4 Summer Design Trends

With summer in full effect, trends ranging from fashion to interior design will be changing to cater to the warm weather and feelings that summer brings out. Positive and relaxing vibes do not only have to be at the beach or your favorite getaway as you can transform your home’s design to give off the same aura. Below are four popular summer trends that you will start to see as the summer rolls on.

Woven Hanging Chairs

Incorporating a hanging chair into your home is a great way to get the feeling of relaxing in a hammock without the need for trees to hold up the hammock. Placing this chair near a window is a great area to relax, read a book, enjoy the beauty of nature, or swing away while listening to soothing music. To complete the look of your hanging chair and relaxation area, add a macrame pillow to tie everything together.

Leafy Patterns

As mentioned in a few earlier blogs, adding plant life to your home is becoming a strong interior design trend in 2018. While it is great to add green to your home to switch things up, some people may be too busy to maintain the life of household plants. As an alternative, look for home decor that is of a leafy pattern. For example, you can add tropical or floral print wallpaper to your walls or palm-leaf pillows on your couch to give the illusion of relaxing on a tropical island.


For those of you that do not know, chintz is a decor print mainly featuring flowers and other patterns. It is an old-school pattern which you probably have seen at your grandparent’s house. While it may be an older design, it is coming back in a big way as the theme of nostalgia evolves more and more with each passing year. Adding a chintz-upholstered headboard or living room chair will add a good pop of color to any space you add it to!

Statement Rugs

Rugs are great foundations for any room in a home, apartment, or even a business conference room. While they serve as a foundation, they do not necessarily have to blend in with the rest of the room’s color and style. Just like with the bright and pop aura that summer brings, liven up your living area with a head-turning rug! These can add a splash of color and texture that will instantly brighten the mood of those living in the home and those that are visiting!

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