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Wallpaper Tips and Tricks

Many homeowners are aware that wallpaper is making a comeback in the interior design world. That doesn’t mean people know how or where to use it properly. Wallpaper can be intimidating if you aren’t sure how to incorporate it into your home. If used correctly, wallpaper can give your home a fresh feel that allows your personal style to shine through. Let’s discuss a few tips and ways you can include wallpaper throughout your home to brighten your environment. 

Installation Tips 

The thought of self-installation of wallpaper can be enough to scare people away before they even try. There are a few golden rules to hanging wallpaper that you need to follow in order to be successful. If you are using a pattern, make sure the patterns are relatively matches between each strip. Apply a thin layer of the wallpaper paste, making sure you get the edges and corners. Don’t forget to use a paper smoother to flatten out the sheet to eliminate all bubbles. If you want a more seamless look, you can even cover electrical plug covers with the same wallpaper! 

The Guide to Patterns 

Using patterns in your home can create a messy and cluttered look if not done tastefully. Try to stick to one or two patterns in a room, along with solid colors that compliment the pattern. Many interior designers are utilizing fun wallpaper patterns for creating an accent wall. ‘This draws the eye to the wall and gives the room an exciting element. 

Choosing the type of pattern can be overwhelming. This is where your personal style can really shine through. One of the most popular designs used recently is a nature-inspired pattern. The lack of time spent outside of the home this past year has created the need to bring nature inside. Patterns containing foliage, flowers, and textures are the new hot thing!

Choose Your Style

When designing your home, it is important to choose an overall theme to follow throughout. If you are planning on decorating a wall with wallpaper, it should also follow this theme. Common styles of wallpaper include rustic, modern, casual, or glam. This accent wall will bring the theme together and create a seamless look!

American Wallpaper 

American Wallpaper offers a huge variety of wallpaper styles and patterns that will make your home a work of art. Come into our store in Fall River or contact us at 508-672-3751 for more information!


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Interior Design and Wallpaper Trends For the New Year!

Put redecorating at the top of your New Year’s resolution list this year! 2021 brings not only a fresh start but also many new interior design trends you’ll want to incorporate into your home this season. The team at American Wallpaper Co. is here to help you create an environment that you and your family love to spend time in. 

Bold Walls

With all the time spent inside the past year, people are yearning to create more excitement within their homes. A statement wall using wallpaper or bold colors is the perfect solution to add a little something extra. Try adding dark colors or warmer tones to rooms with a minimalistic design in order to pull out accent colors present throughout the space. 

Reference the Past

There has been a huge boom in people utilizing design elements from past decades and incorporating them into modern spaces. Using furniture and interior styles from the 80s and 90s evokes feelings of nostalgia and creates a comforting environment. It might be time to dust off your old furniture or use wallpaper to bring back that vintage 80s vibe! 

Make it Pop!

Whether it be funky floral print, bright wallpaper, or vibrant fabrics, the hottest new trend coming into the year is to create an accent that catches the eye of anyone that enters. Don’t be afraid to make your home reflect your unique style by adding a little pop of something special that will liven up a neutral room. You can even make each room a different style instead of blending the entire house into one single design. This is becoming popular to make homes more interesting and unique throughout each different room. 

Earthy Tones

As we reflect on 2020, we can confidently say we all want our homes to be one thing: comfortable! Using earthy tones throughout the household design brings a feeling of nature and relaxation into the space. Add dark browns to warm up the room or simple tans to give a sophisticated but homey feel. 

Our team is here to assist you in choosing the perfect wallpaper or window treatments to accent any space in your home. If you want more guidance on how to design a room, our amazing interior designer is here to provide her expertise. Let us be your trusted source for interior design as you explore the new and exciting trends that 2021 has to offer!



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Ways to Use Wallpaper in Your Bathroom

When it comes to home decorating or renovation, most of us like to emphasize the elements that seem to matter the most. For instance, the kitchen, the living room, the master bedroom- you know the usual. However, did you ever reconsider decorating your bathroom walls? We’re not talking about the usual fancy fixtures and fittings or flooring. We’re talking about the walls, maybe like throwing on a fancy yet elegant wallpaper?

Doing may seem bizarre at first, but it makes it so much more enjoyable for you to spend time in your bathroom rather than having it just as functional and sterilized. Clean, well-working bathrooms are essential, but we often overlook the potential bathrooms’ have to create a design impact.

There are endless ways you can think of while decorating your bathroom walls. While simply painting them or throwing on a few ornaments or minimalistic murals may be interesting, we recommend you step out of the box and get yourself a nice wallpaper that can create a statement. It will also tell your guests that you’ve paid close attention to all the tiny details in your home too.

Separate your Bathroom

If your toilet is outside the main bathroom area and happens to be in a separate small room, you can consider placing wallpaper in this area only. The wallpaper will act as a significant divider or will highlight the apportionment between the two spaces. Keep in mind that you must protect the shower area’s wallpaper to avoid humidity from ruining it.

The Perfect Tip for Jack and Jill Bathrooms

You can opt for installing iconic wallpapers in places away or outside from the shower area. For instance, you could wallpaper where your sinks are, which happens between the two stalls. Use similar, complementary, or same colors for both the stalls for a more ‘put-together’ approach.

Emphasize your Powder Room

To make your half bath areas or powder room stand out, use an intricate wallpaper. Go ahead and use a fancy, bold wallpaper that will create a statement, and be sure to use a splash of color, especially if your bathroom is plain and boring. Powder rooms do not have bathtubs in them, prone to steaming up the room and running the wallpaper, so go ahead and choose whatever wallpaper you like.

A General Approach

You could also consider getting yourself murals of abstract art or beautiful landscapes, anything that is visually calming and pleasing. If you do not have space, you can even consider having a piece of your favorite wallpaper framed and hanging it in your bathroom or border the mirror, edges, or ceiling of the bathroom for a unique touch.  Accent walls are great add-ons, too, and work well with almost any bathroom type.

Remember to keep your wallpaper maintained, seal them if you are concerned about the steam, and choose one appropriate for your bathroom. Contact American Wallpaper to browse our selection of wallpaper.

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How to Paint Over Wallpaper

Are you thinking of redecorating walls previously covered with wallpaper? If you were not the one to put up the existing layer of wallpaper, chances are you may not be a huge fan of it, and you may want to get rid of it asap. By the looks of it, tearing down the wallpaper may seem like an easy thing to do. However, you may not be aware of the several layers of application that you have to deal with underneath. Stripping off one wallpaper layer is challenging enough, let alone the many other layers.

If you’re not planning on moving anytime soon, you could consider starting from scratch and removing the wallpapers. However, if you need a quick hack, you can get terrific results if you paint on TOP of your wallpaper.

Skeptical? Follow these five steps on how you can paint your already wallpapered walls.

1. Clean the Wallpapers

It would help if you prepared your walls before you can get on to painting. Get rid of any loose pieces of the wallpaper and when you have a smooth canvas to begin with, get on to cleaning. Clean the walls with chemicals like TSP (trisodium phosphate). TSP is quite strong and requires dilution with water. Follow the instructions mentioned at the back of the packaging, including safety precautions. Wear proper gear and ventilate/disinfect the room that requires painting. Use a sponge to apply the TSP, dry, and then wipe down with a damp cloth to wipe off excess chemicals.

2. Use Extra Adhesive

The last thing you would want to see is peeling layers of wallpaper after you’ve finished painting. Use a strong adhesive in places where the wallpaper has edges sticking out. Press down on all the seams firmly. You can also use an oil-based primer-sealer to lock in your paint and a better alternative to the adhesive. It leaves no doubts.

3. Wait to Dry

Allow walls to dry. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on how long you should wait for the walls to dry after cleaning, gluing/priming.

4. Apply Your Paint

It’s time to paint. Regardless of choosing primer beforehand, ideally, you should choose an oil-based paint when your walls are ready for their first coat. Use a roller for larger spaces and a paintbrush for the small corners and edges. For bold wallpapers underneath or for a solid color, you probably will need a couple of coats.

5. Dry and Move on to a Second Coat

After the first coat fully dries, it’s a good idea to sand the wall before moving on to the next layer as it adds to the final product. Lastly, apply the second coat, allow it to dry, and you’re all done, Viola!

Step back and admire your brand new, freshly painted wall! Contact American Wallpaper for all of your interior design needs.



How To Guide For Statement Ceilings

When designing your home interior there is no element that creates a more dramatic statement than your ceiling. Ceilings are overlooked during the creation process of the home. This can leave the homeowner unimpressed with their home interior design. By creating a ceiling that makes a statement, you can evoke a number of emotions within yourself, and those who dwell in the home. You can create a statement ceiling in your home that evokes awe, is practical to construct, and aesthetically pleasing. There are several options for creating beautiful statement ceilings in your home. Continue reading for a how-to guide for statement ceilings.

Paint a Statement Ceiling

Painting your ceiling is the most affordable and easiest option for creating a statement ceiling. Using contrasting colors, in conjunction with your wall choice of colors, can create a dramatic statement in the room. You can even add texture to the ceiling to spruce up the design. Creating your own artwork on your ceiling is another way to use paint to make a statement ceiling. 

You can also opt to use a gloss, rather than traditional paint, to create a shiny, stunning finish. Although simple, painting your ceiling remains an affordable, practical, and effective method of developing a statement ceiling.


Wallpaper is another option that can transform a room and make a statement. There is a vast array of wallpaper to choose from depending on your design goals. You can opt for a simple pattern, geometric shapes, or a bold design that makes a statement. Wallpaper is also durable, easy to clean, and a wise financial investment. 

Use Moldings to Create a Statement Ceiling

Moldings come in a variety of design options to choose from and are an ideal choice for a home that is lacking detailed architectural constructs. Molding can create an impressive, gorgeous transition between the wall and ceiling.

Add Beams for a Statement Ceiling

The addition of beams to your ceiling can create the ultimate impression. Beams can transform a room into a rustic, warm, pleasurable environment that you will enjoy for years to come. There are a variety of beams to choose from, including the choice of wood type, color, and even hollow beams that are lighter in weight than traditional beams. As an added bonus the implementation of beams for your ceiling also provides additional support architecturally.

Additional Ideas for a Statement Ceiling

Don’t forget additional measures to complete your statement ceiling design. Medallions, artwork, ceiling fans, and light fixtures can all be incredible additions to your statement ceiling. 

Reach Out to American Wallpaper Today for Assistance in the Creation of your Statement Ceiling

Be bold. Make a statement that leaves observers breathless. There are endless creative ideas for crafting a gorgeous statement ceiling. Reach out to our team at American Wallpaper today for more information and assistance in creating the ultimate statement ceiling in your home. 

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Wake Up Your Walls with Wallpaper From American Wallpaper

Your home should be a place of comfort, beauty, and peace. Home design can bring out the best and worst in a person when it is not visually pleasing. When remodeling your home there is an aspect that is often overlooked: the interior walls. Has your home’s interior become a bore? Or worse, an eyesore for you, your family, and guests? There is a practical, effective, and successful way to combat a boring home interior space. Spruce up your living space by doing away with the traditional, boring painted walls. Wake up your walls with American Wallpaper and experience a bold new home interior that pleases.

Why American Wallpaper is Better than Traditional Paint

In recent times many have turned to paint for their home interior walls. This is a terrible mistake. Paint is not durable, cost-efficient, and frankly is a waste of time. When using paint for walls, it often takes multiple coats, even with the most expensive products. After all the wasted time and effort, paint is also prone to chipping and will need reapplication.

American Wallpaper is a cost-saving option for those who desire beautiful, durable, and impressive home interior walls. Our wallpaper is high-quality, easy to clean, and outlasts any other wallpaper or paint option on the market. Our wallpaper can also withstand damage from children and pets. The durability of American Wallpaper is unmatchable.

Bright, Bold, Beautiful American Wallpaper

With all the options available there has never been a better time to find the American Wallpaper pattern that is perfect for your home. You deserve the absolute best for your home interior space, and we can ensure that you select the perfect material, pattern, and color for your particular space. Choose your pattern based on the theme of your home interior. Is your style traditional, romantic, contemporary, or a unique style that you have created? No matter your home interior style goals, we have patterns to wake up your walls.

There are several options to choose from when selecting your pattern. These include geometric shapes, stripes, floral designs, and other exciting prints. You can also choose between textured, or untextured wallpaper, both of which have their pros and cons. Remember to consider all of your home decorating preferences when selecting wallpaper. The durability of our product and service means that the wallpaper you select will be shining for several years. 

Contact American Wallpaper Today

Contact American Wallpaper for more information and discover how American Wallpaper can impact your life. Do away with mundane painted walls and experience the unmatched beauty of American Wallpaper in your home. Our wallpaper was constructed with a passion for our customers and the beauty of the home interior. Imagine your home, completely transformed with beautiful, bold new walls, supplied by American Wallpaper


Things Everyone Needs to Know Before Redecorating Your Home

It’s the end of the year, the new year is slowly creeping upon us. What better time to change around the decor in your home! Changing it up can be the most fun part of living in your own space. Everyone’s taste is constantly changing, especially as we all watch trends come and go. It can be a bit daunting to change up your decor but at American Wallpaper we are here to help!

Don’t hesitate on bringing out exquisite taste and style. Trying to decide how to add your taste to your space can present challenges if you don’t know where to start.  We’re here to help!

Get Practical 

It’s okay to splurge when it’s for a practical statement piece. Before you make the big purchase make sure that piece is functional to your home! Its important to add pieces that are useful. Can it double as storage? Is it sleek? Does it take up too much space? All things to be considered.

 Sticking To The Classics

A great way to express your creativity is through interior design but you can’t go wrong with sticking with something more traditional.  It’s not boring to use neutral colors. Leaning on neutral colors allows you to add in room for bigger more abstract features. This is your space, it’s never wrong to stick to the timeless route.

Consider The Decor

Have you picked out your curtains?  Take a look at your window frame and try to make your selection on what works best. Try creating an illusion that you have tall windows with the way you hang your curtains. When you choose your decor, use reflective or transparent surfaces to reflect light into your space. Steer clear of clutter so won’t overdo it.  Things build up quickly in all sized spaces, sometimes less is more.  Don’t be afraid to use natural light to bring out an airy feeling of calmness and space to any space.


Looking To Switch It Up Contact Us!

We’re here to help change up the look of your home.  As the new year approaches it’s time to bring your A game to your home. This year hasn’t been great but that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from leveling up your home. Contact Leah today! Leah is ready to transform your space today!

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Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Unfortunately, Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations rates are rising at an alarming rate, so a holiday that’s known for large group gatherings is bound to look different this year. This year your guest list is probably downsized, and it might even only consist of your immediate family. Change is a constant theme of this year but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your decor.


Thanksgiving is known for its large hearty meal with all your favorite fixing displayed across your dining room table. Family gatherings are the best excuse to change your space. Are you thinking of creating a festive atmosphere?  One of the best ways to show off your design skills for Turkey day is with a beautiful tablescape. A tablescape works for tables of all sizes. A well-decorated table brings out the fun of the holiday. When it comes to creating a tablescape, it shouldn’t be harder than cooking the big meal!  What are you going for? Are you trying a practical approach or an extremely festive look?


Keep It Simple 

There’s definitely something to be said for keeping it simple. Use elements and textures for a  simple look. It might be basic, but pull out typical fall favorites such as pillar candles, an array of fresh fruit with appealing colors,  and fall leaves around the table.


Don’t Forget The Kiddie Table 

Keep the kiddos occupied during the cooking process by having them create their own decor. Making Thanksgiving just as memorable for the children is important. Playful tablescapes are engaging and fun for kids of all ages.  Do you have a little artist in the family?  Use a paper runner; You won’t have to worry about spills with paper tablecloths. The best part is that your kids can even draw on it!  Throw on some mini pumpkins and your table is complete!


Make It Bright 

Color takes center stage on your Thanksgiving table alongside the big bird. Choose bright colored linens and cute mason jars that will complement an array of orange pumpkins and berries to spread across the table to create a real pop.

As you prepare for the holidays this year, contact Leah for your interior design needs. If you are ready to add tablescapes and the best fall decor to your home with these great interior design trends, be sure to contact American Wallpaper & Design to assist you!


Modern interior with yellow armchair in front of a accent wall 3D Rendering, 3D Illustration

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Accent Walls

Have you been thinking about accent walls? Are they pinned all over your Pinterest? You went into your girlfriend’s home and saw hers, and now you need to create one next? Have no fear, American Wallpaper Co is here to help with the best ways to do a feature wall the right way. This is the cutest way and cost-efficient way to add immediate change to the home. There are methods to make it super detailed and over the top, but it can be kept simple. You might be able to inject just the right pop to your walls that you need without doing too much.


The Dos:


Find A Balance 


Take the time to study the other objects used in your room before starting on your accent wall. You don’t have to make everything about the room’s color choices; you can later incorporate and combine textures and colors. Walls are not limited to being dressed up only by color; you can also choose to dress them up with textures. 


Find Complementary Colors 


Thinking about the color scheme? Scared everything won’t match? When choosing a color, make sure that the color you choose complements the entire room. If you are trying to use a bolder and brighter color, its important to make sure you aren’t clashing the colors with furniture and pre-existing decor in the room. Either make sure all your decor and furniture match or go out and buy more to go with your new bold colors. 


Don’t Be Stingy With Paint 

Don’t forget about the simplicity of adding a new paint job. Paint is an easy and cheaper way to enhance your space without making such a significant change. As long as you use your painter’s tape, there is no limit to creative patterns you can create while using paint. Stop into American Wallpaper to find our selection of paint to use to make your accent wall stand out. Painting allows you constant flexibility.


The Don’ts 


It’s Okay To Take Risks 

Go big or go home! If you aren’t ready to try big, bold accents on your walls, accent walls are not right for you. Find that metallic color, jump on the trend that is all over your Pinterest board, and use that color that makes you uneasy.  You can still stick to a classic trend by slightly bending the rules and becoming untraditional. This look might only last for this season of change in your life, but it’s okay to bend the rules and do something unusual. Make this accent wall worth the investment.


Wallpaper Is Your Friend 


This is not the time to be particular with your thoughts on wallpaper. Wallpaper is the best for accent walls. Options, designs, and colors are endless when you choose wallpaper. There are ways to make the process easier; at American Wallpaper, we are here to help with all those design questions!  


Try Not To Over Do It 


Simple is always safe. This is not the time to test out every color and design out there. The bold wall will allow you to focus on and highlight other parts of your room. Brainstorm with a mood board; it will enable you to find the balance you are looking for. Create a vision and stick to it. Just remember to combine everything carefully, and you’ll be just fine. 


Looking for something a bit more unusual, our library of special order wallcovering books can help you take your accent wall to the next level. Contact us today to get started! 


Cozy rustic design of spacious warm loft interior with wooden log wallpaper and natural tree stump

How To Incorporate Wallpaper In Your Home

When you think of wallpaper, you might think, “Oh boy, another long project.” Adding a print of pattern to your walls is bold, which will look so much better than paint. Wallpaper gives you a great chance to change your walls if you are in a rental. Wallpapers allow uniqueness in small awkward places.


Small Areas Or Small Rooms 

Small spaces like dens, playrooms, walk-ways, and half baths are perfect for trying out statement patterns because they require so little wall space. In smaller areas since you’re limited with space, this helps bring together the whole room. It can highlight other designs or statement furniture in the room, even in small areas. 


Add An Accent Wall

Accent walls give you the perfect opportunity to follow the less is more mantra. For example:


If you love a particular pattern, too much of it will make the room too busy to try an accent wall. Accent walls are also a great way to tie various statement pieces into one singular theme or even create the perfect selfie wall, “say cheese.” Accent walls can also give those fantastic works of art or family photos the ideal home on your wall. With so many different patterns, textures, and wallpaper themes to choose from, the possibilities for jazzing up a space are endless.


Only Cover Half the Wall


Choosing to cover only the top or bottom half of a wall with wallpaper is a unique way to get a sophisticated look without doing too much to make the room have an overwhelming feeling. In between the no paper sections, find a statement piece of furniture to hold that space together to make it pop. Traditional styles are back in, styling wallpaper like this will keep you on-trend. It’s crucial to stay on trend, but sticking to classic looks will keep your updates from going out of style.


Mix and Match Papers

Try a bold look! This helps if you are having a tough time choosing between two designs. Why not mix and match by installing two papers on one wall. This a great way to test out different styles and challenge yourself with finding the perfect statement pieces of furniture to match your designs. This is a challenging design tactic, but when done right, it looks beautiful. Try using strong, contrasting patterns with stripes, tone on tone patterns, and intense colors. Since this is a bold look, be careful with what other colors and patterns you put in the room. It’s important to make sure all patterns complement each other. 
There are only three months left in the year; there is no better time to make a unique change in your home. Stop by our store today or set up an appointment. American Wallpaper Co. is here to take your home to the next level. Contact us today!