6 Interior Design Hacks Experts Swear By

Within the interior design world, trends, styles, and additions change all the time. In order to keep up with the everchanging trends, there are some secrets interior design experts hold to themselves that touch on different aspects of design. We have asked our own interior designer about six different “hacks” that help make the inside of homes look beautiful regardless of trend changes.

Focus On A Focal Wall

When it comes to creating a space that ties itself together and looks beautiful, a good thing to do is to focus on one or two areas of your space. Within these spaces, you can show your personality and creativity. If you are into bright bold color, paint one wall that desired color to make the room pop. If you are more into texture, trying looking into different textured wallpapers to apply to the walls of your space.

Use New Coffee Table Accessories

When trying to show character in a room, or make some updates to your space you do not always have to think on a large scale. Making smaller changes, such as coffee table accessories, can make a big difference and offer a new tone to the room. Use items of different heights and textures to add layers to your space. Examples of accessories to apply are books, a tray to hold smaller items, and decorative pieces.

Slipcovers and Pillows

With trends changing all the time, it would be a real hassle taking out complete furniture sets and heavy couches just to keep up with the fads. A solution to this is to consider purchasing slipcovers that are in the color you are looking to go with your room. Add a bit more to the room and show your creativity by adding colorful and decorative pillows to apply to the furniture. Not only does it help blend the room together, it shows that your design is complex and incorporates different areas of interest.

Create a Professional-Looking Gallery Wall

One of the easiest and most common ways to add personality to a room is by incorporating family photos to your design. Hanging family photos, art pieces of your interest, and hanging plates of art are inexpensive ways to fill up a wall and make a room feel more like home.

Buy A New Rug

A common mistake most people come across is buying a rug for a room that is too small. This will make a room feel and look small and choppy. You should opt for a larger rug where the rug goes at least under the front edges of your room’s furniture.

Shop Your Home

Before you go out and spend your hard-earned money on new decorative pieces, rugs, or furniture for your interior design, look around at what you already have first. You may have forgotten about old belongings that are stored away or in a different room that can work with your next design project. Rearranging old pieces from one room to a new room will make the piece and room feel different and updated, while at the same time saving you money.

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