4 New Neutral Colors

When it comes to room color, neutral colors are a necessary part of any home’s color palette. Not only do they keep our spaces feeling grounded and cozy, but they add a level of elegance that bright, colors do not. The only downside is that current neutral colors, such as beige and grey, can feel a bit stuffy. Below are four colors being considered the new neutrals, from heated rust to earthy olive tones, these tones have the capacity to color your space with a fresh new style.


The key to making this subdued shade of green work as a neutral is keeping it muted. Darker tones of olive with hints of grey work great for wall colors, while natural base olive tones are ideal for furniture pieces. This deep hue can give your room a  luxe feel when paired with gold accents or get a rustic vibe by pairing it with wood textures and shades of ivory. Olive green can provide a solid base for bolder accents like aqua, salmon, and honeysuckle to help make your room pop. This color is primarily used in small spaces like bathroom and kitchens for is depth-enhancing abilities.


Blush is one of the most popular searched terms for interior designers as well as on Pinterest and is the color of the year in 2016 makes it a hot ticket color. With its award popularity, it has been used more and more in the interior design world. Using blush as a neutral color is great as the light and delicate tones are great when used well with other colors. If blush colored walls or cabinets are too much of a commitment for you, incorporate the mega-popular shade through smaller pieces like pillows, planters, velvet chairs and soft, linen bedding.


No, not the breakfast option, we are referring to this new neutral color great for simplicity. Otmeal might look like another beige to an untrained eye, but the newer blend versions of oatmeal will appear sandier. Like grey, oatmeal is a great option for a minimalistic space. The difference between the two is that grey brings a cool tone to the room while oatmeal adds more warmth.


Rust is a great color as it makes it way into spaces through red, brick tones that have a slight brown tone to them, giving the color a unique feel to it. This neutral is ideal for those that want to add some warm vibrant tones to their homes. Depending on how you use the color, it can act as both a neutral and a statement color.