living room with gray interior design

10 Popular Interior Design Trends For Fall 2018

The fall season is right around the corner and with season changes, comes the changes of design trends in the interior design and wallpaper world. We have touched upon three wallpaper designs to try for the fall, and compiled a list of ten design trends for interior design in the fall.

Oversized Florals

As mentioned in our last blog, florals are a great way to show your personality and create a bold accent to your living space. Floral designs offer a variety of not only color but textures as well. While the designs are two dimensional, they give a bold three dimensional feel maing guests feel like they are intertwined with the different parts of he floral patterns.

Modern Neutrals

If you tend to the “less is more” mentality and lifestyle, then using neutrals is the path you will definitely want to take. Adding neutrals to your space is a great way to great a beutiful yet simple look. By applying neutral colors to the walls and flooring of your room, you can implement more eye catching and complementary pieces of furntiure. One style of furniture that goes great with neutral colors is natural-looking, or wood, furniture. By adding these two mixes of neutral accents, along with maybe a neutral black textured rug, you can complete a calming feel to your space.


While gold may be considered a spring or summer color due to its brightness, it can be a great complementary color for autum. The subtle tones of burgundy alligned with gold can make up for a timeless color combination that truly represents the aromas of the fall season.

Jew Black

Welcome the wonderland that winter brings with snow with jet black accessories in your interior design. While winter’s snow offers a light beautiful elegance to the season, use jet black accents to give contrast to your interior design.


Autumn offers rusty tones with the types of colors associated with the season. To add to these rustic tones, add dusty and old fashioned shades of pinks in combination with the staple colors of fall. These pink accents will provide warmth and color to your home during this soothing season.

Tactile Kitchens

In recent years kitchens have evolved from just being a place where food is made with no design aspect to them. Now, kitchens are considered as a room that you should add your interior design flair to. When thinking of your kitchen, its best to mix up different colors and textures as it goes great with the purpose of the kitchen. You are always mixing different ingredients to make a meal, now its time to mix different design techniques to have your kitchen be just as delicious as the meals you will making. One example is by adding a sleek quartz work surface with an integrated solid wood cutting board while having a marble backsplash. Not only will it the different styles mix well with each other but will tell a story of your kitchen personality.

Bright Shapes

Another trend that has been huge in 2018, and also mentioned in the last blog, is the use of bright and bold shapes. No matter if they are in the form of stripes, geometrical, spots, or blocks, you will instantly add a pop factor to your room by working with different types of shapes in your space. Shapes not only create a new texture to the room they are incorporated in but also provide an eye catching aspect for your guests, so make sure you are highlighting something you want people to see!


The past two years have all been about nostalgia, from social media posts to product relaunches, the theme of nostalgia and remembering the “good old days” has been a popular theme. Why not try this theme out with your interior design ideas? If you have a favorite decade in mind, do some research and see if you an fit different elements into your space. These elements will give a great blast from the past feeling whenever someone steps in the room of questioning.


When it comes to fall and winter colors, the only shade of blue that comes to mind is navy. Navy full embodies the winter months as it gentle to the eye but provides a moody tone. Using this color in a room will allow you to look for accessories to complement the color. Which is perfect as you get ready for the holiday season.


The big trend in home design is having different textures in a room rather than just a simple color change or accent change. Implementing pieces such as tufted rugs, decorative quilts and rattan lampshades are great ways to add something special and something that feels great into a room. These pieces are going to help get you and your house guests through the rough winter months, by not only providing warmth but something that is comfortable.