6 Interior Design Hacks Experts Swear By

Within the interior design world, trends, styles, and additions change all the time. In order to keep up with the everchanging trends, there are some secrets interior design experts hold to themselves that touch on different aspects of design. We have asked our own interior designer about six different “hacks” that help make the inside of homes look beautiful regardless of trend changes.

Focus On A Focal Wall

When it comes to creating a space that ties itself together and looks beautiful, a good thing to do is to focus on one or two areas of your space. Within these spaces, you can show your personality and creativity. If you are into bright bold color, paint one wall that desired color to make the room pop. If you are more into texture, trying looking into different textured wallpapers to apply to the walls of your space.

Use New Coffee Table Accessories

When trying to show character in a room, or make some updates to your space you do not always have to think on a large scale. Making smaller changes, such as coffee table accessories, can make a big difference and offer a new tone to the room. Use items of different heights and textures to add layers to your space. Examples of accessories to apply are books, a tray to hold smaller items, and decorative pieces.

Slipcovers and Pillows

With trends changing all the time, it would be a real hassle taking out complete furniture sets and heavy couches just to keep up with the fads. A solution to this is to consider purchasing slipcovers that are in the color you are looking to go with your room. Add a bit more to the room and show your creativity by adding colorful and decorative pillows to apply to the furniture. Not only does it help blend the room together, it shows that your design is complex and incorporates different areas of interest.

Create a Professional-Looking Gallery Wall

One of the easiest and most common ways to add personality to a room is by incorporating family photos to your design. Hanging family photos, art pieces of your interest, and hanging plates of art are inexpensive ways to fill up a wall and make a room feel more like home.

Buy A New Rug

A common mistake most people come across is buying a rug for a room that is too small. This will make a room feel and look small and choppy. You should opt for a larger rug where the rug goes at least under the front edges of your room’s furniture.

Shop Your Home

Before you go out and spend your hard-earned money on new decorative pieces, rugs, or furniture for your interior design, look around at what you already have first. You may have forgotten about old belongings that are stored away or in a different room that can work with your next design project. Rearranging old pieces from one room to a new room will make the piece and room feel different and updated, while at the same time saving you money.

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4 Areas To Add Fringe In Your Home This Summer

Fringe, a fashion trend that is mostly associated with music festival crowds, has been making head waves in 2018. Since it appeared on fashion runways in Paris and New York in the fall of 2018, this style has been on the rise in the home decor industry. If you are not a fashionista or totally in love with 70’s design trends to know much about fringe, there are plenty of ways to incorporate fringe into your home. From unique lamp decor ideas to adding fringe to your living room pillow design, the possibilities are endless. Here are four areas of your home or where you can start to add fringe.

In Your Bedroom

While the summer days are bright and warm from the sunlight, the nights can get pretty cool and chilly as the sun sets. Adding a fringe decorative blanket is a great way to incorporate fringe into your bedroom. Not only is this a piece to go with the popular fringe trend, it can also go with the trend of using neutral colors in your design. It is a lightweight blanket that can give you an extra layer at night without being too overbearing and it will look beautiful all season long.

In Your Dining Room

Dining rooms are great for hosting dinners and family gatherings during the holidays or special events. However, they aren’t usually updated and forgotten about until they need to be used. Change things up and use the dining room as a perfect place to add fringe. One suggestion is to update the chandelier hanging over the table to a fringe chandelier. Fringe chandeliers are great as they create chic statements without dominating the dining room space so he focus can be on the overall room rather than that one piece.

In Your Living Room

According to a study done by Pinterest, searches for fringe pillows and other fringe styled living room decor has increased by 336% in 2018 alone! If you are interested in diving into this trend, think about adding texture to our sofa with a variety of fringe pillows. To add more personality to your space, add textured pillows with bright colors to brighten the mood of the living room.

In Your Backyard

While it is hard to imagine adding this type of decor to your home’s exterior, it is time to think outside of the box. Make your outdoor furniture setting appear elegant by adding a fringe umbrella. The vintage-looking umbrella is not only functional but also adds beauty to your backyard, especially if you have it placed near a pool!

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4 Summer Design Trends

With summer in full effect, trends ranging from fashion to interior design will be changing to cater to the warm weather and feelings that summer brings out. Positive and relaxing vibes do not only have to be at the beach or your favorite getaway as you can transform your home’s design to give off the same aura. Below are four popular summer trends that you will start to see as the summer rolls on.

Woven Hanging Chairs

Incorporating a hanging chair into your home is a great way to get the feeling of relaxing in a hammock without the need for trees to hold up the hammock. Placing this chair near a window is a great area to relax, read a book, enjoy the beauty of nature, or swing away while listening to soothing music. To complete the look of your hanging chair and relaxation area, add a macrame pillow to tie everything together.

Leafy Patterns

As mentioned in a few earlier blogs, adding plant life to your home is becoming a strong interior design trend in 2018. While it is great to add green to your home to switch things up, some people may be too busy to maintain the life of household plants. As an alternative, look for home decor that is of a leafy pattern. For example, you can add tropical or floral print wallpaper to your walls or palm-leaf pillows on your couch to give the illusion of relaxing on a tropical island.


For those of you that do not know, chintz is a decor print mainly featuring flowers and other patterns. It is an old-school pattern which you probably have seen at your grandparent’s house. While it may be an older design, it is coming back in a big way as the theme of nostalgia evolves more and more with each passing year. Adding a chintz-upholstered headboard or living room chair will add a good pop of color to any space you add it to!

Statement Rugs

Rugs are great foundations for any room in a home, apartment, or even a business conference room. While they serve as a foundation, they do not necessarily have to blend in with the rest of the room’s color and style. Just like with the bright and pop aura that summer brings, liven up your living area with a head-turning rug! These can add a splash of color and texture that will instantly brighten the mood of those living in the home and those that are visiting!

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5 Mood-Lifting Spring Trends

It is a new year and a new spring season which means interior design trends will be changing and on the rise this spring. To fully enjoy spring to the fullest while showing your creative side in your home, be sure to be up to date on all the latest trends in the home decorating world. We have put together a list of the top 5 interior design trends to try out this spring to give your home the spring pop it needs.


Popularized by the crowds at Coachella, fringe is a fashion trend that is taking over living rooms and other interior design layouts in 2018. From pillows to lamps to throws, adding fringe to your home is an easy way to add a playful twist to your favorite accessories. Not only will fringe make things pop, but it is a trend that is affordable!


While terrazzo was a popular trend in the 1970s, it seems to be making a comeback within the Pinterest and Etsy community, as well as interior designers alike. Add some flair to your bathroom and kitchen counters, walls, as well as outside spaces and even coasters by using terrazzo. What makes this tile so special is that it includes chips of marble, glass, granite, and quartz that bring a good blend of materials in one piece.

Ultra Violet

Voted Pantone’s color for 2018, ultraviolet is a color that is a must-have if you want to stay trendy in the interior design scene. This shade of purple is bold, powerful, and intense that will instantly add pop to whatever piece you apply it do. Whether you add the color to your walls, sofa pillows or a new rug, you will have a space that is powerful, moody and makes a statement.

Statement Ceilings

A trend that started on Instagram and is something to keep an eye on this season is statement ceilings. This trend is referred to as the fifth wall and there are different ways designers are going about integrating it into their design plan. While most people are using intriguing industrial light fixtures and bold wallpaper patterns, others are using bright hue colors on their ceiling such as mint green. See what method will work best and open your creative mind to get things started!

Wellness Spaces

Nothing compares to the relaxation that comes from the spa, but what if you bring that experience in the comfort of your own home? By designing a calming and meditative space where you can escape the drama of life is a great and out of the box addition, you can make to your home. It will make your home stand out from the neighbors and showcases how much you appreciate self-care. With this space, you can add neutral hues and natural pieces to channel good wellness vibes to ensure optimal relaxation.

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5 Popular Window Treatment Trends in 2018

With interior design, trends come and go each year creating new ways to express yourself and upgrade your home’s interior decor. Along with this annual changing of trends, window treatments are a part of your living space that seems to follow the trends that change yearly. With 2018 still fresh, here are five popular window treatment trends you will see in 2018.

The Natural Effect

With the world trying to go greener year after year, it is no surprise that organic materials for anything are “in.” This go green mentality has been overflowing into the interior design world and homeowners are embracing the organic trend. Ways to incorporate organic materials into your design is with your window treatments as materials for this aspect of your design are becoming more organic. With woven wood shades that are made from bamboo, grass, and other natural materials.

Patterned Fun

Homeowners are trying to show more of their personality within the interior design of their homes. One way to do this is that they are switching from solid colors to fun and exciting patterns. To liven up their windows, they are adding geometric shapes and other patterns for their window treatments. These patterns offer the opportunity for owners to get creative and have fun with their living space.

Natural Light 

The more your window treatment allows natural light to enter the room, rather than artificial light, the better especially in 2018. To do this, trying adding sheer fabrics to your treatment as they are perfect for achieving this look and goal of natural light to fill the room. Sheer fabrics allow soft light to enter the space while still maintaining privacy. What makes this fabric great for achieving this goal while allowing creativity to flow is that they come in a vast variety of colors.

Decorative Pieces

To help with personalizing a home, owners are opting for a more customized look for their homes than the boring store-bought stock window treatments. You want your home to show your personality and character and what better way to do so than with customizable aspects of your home. Some items that homeowners are using to customize their window treatments include:

  • Shells
  • Buttons
  • Beads
  • Custom Trim
  • Jeweled Pieces

The Layered Look

This year is all about adding layers when it comes to home decorating and your window treatments. Many homeowners are choosing to incorporate black-out shades behind the sheers of their treatment. What this does is that it creates depth to your space while also increasing the functionality of the products. A layered combination like this is perfect for areas of the home that need extra privacy such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

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5 Ways To Personalize Your Space

When it comes to living spaces, they don’t feel like “home” or your personal “refuge” until you personalize the space to make it your own. While many people may think this can be hard for a rented space or that it could cost them a lot of money, there are simple ways to make your space “your space.” With help from an interior designer, you can add quirks and other personality traits to your current living space. Below are five cost-effective and easy ways to do so.

Display Your Memories

In today’s day and age of technology advances, capturing memories on a device can be done at a moments notice. By incorporating these captured moments, you are personalizing your space while showcasing what joys in life that peaks your interest. Pick out your favorite photos, print them, frame them, and display them across your room.

Add A Signature Scent

What better way to enter a room than to smell fragrances that ensure relaxation and comfort? Having a scent for specific rooms can impact the overall feel of the room. In addition to setting a feel for the room, scents from room sprays, oil diffusers, and candles can also showcase your personal tastes to guests.

Make Space For Hobbies

Nothing shows personality more than a specific part of your living space dedicated to your hobbies. Devoting a corner or section of a room for any one of your hobbies is a great way to make a room feel like yours. Not only can you add this for your own personal use, this space can be created in a way to carry on with the flow and theme of your room.

Add Personality Accessories

When thinking of interior design and how a room can represent your personality, think of who you are. Are you bold and vibrant? You can show this without going over the top with decorative wallpaper or other decors, by using accessories of the same vibrant and bold nature to place in your space. Add linens and pillows with bright colors or bold patterns.

Floral Additions

As mentioned in prior blogs, floral additions are a great way to not only add personality but they provide life, oxygen, and warmth. Add plants that represent your interests as well we as those that align with the flow of your room’s design.


6 Indoor Plants To Liven Up Your Home For Spring

When it comes to interior design we usually think of furniture, bold colored paints on walls, patterned wallpaper, etc. However, your interior design should not be limited to those types of pieces to place in your home. With plants becoming more of a trend in the home, as well with spring being right around the corner, adding indoor plants is a new interior design method that should be tested out. Indoor plants add color, charm, oxygen, and life into space’s interior design. Below are six different indoor plants to add to your room to add character and liven up your space.

Air Plants

If you tend to be forgetful when it comes to maintaining the life of plants then you should strongly consider air plants as your getaway plant. They only required being watered once a week and do not require soil so you do not have to worry about any messes. With this much versatility, you can put them in wireframes to create living art, use them for terrariums, or place them in geometric holders for an interior design two for one special!

Snake Plants

If you are looking for a plant that has little to low maintenance and looks great in about any lighting, then you will want to consider adding snake plants to your design. These plants are great for making statements about their size and sleekness. In addition to looking great in any light setting, they can go a month without water making maintenance very easy.


In 2017, cacti were seen everywhere from runways to textiles and it does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Adding a cactus to your space brings a quirky, joyful vibe to any room in your home and they are great for the indoors. They come in all shapes and sizes so you can pick and choose which room will have the cacti effect. From our bedroom to your living room, your home can be filled with this stylish desert plant.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Are you more on the bold spectrum when it comes to interior design? Then do we have an indoor plant selection for you! The fiddle leaf fig tree is a plant that will add a bunch of green to your space as it grows up to eight feet tall and has large leaves. With watering only required once a week, this plant is the perfect piece to have to add quick boldness to your room.

String Of Pearls

String of pearls is a great addition to your space if you are looking for a different kind of plant to add to your home. They are different than the traditional indoor plant as they have cascading leaves that grow into little balls that gives them the name “string of pearls.” As mentioned in our last blog about letting in the light to your space, these plants need plenty of sunlight but require little water which makes maintenance easy.

Pothos Plants 

The pothos plant has a reputation for being the most unlikable plant to grow indoors because of it just being a vine and that it seems to never stop growing. However, there are many benefits to having this plant aid the design in your room. They are perfect for placing atop a partial wall, bookshelf, and a loft floor. These vines also do not need much light and are one of the best plants to purify the air in your room.


3 Design Trends To Try in 2018

When it comes to trends in any facet, they tend to change from year to year. From new clothing outfits and styles, to how you set up the furniture in your home for optimal usage. Trend change all the time and it is hard to keep up if you find yourself as someone who keeps up with the latest trends in today’s society. For 2018 we have gathered together the top three home design trends that will spice up your interior design plan.

Be Bold

Not only is being bold makes your design stand out, it shows off your character throughout your living space. When it comes to interior design in 2018, adding bold colors and patterned-on-pattern mixing is a great way to start. Mixing bright colored pillows, geometric prints, and accent pieces are also different ways to bold up your room.

Lighten Up

In photography, and with showing off new interior design additions, it is all about the lighting. Lighting can make or break a photo as well as how well your new design looks. People in today’s day and age want to let as much light to come in as possible and brighten up the room as well as their mood. This is why the trend of having windows stacked on top of each other and curtain-less window treatments are becoming more and more a trend in 2018.


Restaurants and coffee shops have taken notice of trends their customers are taking part in and are always looking for ways to bring in customers. The latest trend in doing so is to have a wall that is worthy of being on Instagram for people to take photos in front of. This practice should be taken into the home if you are looking for ways to stand out from your neighbors. You can create a destination of sorts in your home with a wall of succulents, reclaimed wood, or brick to catch the eyes of your visitors. The great part about this type of trend is that the installation can be easy with the use of different patterned and styled wallpaper.


9 Ways To Make Traditional Decor Feel Fresh

When it comes to interior design and deciding what styles and trends look good for your space, it is hard to pass on traditionalism. This style is timeless, sophisticated and perpetual that will make any home look extravagant. The only issue with this style is finding ways to make it feel fresh to new guests coming into your home. We have come up with nine ways to make the traditional interior design style feel fresh!

Contemporary Elements

Contemporary materials are a great way to make any styled room feel fresh and modern. This is especially so with traditional and neo-traditional decor. The transparent contemporary pieces, like a lucite coffee table, lightens up the dark woods and heavy fabrics brought on by traditional interior design.

Stick With Solid Colors

While patterns are great ways to spice up the flow of a room, when it comes to traditional silhouettes, it is best to go with solid colors. Patterns on furniture, like a Chesterfield sofa with floral designs, and other room pieces could make the room feel stuffy and give off an old-school vibe. Add a colorful velvet or soft leather piece to give a modernized and complimentary look to your decor. You can even go with a solid color wallpaper if you are against painting walls.

Switch Up The Hardware

A traditionally styled kitchen already is fresh and clean in it of itself, but if you are looking to make it pop, then you will need some modern elements added to the mix. Swap out old cabinet and drawer knobs for sleek handles, add a ceramic tile backsplash, and add some hardwood floors for a start. Then if you really feel adventurous you can make your way with new countertops and pendant lighting.

Use Worldly Items

Traditional style is all about showcasing pieces from different cultures, with common decor having elements of American, European and Chinese design. Go a step further to incorporate even more worldly items from other cultures across the globe. Frame photos from your travels, use a kilim instead of an Oriental rug and also maybe add a handcrafted table from South Africa into your design. Not only will these pieces be appreciated by guests, it will also showcase your character as well as your world travels.

Modern Lighting

If you are looking to shine a modern light into your traditional design that won’t be too overwhelming then look toward your light fixtures. Modern fixtures, such as a clean-lined floor lamp, are great ways to add a minimalist feel to a traditional theme that showcases maximalism.

Bright Colors

As mentioned before, solid colors are a great way to complement a traditional interior designed home. With these solid colors, be sure not to shy away from vibrant and bright colors to help bring freshness to your space. Just be sure to have a cohesive color palette and only accent the room with these colors, don’t overdo it.


While you could opt for a bright color palette, pulling a 180 and going with black and white colors are also a great way to accent your traditional decor. Simple black and white colors create a high contrast that brings a fresh feel to traditional patterns such as chinoiserie.

Contemporary Art

It is all about accenting your traditional themes and patterns not overtaking it. This is why we suggest adding pieces of modern and contemporary pieces and this includes artwork. Adding in contemporary art pieces and paintings will ensure the pop your traditional style has been asking for.

Loosen The Layout

Interior design is all about creativity and personal touches. If you encourage conversation, get your furniture away from the walls and window treatments and pull your pieces into the center of your space. You can also have different pieces float around the room to offer a fresh feel to a themed area you have come accustomed to.



Valentines Day Decor You Want To Keep

Valentines Day is a great holiday to show the people you love how much you appreciate them for being apart of your life. With this holiday, and like many others, you will be getting holiday-themed decor to brighten up your living or work space. Instead of wasting money on items you will throw away later, choose some decor that will be used at other points of the year. You may even find items that can boost the interior design of your space now. Below are a few items you should consider that will have staying power after the holidays.

Blush Place Settings

When we think of Valentines Day we think of red and pink on everything. To liven up your romantic dinner, think about grabbing blush place settings and glassware. By having a complete set of blush color place settings and tableware, you not only will be ready for this romantic holiday but also have table settings for the spring and other events that will call for this color.

Potted Plants

A bouquet of flowers is the staple of any successful Valentines Day gift. Whether you get a bouquet or a potted plant, your loved one will enjoy the gift, but these items can last past the holiday. Small plants such as succulents, tiny cacti or air plants are great table decor to bring fresh air to your space.

Honeycomb Balls

The great thing about honeycomb balls is their affordability and versatility in how you can use this decor. From hanging them from the ceiling or making a garland to act as a photo wall, the uses are endless. With their different sizes and colors, they can be used outside of holiday decor to bring character to your interior design and as well as great for parties. When you are done using them, you can fold them down for easy and unnoticeable storage.

Floor Pillows

One of the biggest fears when it comes to having a party or just living space, in general, is that not everyone who comes over will be comfortable. If all seats are taken and fold out chairs won’t make the cut, consider purchasing floor pillows. They will create a cozy and relaxed vibe to your area that can be used for holidays and other times of the year. When not in use, simply stack them away until further use. The different colors that you can get with floor pillows can help give your home a themed and organized feeling.