5 Ways To Update Your Renting Space Without Losing Your Deposit

When it comes to renting apartments, it is always hard to start decorating and adding your own flavor without running the risk of losing your security deposit. Many renters can tell you how often a little addition to make their apartment pop has lost them their deposit due to damage to the apartment. Here are different ways you can spruce up your space while not losing out on your security deposit.

Removable Wallpaper

When you are renting apartments there is no escaping the inevitable; your walls will more likely than not be plain white. However, hiding the bland white walls can be as easy as ever with self-adhesive wallpaper. Instead of painting over your walls, which will lead to a talk with your landlord and losing your deposit add wallpaper to your walls that will make a statement. Picking out wallpaper with great designs and patterns are great alternatives to hanging artwork, that will leave hole marks, or painting over the stark white walls.

Switch Up The Light Fixtures

The one thing that tells visitors that you live in a rented apartment are the boring light fixtures that have seen an abundance of different renters. If your space has old light fixtures, don’t be afraid to switch them out for something more homey. Make sure to pick the location with the most impact when debating which lights to change out. No one will care about a new light fixture if they can’t see it. Hanging fixtures such as chandelier and chic pendants are great way to add character to your apartment without losing money in the end.

Add Draperies

Blinds are great and all but they just yell boring, plain and give the room a lack of serenity. Swap out the old white blinds with beautiful draperies,curtains, or window treatments that reflect your style. In addition, these curtains will elevate the look of your home to a more sophisticated and stylish look.

Add Rugs

When it comes to apartments, and experienced renters can tell you, you will find either old wall to wall carpets or damaged hardwood floors when you move into your apartment. To add character and just overall make the room nicer, add large area rugs to cover up the damaged sections. Textured orĀ intricate area rugs can really tie the room together while giving it a homey feeling.

Colors & Layers

When it comes to apartment living, some renters may sacrifice their love of artwork and design because of fear of losing their deposit. Instead of making holes in your wall you can opt for wallpaper or you could layer art on a tv stand or fireplace if your place comes with one. What makes layering on consoles, tables or even the floors so great is that it not only protects the wall but it is totally the trend in style now! Adding colors is also a great way to accent your creativity and you can do this with decorative pillows and accent pieces.