5 Ways To Personalize Your Space

When it comes to living spaces, they don’t feel like “home” or your personal “refuge” until you personalize the space to make it your own. While many people may think this can be hard for a rented space or that it could cost them a lot of money, there are simple ways to make your space “your space.” With help from anĀ interior designer, you can add quirks and other personality traits to your current living space. Below are five cost-effective and easy ways to do so.

Display Your Memories

In today’s day and age of technology advances, capturing memories on a device can be done at a moments notice. By incorporating these captured moments, you are personalizing your space while showcasing what joys in life that peaks your interest. Pick out your favorite photos, print them, frame them, and display them across your room.

Add A Signature Scent

What better way to enter a room than to smell fragrances that ensure relaxation and comfort? Having a scent for specific rooms can impact the overall feel of the room. In addition to setting a feel for the room, scents from room sprays, oil diffusers, and candles can also showcase your personal tastes to guests.

Make Space For Hobbies

Nothing shows personality more than a specific part of your living space dedicated to your hobbies. Devoting a corner or section of a room for any one of your hobbies is a great way to make a room feel like yours. Not only can you add this for your own personal use, this space can be created in a way to carry on with the flow and theme of your room.

Add Personality Accessories

When thinking of interior design and how a room can represent your personality, think of who you are. Are you bold and vibrant? You can show this without going over the top with decorative wallpaper or other decors, by using accessories of the same vibrant and bold nature to place in your space. Add linens and pillows with bright colors or bold patterns.

Floral Additions

As mentioned in prior blogs, floral additions are a great way to not only add personality but they provide life, oxygen, and warmth. Add plants that represent your interests as well we as those that align with the flow of your room’s design.