3 Design Trends To Try in 2018

When it comes to trends in any facet, they tend to change from year to year. From new clothing outfits and styles, to how you set up the furniture in your home for optimal usage. Trend change all the time and it is hard to keep up if you find yourself as someone who keeps up with the latest trends in today’s society. For 2018 we have gathered together the top three home design trends that will spice up your interior design plan.

Be Bold

Not only is being bold makes your design stand out, it shows off your character throughout your living space. When it comes to interior design in 2018, adding bold colors and patterned-on-pattern mixing is a great way to start. Mixing bright colored pillows, geometric prints, and accent pieces are also different ways to bold up your room.

Lighten Up

In photography, and with showing off new interior design additions, it is all about the lighting. Lighting can make or break a photo as well as how well your new design looks. People in today’s day and age want to let as much light to come in as possible and brighten up the room as well as their mood. This is why the trend of having windows stacked on top of each other and curtain-less window treatments¬†are becoming more and more a trend in 2018.


Restaurants and coffee shops have taken notice of trends their customers are taking part in and are always looking for ways to bring in customers. The latest trend in doing so is to have a wall that is worthy of being on Instagram for people to take photos in front of. This practice should be taken into the home if you are looking for ways to stand out from your neighbors. You can create a destination of sorts in your home with a wall of succulents, reclaimed wood, or brick to catch the eyes of your visitors. The great part about this type of trend is that the installation can be easy with the use of different patterned and styled wallpaper.