7 Interior Design Eyesores & How To Hide Them

No matter what type of living space you have, large or small, there are going to be aspects of that space that will stick out. Not only will they stick out from the rest of the design of your home, but they will be eyesores as they disrupt the flow of your living space. With some interior design tips, you can creatively conceal these irritating disturbances so your eyes won’t have to deal with them as well as having them flow with the rest of your room.

  1. Litter Box – Toilets have their own room for a reason, as no one wants to lounge in the same room you take care of business. This is true for pet owners with cats, as no one wants to see a litter box where they are relaxing or having guests over. If you do not have a basement or laundry room to hide the litter box you will need to get creative. Try using a side table with space inside to act as a litter box or hide the box with curtains. There are also endless attractive litter box options online that you can incorporate into your decor.
  2. Radiator РThese appliances are bulky and always seem to be in the worst places possible in your living space. To transform it from a burden to a functional piece of furniture, try making it into a shelf to hold items. Place a piece of wood on top of the radiator to hold items and other decor. To avoid warping from heat damage you might also want to consider a piece of stone instead of wood.
  3. TVs – TVs are a great appliance to have but can take away from a rooms aroma if placed in an odd spot. Try hiding your TV using sliding art, secret walls, TV cabinets, strategically placed wall art as well as using an armoire.
  4. ¬†Popcorn Ceilings – Once a must have during is peak, its is now a burden to interior designers where they can only ask “why?” If there is no way of getting rid of this type of ceiling then you can try masking it with ship-lap or wooden planks. While being a renovation essentially, it is a process that its not too pricey, doesn’t require knocking out a ceiling, and is a great way to hide this true eyesore.
  5. Electrical Cord & Devices – In today’s society it is common to find a computer modem and other electrical wires lying around a home. Luckily there many ways to hide these wires and modems that are very simple. For mounted TVs and other devices you can run chords through the walls or have them in concealers that will blend with your wall. For charging devices or modems, try placing them in decorative baskets or stacking books in front of them and run chords underneath rugs.
  6. Wall Outlets – Outlets will be found everywhere in your home so be sure to find the ones that really stand out from your space. For these outlets, try hiding them using a chip on the all, house alarm, small piece of hinged art, or a temperature control panel.
  7. Plumbing – Nothing is worse than entering a room to be greeted by exposed plumbing. If the plumbing needs to be exposed, try painting the pipes a color to match your room. In your bathroom, add a skirt to cover the pipes.