living room decorated for christmas

5 Interior Design Decor Pieces To Have In Your Home For The Holidays

Interior design plays such a large role in the overall beauty and aesthetics of a home.  This fact is compounded even more over the holidays, a time of year when your family will be visiting and your house will be full.  Don’t let your interior decorating skills ruin the festive celebrations.

Here are 5 interior design pieces to have in your home for the holidays:

  1. Fresh Greenery and Flowers

Greenery and flowers are a must have for the holiday season.  Fill your home with garland, branches, and of course mistletoe to add some greenery to space.  Add in some seasonal flowers such as poinsettias, white amaryllis, and white and red roses to give your home a holiday feel.

  1. Holiday Scents

You can use candles with your favorite holiday scents, or try making your own holiday recipe and simmering it on the stove to fill the air with the fragrant aromas of the season.  Try adding cranberries, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, pine sprigs, and nutmeg all together on your stovetop and let simmer.  Or, no one can resist the scent of grandma’s cookies baking in the oven!

  1. A Well-Adorned Mantel

What better way to get in the holiday spirit than to make sure your mantel is decked out.  Simple and elegant wins here, and be sure that your mantle décor flows with the rest of your room, yes even the wallpaper!

  1. A Natural Christmas Tree

If you celebrate Christmas, a natural Christmas tree does wonders to fill your room with the beautiful pine scent and the lights, garland, and tinsel can all add a new layer of sparkle to any home.  Make sure to place in front of the window and leave those window treatments open so that passers-by can enjoy the perfectly decorated tree as well!

  1. A Little Bit of Sparkle

Sparkle, shimmer, and shine are just a few ways to catch people’s eyes and finish off your holiday design.  The lights, the candles, and the festive décor should create a feeling of warmth and love inside your home that will put your family and friends into the holiday spirit!

What are you waiting for?  Use these interior design tips for the holidays or contact us and get yourself into the holiday spirit today.  Don’t forget to put on some Christmas music while you’re decorating and enjoy!