5 Ways to Update your Older Furniture

If you are redesigning your room or home but want to save a few dollars on furniture, consider these simple tricks to give your space a fresh new look!

  1. Paint it. While this step may seem obvious, a fresh coat of white or gray paint will update the entire piece, instead of forcing you to toss it. Do consider that white may get dirty a bit easier than a gray hue. You will want to sand the dresser, and fill the handle holes with a filler made for wood. When you fill these holes, you can choose your handle or knob placement, and paint without any restrictions. You should use a primer, which can help you avoid sanding the dresser as well. After you are done painting apply a layer of clear wax. The wax will help seal in the color and avoid chipping.
  2. Invest in new hardware. Give your old bureaus a facelift with new knobs or handles! You can choose knobs that don’t necessarily match, to give the piece of furniture a homemade feel.
  3. Remove the attached mirror from the dresser. If your bureau is older, it most likely has a mirror attached the back. You can remove this mirror, and add your own piece. This gives the piece a stylish update.
  4. Minimize clutter. Once you get rid of the items on the dresser, be sure to fill the space with modern pieces and different finishes.
  5. Add geometric patterns. You can either add some liners for the drawers, or a cool looking lamp! Geometric and patterned items are very stylish at the moment, and can help take your space from tired to beautiful and bright.

Once you are done with these tricks, you should see a difference in your overall room’s appearance and you are ready to relax and enjoy!

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