Are All Drapery Liners The Same?

Are they all the same? Do I really need to use them?

These are questions that I have heard repeatedly throughout my career of designing window treatments. Liners play an exceedingly important role in the fabric window treatments. Unless the fabric is a sheer, they should always be lined. Even sheers, if they are made of linen, should have a sheer liner as well as they serve many purposes. When using natural fiber fabric such as linen and silk, the liner is essential in protecting the fabric from sun damage. I have seen cases where people have had sheer silk panels made and after a few years, they have shredded to pieces.

What a waste of money!

If you want a soft flowing look, you need a soft liner. Sometimes a simple sheer fabric works best for this look. If you are trying to achieve a look of a tailored panel, them a light weight roc-lon might be just what you need. It will provide a little extra weight to keep the panels hanging nicely. If you want a full, luxurious drapery, you will probably need a liner and an inter-liner. The inter-liner feels like a soft flannel and adds bulk to the fabric. It is especially nice with silk panels, but can add so much to other fabrics as well. So, don’t dismiss the liner!! You will be happy that you have selected the right one.

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