabric used to create curtains, they can be ultra-formal or extremely casual, making them ideal for all interior design styles. Draperies can be used alone or layered with other fabrics or blinds, affording you a multitude of ways to express yourself.
  2. Roman shades – Roman shades blur the line between soft window treatments and hard window treatments, making them a great choice for people who want structure without too many sharp angles. These shades can be custom made using just about any fabric. Homeowners who have formal dining spaces tend to gravitate toward raw silk and damask, while those who reside in more casual homes often select linen or cotton styles.
  3. Woven wood shades – Woven wood shades are a non-traditional window treatment option that can work well in nearly any style of home. Even if you’ve never considered these shades before, you might be surprised by how perfectly they fit into your dining room. These are typically made of natural reeds in browns or beiges. This means they blend in well with neutral decor and balance brighter-hued rooms.
  4. Shutters – Homeowners who choose shutters for their dining rooms are usually looking to add value to their houses. Like crown molding and other similar architectural features, shutters are a great way to increase the value of a home. Furthermore, shutters have a classic appearance that will never go out of style. Some historic homeowners even choose to source plantation shutters from the eras in which their homes were built!
  5. A layered look – If you are looking to add texture to your dining room, layering various window treatments is a great way to do so. If you are struggling to figure out what exactly you should layer to get your desired aesthetic, don’t hesitate to seek aid from an interior designer. You are really only limited by your imagination; multiple types of drapes can be layered with each other, Roman shades can be layered underneath of drapes, shutters can be placed over woven wood shades or any other combination that works in your room!

Hopefully, these ideas have given you the inspiration you need to finish your dining room window treatments before the holiday season officially arrives. Your friends and family members are sure to be impressed with whatever you decide to do! Contact American Wallpaper & Design for more information!

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4 Stylish & Creative Halloween Decor Trends

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays to decorate for! There are all sorts of spooky (and not-so-spooky) ideas to turn your home into a black and orange wonderland, at least for the month of October. Every year, brands come-up with new and exciting decor items to take your Halloween interior design to the next level. This guide details some of 2018’s creative Halloween trends.

  1. Pumpkins – Although pumpkins are a tried and true autumn staple, today’s design aficionados are making their pumpkins truly unique. Spray painting orange pumpkins to match your interior design scheme is a major trend this year. Whether you love neutrals or rainbow hues, matching your pumpkins to your overall decorating style is a fun twist on classic fall decor. Gold painted pumpkins are another fun option. These add the perfect amount of glam to Halloween vignettes throughout your home.
  2. Faux greenery –  Greenery isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think, “Halloween,” but it can actually be the ideal accent to a spooky tablescape. Weaving dark green ivy across your table can have a creepy look, especially if you add spider plants or even a Venus flytrap as a centerpiece. The best part is that you can leave faux greenery out all the way through the holiday season, making things less stressful for you.
  3. Goth accents – Don’t be scared to go to the dark side this Halloween! Gothic accent pieces were made for this time of year and you can’t go wrong with a few of them placed strategically around your house. One great option is to buy stick-on wallpaper with a Gothic pattern; this can be taken down after the Halloween holiday, but will totally change the look of a space during October. Inexpensive plastic skulls painted with black matte paint are another great way to add Gothic appeal this season.
  4. Synthetic spider webs – Decorating with real spider webs is obviously out of the question, but synthetic styles are a great addition to your Halloween decor. There are all sorts of fun things that can be inspired with webs, including attaching them to your window treatments or hanging them from ceiling fans. You can even buy some fake spiders to up the scare factor!

Hopefully, these ideas have gotten your creative juices flowing and you are well on your way to creating a spookily decorated home that will be the talk of the town! Contact us today for some guidance to make your spooky vision a reality!

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10 Popular Interior Design Trends For Fall 2018

The fall season is right around the corner and with season changes, comes the changes of design trends in the interior design and wallpaper world. We have touched upon three wallpaper designs to try for the fall, and compiled a list of ten design trends for interior design in the fall.

Oversized Florals

As mentioned in our last blog, florals are a great way to show your personality and create a bold accent to your living space. Floral designs offer a variety of not only color but textures as well. While the designs are two dimensional, they give a bold three dimensional feel maing guests feel like they are intertwined with the different parts of he floral patterns.

Modern Neutrals

If you tend to the “less is more” mentality and lifestyle, then using neutrals is the path you will definitely want to take. Adding neutrals to your space is a great way to great a beutiful yet simple look. By applying neutral colors to the walls and flooring of your room, you can implement more eye catching and complementary pieces of furntiure. One style of furniture that goes great with neutral colors is natural-looking, or wood, furniture. By adding these two mixes of neutral accents, along with maybe a neutral black textured rug, you can complete a calming feel to your space.


While gold may be considered a spring or summer color due to its brightness, it can be a great complementary color for autum. The subtle tones of burgundy alligned with gold can make up for a timeless color combination that truly represents the aromas of the fall season.

Jew Black

Welcome the wonderland that winter brings with snow with jet black accessories in your interior design. While winter’s snow offers a light beautiful elegance to the season, use jet black accents to give contrast to your interior design.


Autumn offers rusty tones with the types of colors associated with the season. To add to these rustic tones, add dusty and old fashioned shades of pinks in combination with the staple colors of fall. These pink accents will provide warmth and color to your home during this soothing season.

Tactile Kitchens

In recent years kitchens have evolved from just being a place where food is made with no design aspect to them. Now, kitchens are considered as a room that you should add your interior design flair to. When thinking of your kitchen, its best to mix up different colors and textures as it goes great with the purpose of the kitchen. You are always mixing different ingredients to make a meal, now its time to mix different design techniques to have your kitchen be just as delicious as the meals you will making. One example is by adding a sleek quartz work surface with an integrated solid wood cutting board while having a marble backsplash. Not only will it the different styles mix well with each other but will tell a story of your kitchen personality.

Bright Shapes

Another trend that has been huge in 2018, and also mentioned in the last blog, is the use of bright and bold shapes. No matter if they are in the form of stripes, geometrical, spots, or blocks, you will instantly add a pop factor to your room by working with different types of shapes in your space. Shapes not only create a new texture to the room they are incorporated in but also provide an eye catching aspect for your guests, so make sure you are highlighting something you want people to see!


The past two years have all been about nostalgia, from social media posts to product relaunches, the theme of nostalgia and remembering the “good old days” has been a popular theme. Why not try this theme out with your interior design ideas? If you have a favorite decade in mind, do some research and see if you an fit different elements into your space. These elements will give a great blast from the past feeling whenever someone steps in the room of questioning.


When it comes to fall and winter colors, the only shade of blue that comes to mind is navy. Navy full embodies the winter months as it gentle to the eye but provides a moody tone. Using this color in a room will allow you to look for accessories to complement the color. Which is perfect as you get ready for the holiday season.


The big trend in home design is having different textures in a room rather than just a simple color change or accent change. Implementing pieces such as tufted rugs, decorative quilts and rattan lampshades are great ways to add something special and something that feels great into a room. These pieces are going to help get you and your house guests through the rough winter months, by not only providing warmth but something that is comfortable.