thanksgiving themed dinner table

5 Tips To Show Your A Thanksgiving Host Expert

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, as shocking as that is, which means you will be surrounded by family around a dining table feasting on delicious food. One of the best parts of the holiday season is that you get to decorate your home to the theme of each holiday. With Thanksgiving, you will be using ideas from your fall decor while also incorporating new ideas just for that special holiday. Below are five different interior design tips to you show your hosting skills for Thanksgiving.

Mix & Match

Thanksgiving is a great holiday to show off the expensive china you show case year round. Dine your feast on delicate and beautiful china and dinnerware but have everyone feel relaxed and comfortable in casual attire. Having fancy china doesn’t have to call for uncomfortable suits and ties or other formal attire. With this, you will have a multi-layered Thanksgiving feast that not only will look and taste amazing but have everyone happy and comfortable.

Add Layers of Height

Nothing is more annoying and uninviting than table decor that will prevent conversation, especially for a Thanksgiving dinner as everyone there is usually there to chat and catch up. To help with this, add layers of height using different table decor, flowers, or even cutting or burning candles in half.

White Lines Are Always A Must

When it comes to fine dining, family dinners, or any time you see fancy dining areas there is usually one thing that comes to mind. That is the fresh white linen table clothes that lay gently across the table. White linens are always a must as they bring a sense of elegance and class to a dining setting. White linens also go great with fine china and crystal and a festive table centerpiece.

All About The Scents

Thanksgiving is all about the different smells that fill the dining room. From the turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing, the amounts of smells that will enter the airwaves are endless. To show that you take hosting seriously, have your guest enter your home to an aroma of fall festive smells. Once great idea is to have a bowl full of clove pierced oranges on the table to get the good Thanksgiving vibes started!

Top It Off With A Pinecone

A reoccurring theme with fall decor is practice incorporating the mother nature into the mix. When it comes to the holiday season, pinecones are seen everywhere. The great thing is that they don’t have to be kept outside, you can use them as accent notes to tie a room together. For Thanksgiving, you can have pine cones scattered across the table for the overall theme of the Thanksgiving dinner or you can top off each guest’s place setting with a pine cone.