9 Ways To Make Traditional Decor Feel Fresh

When it comes to interior design and deciding what styles and trends look good for your space, it is hard to pass on traditionalism. This style is timeless, sophisticated and perpetual that will make any home look extravagant. The only issue with this style is finding ways to make it feel fresh to new guests coming into your home. We have come up with nine ways to make the traditional interior design style feel fresh!

Contemporary Elements

Contemporary materials are a great way to make any styled room feel fresh and modern. This is especially so with traditional and neo-traditional decor. The transparent contemporary pieces, like a lucite coffee table, lightens up the dark woods and heavy fabrics brought on by traditional interior design.

Stick With Solid Colors

While patterns are great ways to spice up the flow of a room, when it comes to traditional silhouettes, it is best to go with solid colors. Patterns on furniture, like a Chesterfield sofa with floral designs, and other room pieces could make the room feel stuffy and give off an old-school vibe. Add a colorful velvet or soft leather piece to give a modernized and complimentary look to your decor. You can even go with a solid color wallpaper if you are against painting walls.

Switch Up The Hardware

A traditionally styled kitchen already is fresh and clean in it of itself, but if you are looking to make it pop, then you will need some modern elements added to the mix. Swap out old cabinet and drawer knobs for sleek handles, add a ceramic tile backsplash, and add some hardwood floors for a start. Then if you really feel adventurous you can make your way with new countertops and pendant lighting.

Use Worldly Items

Traditional style is all about showcasing pieces from different cultures, with common decor having elements of American, European and Chinese design. Go a step further to incorporate even more worldly items from other cultures across the globe. Frame photos from your travels, use a kilim instead of an Oriental rug and also maybe add a handcrafted table from South Africa into your design. Not only will these pieces be appreciated by guests, it will also showcase your character as well as your world travels.

Modern Lighting

If you are looking to shine a modern light into your traditional design that won’t be too overwhelming then look toward your light fixtures. Modern fixtures, such as a clean-lined floor lamp, are great ways to add a minimalist feel to a traditional theme that showcases maximalism.

Bright Colors

As mentioned before, solid colors are a great way to complement a traditional interior designed home. With these solid colors, be sure not to shy away from vibrant and bright colors to help bring freshness to your space. Just be sure to have a cohesive color palette and only accent the room with these colors, don’t overdo it.


While you could opt for a bright color palette, pulling a 180 and going with black and white colors are also a great way to accent your traditional decor. Simple black and white colors create a high contrast that brings a fresh feel to traditional patterns such as chinoiserie.

Contemporary Art

It is all about accenting your traditional themes and patterns not overtaking it. This is why we suggest adding pieces of modern and contemporary pieces and this includes artwork. Adding in contemporary art pieces and paintings will ensure the pop your traditional style has been asking for.

Loosen The Layout

Interior design is all about creativity and personal touches. If you encourage conversation, get your furniture away from the walls and window treatments and pull your pieces into the center of your space. You can also have different pieces float around the room to offer a fresh feel to a themed area you have come accustomed to.