6 Indoor Plants To Liven Up Your Home For Spring

When it comes to interior design we usually think of furniture, bold colored paints on walls, patterned wallpaper, etc. However, your interior design should not be limited to those types of pieces to place in your home. With plants becoming more of a trend in the home, as well with spring being right around the corner, adding indoor plants is a new interior design method that should be tested out. Indoor plants add color, charm, oxygen, and life into space’s interior design. Below are six different indoor plants to add to your room to add character and liven up your space.

Air Plants

If you tend to be forgetful when it comes to maintaining the life of plants then you should strongly consider air plants as your getaway plant. They only required being watered once a week and do not require soil so you do not have to worry about any messes. With this much versatility, you can put them in wireframes to create living art, use them for terrariums, or place them in geometric holders for an interior design two for one special!

Snake Plants

If you are looking for a plant that has little to low maintenance and looks great in about any lighting, then you will want to consider adding snake plants to your design. These plants are great for making statements about their size and sleekness. In addition to looking great in any light setting, they can go a month without water making maintenance very easy.


In 2017, cacti were seen everywhere from runways to textiles and it does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Adding a cactus to your space brings a quirky, joyful vibe to any room in your home and they are great for the indoors. They come in all shapes and sizes so you can pick and choose which room will have the cacti effect. From our bedroom to your living room, your home can be filled with this stylish desert plant.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Are you more on the bold spectrum when it comes to interior design? Then do we have an indoor plant selection for you! The fiddle leaf fig tree is a plant that will add a bunch of green to your space as it grows up to eight feet tall and has large leaves. With watering only required once a week, this plant is the perfect piece to have to add quick boldness to your room.

String Of Pearls

String of pearls is a great addition to your space if you are looking for a different kind of plant to add to your home. They are different than the traditional indoor plant as they have cascading leaves that grow into little balls that gives them the name “string of pearls.” As mentioned in our last blog about letting in the light to your space, these plants need plenty of sunlight but require little water which makes maintenance easy.

Pothos PlantsĀ 

The pothos plant has a reputation for being the most unlikable plant to grow indoors because of it just being a vine and that it seems to never stop growing. However, there are many benefits to having this plant aid the design in your room. They are perfect for placing atop a partial wall, bookshelf, and a loft floor. These vines also do not need much light and are one of the best plants to purify the air in your room.