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5 Interior Design Trends For 2019

Each new year brings changes in many ways. From new diet trends to bold fashion choices, a new year is a fresh start for old trends to be forgotten and new trends to be adapted. Interior design is a world that has changed drastically over the years, and 2019 will be no exception. Check out these 5 interior design trends you should try out this year!
1. Bringing Life into the Home, Literally!

2019 will be the year of incorporating plants into your home. More specifically, large plants that make a statement when you enter a room. From palm trees to large dragon trees, greenery is an important aspect of interior design this year. Your room décor should aim to liven and brighten the space with the natural beauty of the plants. Be sure to keep in mind the lighting and watering needs of the plant before choosing a location for it in your home.
2. Utilizing the Fifth Wall

Ceilings are traditionally white or eggshell in color, but this interior design trend wants to help change that. If you want to add dimension and interesting visual appeal into your space, don’t forget to utilize the fifth wall up above! Rather you choose to use a bold statement color, wallpaper or continue the color that covers your walls, it’s time to say goodbye to boring ceilings.

3. Improving Functionality

Interior design is obviously focused on the visual aspects of a room, but that doesn’t mean functionality can’t play a part in your design choices. 2019 is the year that people are going to return to the old habits of making the most out of their space, rather they’re large or small. Choose your room décor pieces around their functionality, as well as their visual appeal. Find extra storage and useable space wherever you can!
4. Making Bold Choices

Don’t be afraid to incorporate bold color choices into your interior design plans this year. Statement colors such as red, navy, orange, and so many more are making a sudden comeback. The key is to use the colors sparingly in your paint and room décor pieces. They should accent the room, not overwhelm it.
5. Bringing Character Into Space

Small, mission-style details are beginning to find their ways into the otherwise cold and impersonal spaces that many homes have. Warmth, texture, and inviting color schemes should be incorporated in the smaller details of your room décor to bring a unique character into space. Think kitchen backsplash, textured walls, and other mission-style details.