6 Interior Design Tricks

Transforming your room into a beautiful masterpiece is both exciting and rewarding. It gives you a piece of mind of a place where you can relax and be proud of. Plus, it brings the whole house together and getting feedback from visitors is always a positive. This is why we here at American Wallpaper pride ourselves with our interior design services to our customers. We want to make sure all of your needs are met and that you are 100 percent happy with our services. Here are interior design tricks to keep in mind while you are rearranging your room.

  1. Hang Artwork At The Right Height – A lot of the time, we see artwork that is hung too high from the furniture that leaves a blank space. When there is space, visitors tend to focus on the that space when artwork is hung at improper heights. To avoid this from happening, make sure the bottom of your artwork is three to eight inches from the furniture. If your artwork is larger then the bottom can be lower than that range and for smaller pieces you can hang the artwork slightly higher.
  2. Rearrange Bookshelves – Most people may not think of it, but book shelves are a nice way to add texture to the interior design in your room. To make your bookshelf pop, organize your shelf so that 60 percent of the books are stacked vertically and 40 percent are stacked horizontally on the shelves. By doing this you are creating balance as well as spontaneity while showing visitors the back of the book shelf. This works well with bookshelves with fabrics on the back.
  3. Mirror Placement – If you didn’t know already, you can create more space with the proper mirror placement in your room. Our experts recommend hanging a mirror 57 inches high and to create the illusion of more space, hang your mirror opposite of a window to bounce the natural light.
  4. Rug Placement – If you want to add a rug, make sure you pick one that is the right size for your room. The size of the rug dictates how you arrange your furniture around the rug. For example; with a eight-by-ten rug your furniture should have the front end on the rug while the back part of the furniture is off the rug. For small rugs have the furniture completely off the rug but still have the front legs close to the rug.
  5. Dining Tables – A necessity yes, but in order to have your room flow as well as preserve space in your room and how much room you have to each, measure the table before dining. This way you know how much room you have to work with as well as knowing how many dishes you can have on the table while eating.
  6. Coffee Tables – Much like dining tables, a coffee table should be measured before buying. Couches are typically 20 inches high for optimal seating and standing. Make sure the coffee table in question is between 15-20 inches. After buying make sure to have the table placed 18 inches from the couch. This allows for lounging and comfortable walking in between the furniture.

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