5 Popular Window Treatment Trends in 2018

With interior design, trends come and go each year creating new ways to express yourself and upgrade your home’s interior decor. Along with this annual changing of trends, window treatments are a part of your living space that seems to follow the trends that change yearly. With 2018 still fresh, here are five popular window treatment trends you will see in 2018.

The Natural Effect

With the world trying to go greener year after year, it is no surprise that organic materials for anything are “in.” This go green mentality has been overflowing into the interior design world and homeowners are embracing the organic trend. Ways to incorporate organic materials into your design is with your window treatments as materials for this aspect of your design are becoming more organic. With woven wood shades that are made from bamboo, grass, and other natural materials.

Patterned Fun

Homeowners are trying to show more of their personality within the interior design of their homes. One way to do this is that they are switching from solid colors to fun and exciting patterns. To liven up their windows, they are adding geometric shapes and other patterns for their window treatments. These patterns offer the opportunity for owners to get creative and have fun with their living space.

Natural Light 

The more your window treatment allows natural light to enter the room, rather than artificial light, the better especially in 2018. To do this, trying adding sheer fabrics to your treatment as they are perfect for achieving this look and goal of natural light to fill the room. Sheer fabrics allow soft light to enter the space while still maintaining privacy. What makes this fabric great for achieving this goal while allowing creativity to flow is that they come in a vast variety of colors.

Decorative Pieces

To help with personalizing a home, owners are opting for a more customized look for their homes than the boring store-bought stock window treatments. You want your home to show your personality and character and what better way to do so than with customizable aspects of your home. Some items that homeowners are using to customize their window treatments include:

  • Shells
  • Buttons
  • Beads
  • Custom Trim
  • Jeweled Pieces

The Layered Look

This year is all about adding layers when it comes to home decorating and your window treatments. Many homeowners are choosing to incorporate black-out shades behind the sheers of their treatment. What this does is that it creates depth to your space while also increasing the functionality of the products. A layered combination like this is perfect for areas of the home that need extra privacy such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

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