7 Statement Pieces That Are Worth The Investment

When it comes to making purchases, there are always items that are must-haves but tend to have us breaking the bank. It is hard to say no to these items because of the money, but if they are to be used and appreciated for years to come then spending the money may be worth it. Better than buying a new bag, a piece of furniture is something you’ll use daily and keep in your home a lot longer than a bag that will end up in your closet.  Below are 11 statement-making pieces that may be on the pricier side, but they’re worth the money in the long run, especially if it upgrades your interior design.

Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs are a staple to have to show elegance and chic to your home. Usually, people often spend upwards to $10k+ for these rugs, so if you find one for a few thousand or less then you found a steal. No matter what your taste in design is, a Turkish rug will grow with your home’s style and can be used for essentially any room in the house!

Velvet Sofa

Velvet has been a material of fashion and interior design for years to come and it won’t be leaving anytime soon. A velvet sofa, or anything velvet, heightens a room’s glam factor, is a great focal point, and will be in style for years to come making it a great piece to invest in.

Bold Lighting

Lighting is a key factor to showcase your interior design, to make your room pop. In order to show boldness, go with bold lighting fixtures. A modern pendant chandelier can make a dramatic difference in a space while even a simple table lamp can illuminate a room with style.


Dressers are great investment pieces because only do they provide clothing storage, but they are also a great standout piece for the bedroom. Perfect for displaying objects on top of them, a dresser with some flair will be appreciated for years to come.

Decorative Artwork

This seems like a given, but it is a piece that should be invested in. We can all agree that art is a great way to pull a room together, add some pop, and shows the homeowners personality. Art gains value over time so incorporating artwork into your home not only will add character but give your home some value.

Fashion-Forward BedFrame

Think of a bedroom with a mattress on the floor or on a single frame and picture a bedroom with a bed frame. Which bedroom will you remember and actually want to go in? A fashion-forward bedframe is a great way to add style and sophistication to your area. Not only does it have a visual effect, a bed frame can also aid you in getting a better night’s rest, what are you waiting for!

Miscellaneous Glimmers of Style

When it comes to adding style or character, not all additions have to be permanent. There are millions of different designs and patterns of wallpaper out there waiting for a home. Find one that best represents you, add it to your space, and watch your home come alive with character and style. You can even complement your wallpaper or just for your pleasure, a vintage bar cart. Your home will have a modern and chic look to it in addition to being party ready at any time!