4 Areas To Add Fringe In Your Home This Summer

Fringe, a fashion trend that is mostly associated with music festival crowds, has been making head waves in 2018. Since it appeared on fashion runways in Paris and New York in the fall of 2018, this style has been on the rise in the home decor industry. If you are not a fashionista or totally in love with 70’s design trends to know much about fringe, there are plenty of ways to incorporate fringe into your home. From unique lamp decor ideas to adding fringe to your living room pillow design, the possibilities are endless. Here are four areas of your home or where you can start to add fringe.

In Your Bedroom

While the summer days are bright and warm from the sunlight, the nights can get pretty cool and chilly as the sun sets. Adding a fringe decorative blanket is a great way to incorporate fringe into your bedroom. Not only is this a piece to go with the popular fringe trend, it can also go with the trend of using neutral colors in your design. It is a lightweight blanket that can give you an extra layer at night without being too overbearing and it will look beautiful all season long.

In Your Dining Room

Dining rooms are great for hosting dinners and family gatherings during the holidays or special events. However, they aren’t usually updated and forgotten about until they need to be used. Change things up and use the dining room as a perfect place to add fringe. One suggestion is to update the chandelier hanging over the table to a fringe chandelier. Fringe chandeliers are great as they create chic statements without dominating the dining room space so he focus can be on the overall room rather than that one piece.

In Your Living Room

According to a study done by Pinterest, searches for fringe pillows and other fringe styled living room decor has increased by 336% in 2018 alone! If you are interested in diving into this trend, think about adding texture to our sofa with a variety of fringe pillows. To add more personality to your space, add textured pillows with bright colors to brighten the mood of the living room.

In Your Backyard

While it is hard to imagine adding this type of decor to your home’s exterior, it is time to think outside of the box. Make your outdoor furniture setting appear elegant by adding a fringe umbrella. The vintage-looking umbrella is not only functional but also adds beauty to your backyard, especially if you have it placed near a pool!

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