living room with green floral wallpaper

3 Wallpaper Designs You Will See To Close Out 2018

With the 2018 year coming to its last quarter, its time to start switching out your summer clothes and belonings for your fall and winter items. A common trend amongst trendy households is to change up wallpaper or interior design with the seasons. With a new season approaching, we have laid out three wallpaper designs that have been popular so far this season that you should consider taking into the fall and winter!

Big Floral Patterns

What makes these types of wallpaper patterns timeless is how they create a special atmosphere in any room they are used. By using floral patterns you are opening the world to your interests while also giving personality and character to any living space using these types of designs. What makes floral patterns popular is their versatility. As you can have anything from large scale prints to vintage inspired botanicals and three-dimensional fabric. What also attracts homeowners and designers to floral patterns is the fact that they provide rich and bright colors to make rooms pop.

Symmetrical Shapes

Regardless of the season, or a home owner’s interior design taste, one wallpaper pattern that seems to always make its rounds in homes and offices is that of symmetrial shapes. This type of wallpaper pattern has clean lines and symetric shapes that will not only be bold enough to draw guest’s eyes but to also ease the mind with its rigidness. Symmetrical designs are also popular because the room they will be placed in will dictate the wallpaper.¬†Symmetrical shape wallpaper can have neutral colors or bold hues depending on how the room is structured. The shapes you decide to go with on your wallpaper will add that extra flair you were looking to add to any room.


Looking to upgrade your dining room or foyer? Metallic wallpaper is the choice for you as these types of wallpaper offer sleek, elegant and stately aromas. What makes this type of wallpaper popular is the fact that you can apply the less is more mentality metallic wallpaper has a bold nature. Using a small amount of this wallpaper can make a small room feel bigger and more open. This type of wallpaper also lets you open your creativity to add in colors of your favorite jewelry to your living space.

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