All Things to Consider for Drapery Hardware

The cost of rods and hardware vary so much. Sometimes an inexpensive rod can work OK and other times, it is a waste of money.

Things to consider:

What is the weight of the fabric? If is heavy weight, you might need a rod that has a center bracket.

If you are using grommet top or tab top curtains, make sure that the rod is not one that adjusts by telescoping out. You will want one solid rod in the exact size. If not the fabric or grommets will get snagged on the rod and will not traverse.

If you are using rings on the panels, I always suggest hanging one on either side of the bracket. So, make sure that the brackets are not big and bulky and poke out from behind the fabric. Also, select a finial that is big enough so that the ring will not slip over it.

You can get some very reasonable solid rods that are cut to the exact size. They are heavier weight and will not bend and bow as easily.

Saving a few dollars on the rod when you are doing a really nice fabric treatment is not always worth it. Make sure that you look at all of your options.

But, also know that you can get hundreds of finishes and colors for rods. The color can enhance or detract from the treatment. There are also all different shaped rods. Yes, there are round, oval, fluted, and square rods. There are round and square rings that are made from wood, resin and metal. There are smooth rods and rings and hand hammered. And the diameters of the poles are varied from very narrow to 3”. Always think about what style you are striving for and the size of the panels and the size of the room.

So, don’t get stressed but make sure that what you purchase will be what will work with your treatment and your decor!

If you have any questions about hardware or other interior design questions please contact us for more info!