8 Color Combos That Work Well Together

When it comes to interior design, one of the most important factors to transform your room into a masterpiece is color. Whether the color is vibrant, neutral, stormy, or muted, color has the power to completely transform a room. Adding color can turn a bland apartment living room into a luxurious living room for guests to lounge in. Including a vibrant colored piece of furniture can accent your own style and make your room pop.

The thing is, in order to get these amazing effects from new colors is to know what colors are best to work with. Not only that, but what colors work together that will make your room flow from one end to the other. Here are eight color combinations that are a sure fire way to add chicness to your home.

  1. Creme & Gray Blue – When it comes to mixing colors, a mix that comes off attractive is when you mix two soft shades together. Combining creme and a trendy gray-blue will give dining areas an upgraded level of elegance and composure.
  2. Pale Lavender & Charcoal – When it comes to these colors, they work well as their contrasts complement each other. Charcoal comes off sharp while pale lavender reminds us of plump and soft lilies making. Thus making this combination a great color combo to have for a nice even balance.
  3. Black & White – When it comes to combining colors, the oldest trick in the book is white and black. This comes to no surprise as this staple combination is the quintessence of chic design that has lasted for decades. Make sure that this combination is used with purpose, minimal accents and dim lighting for an optimal chic display.
  4. Blush & Beige – What makes this a great combination is the complement these two colors give off to each other. In addition, these colors give off a warm and welcoming feel. The blush color rose to fame in the interior design world last year, the complement of adding beige makes this a combination that will last.
  5. Salmon Pink & Forest Green – If you are a bold person and like to show off your rich character then adding this combination is for you. While these colors are on the opposite ends of the color spectrum, they serve up a rich bold statement.
  6. Brown + Sand – When it comes to interior design, less is more is usually the rule of thumb. If you are not into big bold colors then go with natural tones that fit well together. This is true for sand and brown as they blend seamlessly together. These colors are also great as they can be used for Fall themed window treatments as well.
  7. Yellow & Teal – When it comes to adding a “pop” accent to your room, look towards yellow and teal for colors. Both colors will stand out from the rest of your room separately, but together they will balance perfectly. Making your room standout but not take away from the overall design.
  8. Orange & Blue – What makes color combinations great is that you can have contrasting colors come together to make a room look amazing. Orange and blue are contrasting shades but when used together offer both a warm and cool vibe.

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